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For Ofsted inspections, we have provided the data we get from the STAR Reading tests. Remember, depending on the reader, offering questions as a way to launch them into the writing may be a perfect way to start. A reader who reads a book worth 5 points and takes a 10-question quiz will earn 5 points for 10 correct answers (100%).

A successful AR programme requires the provision of sufficient books for pupils to have a choice of titles at each level in order to foster reading for pleasure and progression. Beth has this to say about the AR programme - “We initially introduced Accelerated Reader because we needed a way to measure progress through reading skills. This supports pupils and their teachers to find appropriate reading materials for them.

They listen to students reading from the books that they have picked and give individual help where it is needed.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Schraw et al, 1998 (cited in Clark and Rumbold, 2006) found that there was a positive relationship between choice and affective aspects of reading, such as motivation.

Fantastic modelling from Mr Choudhury with 7Simmonds this morning in their Accelerated Reader UK library lesson.

Book Discussions make reading social again.

Badger Learning has provided the academy with bookmarks and posters and our current range can be viewed here. For pupils eligible for free school meals the figure was 5 months’ additional progress.

When categorizing the standards, educators can clearly create 3 groupings: Standards 1-3 ask – What the text says, Standards 4-6 ask – How the text is saying it, & Standards 7-9 ask – How can you connect it to other texts, modes, etc. Teacher training is offered as part of the programme.

I have created an example found HERE. Renaissance Place ID automatically appears on the Renaissance Place Welcome page and can be used wherever you see the RPID image going forward.

What if I don’t use Accelerated Reader or STAR assessments? The study found that Year 7 pupils who were offered Accelerated Reader™ made 3 months’ additional progress in reading compared to other similar pupils. Accelerated Reader™ appears to be effective for weaker readers as a catch-up intervention at the start of secondary school. AR uses published books, levelled by a computer algorithm to assess the complexity of the language. LY relates to lower years, MY middle years, MY+ and UY upper years.

Renaissance Learning assess and assign an AR Book level and book points to each of thousands of newly published books each year. NOTE: All Khan Academy content is available for free at
Click here. Kids don’t know what they don’t know, and an observant and expert teacher or librarian can help to place the right books in the hand of a child.

Pupils read books or other materials, and then take tests on the computer to show their comprehension of what they have read. And let’s face it, as adults, when we read something that moves us we want to talk about it, share it, and see if others have the same emotions and thoughts as you did. Star Assessments also provide a personalised learning plan for each student, helping to inform the next teaching steps. A well-stocked library with a wide collection of books banded according to the Accelerated Reader™ readability formula, and easy access to computers with internet connection, are the main requirements for successful implementation. Based on the promising findings from this small study, the EEF has now funded an effectiveness trial, to see if the results can be replicated for a larger number of schools. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

While a motivation for using AR may reside in the fact that books have an accompanying test, the same objective could be met by having students write about what they read. This could be done Teacher to Student, Student to Student, Whole Class, Small-Groups, Face to Face, and even in a Digital Space (Check out Recap or Flipgrid). Finally, the last alternative I have to AR is to simply let kids read!

Engaging books geared to the interest age of the pupil with a low word count can help enthuse reluctant readers and develop their skills and confidence.

Using these overarching areas, students write about all 3 areas to show that they read a book, but also demonstrate their understanding at a higher cognitive level than a multiple choice quiz.

Research has shown that a pupil is more likely to enjoy reading if they are given the option to select their own books to read.

We had heard of its success in other schools and decided to implement it through the English department.

A Parent’s Guide to using Accelerated Reader.

The WBA strategy is one borrowed from Fountas & Pinnell which asks the reader to think in terms of Within the Text (summarize, recall, apply), Beyond the Text (predict, make connections, infer, synthesize), and About the Text (critique, analyze). previous blog post “6 Alternatives to Reading Logs.”. The formula uses the most important factors that determine the complexity of text, and uses the largest data sample of its kind in the world to achieve its results.

Bring Shaelynn out to your school for professional development. … Levelled collections can save teachers and librarians time in building a comprehensive reading resource within the Accelerated Reader™ programme. NOTE: All Khan Academy content is available for free at
United Kingdom & Ireland. See my example questions HERE. Find out more here Over 2,000 books were borrowed in one half term! Renaissance Place ID is a unique identifier that provides a shortcut to your Renaissance Place site. A well-stocked library with a wide collection of books banded according to the Accelerated Reader™ readability formula, and easy access to computers with internet connection, are the main requirements for successful implementation. In an education system ruled by data & research, it is surprising that money continues to be used to purchase these programs.

“We monitor and adjust the AR lessons regularly to show we are taking action to improve reading and literacy standards. It’s time to consider alternatives to AR! Accelerated Reader™ appears to be effective for weaker readers as a catch-up intervention at the start of secondary school. Developed by Renaissance Learning, it allows teachers to monitor the reading development and practices of their pupils, and provides tools … This could be done in a Reader’s Notebook, completed through a Google Form, or posted in a discussion thread to be shared a the community of readers. Although popular titles such as Diary of the Wimpy Kid score very highly among a number of year groups, there is a wide range of titles that are selected by pupils. Book levels are assigned to titles using the ATOS readability formula.

Over 37,000 reading practice quizzes are available on books from over 300 publishers and imprints. Department for Education - Research evidence on reading for pleasure. Where can I use it?

Yes. This allows schools to select from a vast range of books published by a wide range of publishers including well known authors and classic stories. Specifically how to effectively integrate technology into reading and writing strategies. One example is the LRC manager, Beth Khalil, at Thorp Academy, Tyne and Wear. Accelerated Reader is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice while promoting reading for pleasure.

Renaissance Learning annually release a report showcasing the data from UK schools using the Accelerated Reader™ programme called What Kids are Reading. When talking about what they read teachers can truly understand what the student thought notices and connected with in the text. For pupils who experience difficulties with reading, text selection is important. Increase your students’ reading palate through Book Bingo. Accelerated Reader™ (AR) is a whole class management and monitoring programme that aims to foster independent reading in primary and secondary school pupils.

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