ball badminton ball weight

It is also known as a shuttle or shuttlecock, but is also informally known as a birdie because of the feathers used to create it and how it flies like a bird. he should give a report to the secretary showing total number of teams participated in each event total number of matches played and the final first three ranking in each event .and final eight ranks for future Championship fixtures This report shall be kept in the files of the Ball Badminton Federation of India as the official record. It is built and designed in a way for it to easily fly through the air in a consistent and predictable manner. The host Association shall make arrangements to receive the teams at the station and transport the teams to the place where the teams are to be lodged, without dealing the teams at the station to any un-reasonable extent. No match is won unless played out or given up except in the case provided for in sub-rule (f) above. Any technical matter that may arise during any particular match or the championship which is not apparently covered by rules framed by the Ball Badminton Federation of India shall be decided by him in consultation with the Referees Board. For All India Tournament the fee is Rs.5,000/- (for all India Tournament an observer deputed by the BBFI will attend the Tournament and in turn the observer shall submit a report to BBFI on the conduct of the Tournament. But such a game shall be called a game of “Doubles” and it consist of 35 points as in fives. Players and positioning:- At any time 5 players will be playing and 5 players will be sitting as substitutes for each side. The reason why they come in so many different speeds is because the environment can affect which type of birdie you should use. To draw a round robin schedule, place as many numbers as there in two vertical columns. Please note that this racket is unstrung. While doing so we remember each match is played for best of three games. This is accomplished by subtracting the total number of entries from the next higher power of two. When the umpire is in doubt, whether there has been an infringement of any rules of the game, ‘fault should not be called A ‘let’ should be given. What’s the Difference Between Singles and Doubles in Badminton? If any of the players of the other side attempts to return the service, it shall be considered to be ready. He should confirm to the dress regulations and generally appear smart. The fastest recorded smash in tournament play was by Mads Pieler Kolding at 426 kph (264.7 mph) on January 10, 2017 – wow that’s fast! No special present or award or honoring shall be given to any body at any National /Zonal champions without the consent of The Ball Badminton Federation of India and the Ball Badminton Federation of India will not generally agree to the grant of any special individual award or present. However this provision will not apply to players representing organizations having membership in the Federation. A game / Set is won by the team that first scores 35 points with a minimum lead of two points. in such cases all additional expenses by way of hospitality to participants and office bearers shall be borne by the host Association. The ball can be returned by any of the players of the opposing team. We will record for each team the number of games won in favor and lost to from each match played in the league. An interesting fact about feathered birdies is that all the feathers are taken from the left wing of a duck or goose. The Chief Referee if requested for by the host Association may assist them in preparing the fixtures and programs of the, competition in the National /Zonal Championships before the same being placed before the Tournament Committee for approval. Types of incumbent The ball is yellow wool, from 27 to 30 grams in weight and from 5 to 5.5 cm in diameter. ), It is a process employed to place the competitors who by virtue of previous performance and reputation are considered superior in separate brackets in order to minimize their chances of meeting in the early rounds. ii) If the ball is going out the player tried to attempt it is not a fault. The ball shall be served by a player underhand and below the waist: it shall go clear over the net and beyond the serving crease line on the other side of the net. The umpire shall be responsible for all lines not covered by line referees. In announcing the score, he shall call first the number of the serving hand, then the score of the serving team and then the score of another team. The Chief Referee shall discharge the responsibilities envisaged for him in the various other clauses of these bye-laws. The host Association is to provide free accommodation to all the participating teams. Haltbarkeit - Premium-Feder und robuste Struktur bieten ein kontinuierliches Spiel und machen den Ball für längere Zeit. The financial responsibility for the conduct of the championships rests solely with the host Association. It was later introduced at the junior and sub-junior levels. Preferably only five should be accommodated in a room. The host Association should Report to the Convenor of the Tournament Committee and the Chief referee the names of the liaison officers so appointed and the means to contact them. Also, all high level tournaments use feathered birdies so you don’t want to have to get used to it in the middle of a tournament. 5 ± 5mm. The Committee must have a separate place near the chief Referee’s enclosure and the committee must be available for consultation at all times of championships, The members of committee shall be available at the place of the championship at least two days prior to the commencement of the tournaments. The line referee’s decision is final on all points of fact on his own line the umpire shall not, ordinarily, over rule him. If on account of any unforeseen reasons the chief referee thinks that the playing ground as a whole or in part has to be shifted/changed/modified etc., he shall do it after obtaining the formal approval of the Tournament Committee The team Managers and captains of teams may also be consulted, if possible, prior to such changes. It shall be the responsibility of the host Association to print and make available for distribution the undernoted certificates. In any National Championship when the need to have more than two pools arises The teams should be divided into six pools in which the first eight rankers of the previous Nationals will be included in Pool A & B giving seeding 1, 4, 5, 8 in Pool A and 2, 3, 6, 7 in Pool ‘B’ and the remaining teams shall be placed in Pool C, Pool D , Pool E, Pool F by the method of lots from among the equal teams as per their previous performance by the Tournament Committee and the Chief Referee. As the function of the umpire is most important in a match, he should know thoroughly well the Rules of Ball Badminton. As National/Zonal Championships are usually held during winter months, in addition to minimum amenities like mattress etc., arrangements should be made to provide hot water bathing. Accurate shape. I personally recommend Yonex birdies because of their high quality and durability. It shall be the responsibility of the host Association also to provide tea or coffee or soft drinks to the players and the field officials after each match is over. You’ll be seeing it a lot more if you’re just getting into badminton. What a strange “ball” – what is it? Referees called by the Ball Badminton Federation of India to officiate in National/Zonal Championships shall be eligible for traveling allowance and other hospitalities as envisaged in the bye-laws of the Ball Badminton Federation of India regarding the conduct of the National/Zonal Championships. The “Ball” of Badminton, Explained. If you’re serious about getting better and playing at a high level, use feathered birdies because subtle changes in the flight pattern can make a big difference in serious matches. These bye-laws are framed under authority of rule 19 sub-rule of a team of the constitution of the Ball Badminton federation of India. Synthetic birdies are much more durable than feathered birdies since feathers are much more brittle than plastic. Unabhängig davon, dass die Urteile dort immer wieder verfälscht sein können, geben diese im Gesamtpaket einen guten Überblick. There shall not be a centerline for the doubles court as in the fives court. The inaugural function shall include a march past and an oath taking of the participating teams and all teams are to be present for the march past. While they may no longer be good enough to be used for a game, they may still be reused later on during warm up or for drills. Runner of (1) V/s Runner of (4) (in Quarter Finals), Runner of (2) V/s Runner of (3) (in Quarter Finals), Winner of (A) V/s Winner of (B) for 5th and 6th Places, Runner of (A) V/s Runner of (B) for 7th and 8th Places. © Chennai District Ball Badminton Association, Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju Announces Lifelong Monthly Pension For Indian Sports people, TNBBA Contributes 50,000/- INR for Charulatha’s further treatment. AirBadminton – What is it and How Do You Play? He shall keep the play in progress without unnecessary interruption. A standard ball-badminton racket usually weighs from 165 to 185 grams and is 63 to 70 cm in length. The schedule of trips shall be notified to the managers of all the teams on their arrival.

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