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Join my All Things Algebra® Community on Facebook. The notes are clear, the homework goes well with the notes, and the pace is not too fast but not too slow. h�bbd``b`:$��C�`sU�w>�x�����$�����Ϙ� � (�� Standards of Mathematical Practice . �x~9�3��|�r��\��J3�'@`�7�j�c. Dividing polynomials by x: Polynomial division Dividing quadratics by linear … Unit 7: Inferences & Conclusions from Data. Click here for a complete list of topics included in this curriculum to compare to your own curriculum and standards. h�b```f``Rf`b``3eb@ !�3G� Ü� ��/��,/�;�2�0�%p���2�?�@d�7�������$ b`�V�k�JlhcSK#270A!#\������``]e�Y����6�oT�j8_�*u�����$a��z6H3q�1�ޭ��E ��AI Other. Word; PDF; Model Curriculum Archive; Contact Us; Curricular Framework for Mathematics. The activities are sold separately here. }H�B7��?�*T��aUh���2�'�M�M�%��.T�B7�0�R23*��Q��5P]|��{��u�3UMn�7�sį�)'�(��>+7�&+Ge��iV7f�U5x�U�0�/��.�Ɉ�wgI��:Lf{ߛm��>nL_GO��ۏ��\ԶK�9���:���Kgw��� è����B���@���?�����vp�]�i�ov�t�8y3 In particular, students apply skills learned early in the year with linear, quadratic, and polynomial functions to inform their understanding later in the year when they study rational, radical, and trigonometric functions. The course introduces right triangle trigonometry, conic sections, and logarithmic functions, while expanding knowledge of analytic geometry. in Mathematics in 2010, and graduated from the University of Missouri with my Masters in Technology in Schools in 2014. Cv�e�g�߫ȕ��Qe���H":"��5g�b��/�%�0S7΂݉����^�`n�KFgSRV!4/,�+͌������t|��b�� 8)H� Algebra II/Trig reviews the concepts and skills mastered in Algebra I and uses them as a foundation for more advanced applications and problem solving. Algebra II Pacing and Curriculum Guide Course Outline Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 AII.4a ­ Absolute Value Equations and AII.9 – Curve of Best Fit AII.6/AII.7 – Polynomial Functions AII.7a­h – Graphing Functions Review At present the tool current has items for 3 New York State secondary math courses and 2 New York State secondary science courses. 2y�.-;!���K�Z� ���^�i�"L��0���-�� @8(��r�;q��7�L��y��&�Q��q�4�j���|�9�� 2. Polynomial division. Click here for a complete list of topics included in this curriculum to compare to your own curriculum and standards. Algebra 2/Trig Curriculum This a one year college prep class. 116 0 obj <>stream GSE Algebra II/Advanced Algebra Expanded Curriculum Map – 1st Semester Standards for Mathematical Practice 1 Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Each link will open a .pdf with an entire unit filled with guided notes sheets and practice problems. Mathematics Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework 2009: Algebra II 3 TOPIC: FUNCTIONS ALGEBRA II STANDARD AII.2 The student will investigate and apply the properties of arithmetic and geometric sequences and series to solve real-world problems, including writing the first n terms, finding the nth term, and evaluating summation formulas. Match Fish Tank (3rd to 12th) Match Fish Tank offers 3rd through 8th grade math, Algebra 1 & 2, and Geometry. 91 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9121BE000C23642308395D87E5957AFE>]/Index[77 29]/Info 76 0 R/Length 84/Prev 204732/Root 78 0 R/Size 106/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Units within the curricular framework for mathematics are designed to be taught in the order in which they are presented in kindergarten through grade twelve. Learning flows smoothly! This curriculum is divided into the following units: "F$H:R��!z��F�Qd?r9�\A&�G���rQ��h������E��]�a�4z�Bg�����E#H �*B=��0H�I��p�p�0MxJ$�D1��D, V���ĭ����KĻ�Y�dE�"E��I2���E�B�G��t�4MzN�����r!YK� ���?%_&�#���(��0J:EAi��Q�(�()ӔWT6U@���P+���!�~��m���D�e�Դ�!��h�Ӧh/��']B/����ҏӿ�?a0n�hF!��X���8����܌k�c&5S�����6�l��Ia�2c�K�M�A�!�E�#��ƒ�d�V��(�k��e���l ����}�}�C�q�9 September 2013 . %PDF-1.6 %���� (This web site has activities to help students more fully understand/retain new vocabulary. Algebra 2 is the third math course in high school and will guide you through among other things linear equations, inequalities, graphs, matrices, polynomials and radical expressions, quadratic equations, functions, exponential and logarithmic expressions, sequences and series, probability and trigonometry. What does this curriculum contain?This curriculum includes 860+ pages of instructional materials (warm-ups, notes, homework, quizzes, unit tests, review materials, a midterm exam, a final exam, and many other extras) for Algebra 2. My name is Krystle Stehno and I teach math and computer science at Williamsburg Jr/Sr High School in Iowa. 0 Arizona Mathematics Standards Algebra 2 Updated 6/6/2017 Page 3 Algebra 2: Critical Areas For the high school Algebra 2 course, instructional time should focus on four critical areas: 1. Please contact your Technology Director to gain access to the Staff Intranet ���J�4L� ��Я)`�dz;T��E�����1g� All files are in a PDF format; however, the. Extending the real number system to the complex number system, representing radicals with rational exponents.

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