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, Have a response on your own site? References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. It is not perfect but we should look at simpler models that reflect how normal businesses work. Part 5 - Master the web ! The 360 deal agreement also includes the traditional deal agreements where producer royalties, net sales, foreign sales, reductions for packaging, budget records, and "new technology" are all deducted from the artist's royalties. a relationship between a record label and an artist where the label provides financial and marketing support for all facets of the artist’s work; including music sales @Universal Indie Records, Thanks for reading and passing the article on! Believe it or not the Spice Girls had a very good model. Thanks! I would love to actually see a sample copy of a 360 contract though. We saw this business plan play itself out already -- that led to Live Nation/Ticketmaster, which takes the corporate control model and "resource synergy" to their logical conclusion: one great big fucking Wal-Mart monopolizing every city in the country and brokering long-term 360 deals with top talent because nobody else can touch their access and leverage. 360 deals dont mean labels are irrelevant. Is the label taking 20% of the artists share of touring income after costs or 20% of overall tour profit? Build your own team and pocket your own profits.". Not so much. The key for the artist is to make sure that under any deal they sign they have the requisite degree of creative control to ensure that their brand develops in a way that they are comfortable with. My pleasure! Terms of the deal will be key. Thanks Chris! (...which is of course an answer to your question about opinions on the deals themselves...not a response to your article, which was excellent as usual...thank you for doing original research and real journalism...). this would be akin to marrying someone you don't like or constantly disagree with. From my point of view, which is a neutral, fact-based, point of view, I think there are certainly a group who could benefit from a 360 deal, though I think you nailed it with your comment. Similar to traditional recording agreements, the 360 deal allows the label to acquire the copyrights of the artist’s recordings and options for multiple albums. For bands this is the way to go. Thanks for the low down on the 360 deals. Even though so few are being signed these days it's on us to be informed no? @randy, while I am trying to maintain as neutral a position as possible about the 360 deal, I do think it is a step in the right direction for establishing a stronger climate for their industry. If I was to enter a 360 deal I would probably write my own contract based on what I want to achieve and submit it to the label rather than the other way round, as usually occurs. 360 is a quick fix, but i still a desperate attempt to hold on to the old paradigm of when music sales drove the business. For past few years, there has been quite a bit of talk of the ‘360 deal’ and how it is becoming the new trend throughout the music industry, as major record labels attempt to rewrite the way they do business. That's a great article. This will come down to who is on the label staff and whether they view the artist as a commodity to be exploited or a long term capital investment (sorry to use economic terms but we are talking about investment). great read. It is the job of the 'career-seeking' artist to seek out the knowledge they don't already possess and to grow as a business-minded individual. Send me your delicious account so I can follow it (Im on there as well). 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Some see it as signing a pact with the devil, and others see it as a way to establish the kind of powerful and influential brand that otherwise may have been impossible to attain with out the help of a label. Would anyone else like to chime in on this? You can either use the [. A very thorough explanation, Jon. It appears (though I may be wrong) that the labels understand that album sales are NOT the way of the future and are attempting to continue strong business without pushing album sales as the sole revenue stream. Here is an example of a 360 deal that was created by Bruce Warila, one of the co-founders of Music Think Tank: 360 deals make a lot of sense in this day and age where the recording industry is pretty much an adverting agency. If relations with the label are strained to begin with, signing a 360 deal is probably not a good idea. For example, the goals of the artist and the goals of the label must be compatible. I bookmarked this to my delicious account. Until they produce a way to maintain business without the sale of music, they will continue to struggle.

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