basic element of physics

The only objects known to be indivisible, are zero and infinity, which are states of consciousness. Elements can't be separated chemically anymore. It's something like element in Chemistry. The requirement for the fundamental element of physics, from which all matter is constructed, is "indivisibility.". Probably the single most important analogy in physics is to a marble in a cup. Center of Mass Definition: An imaginery point where all of the weight of an object can be thought to be concentrated. Atomic theory classifies atoms into more than a hundred chemical elements such as oxygen, iron, and mercury. Science 23 Dec 1898: 912-914 . Medical therapy sometimes directly involves physics: cancer radiotherapy uses ionizing radiation, for instance. Symbol:"CoM" Units:Meters(m) How to find center of mass: One way to . The moon is wall of deathing around a cup with the earth at the centre. The state of consciousness that permits one to count from one number to the next, serves also as the fundamental element of physics. Are you still here? Since the fundamental element is indivisible, it cannot have energy because energy can always be divided. Elements for Physics Quantities, Qualities, and Intrinsic Theories First edition: ISBN 3-540-25302-5 Second edition (this draft): about to be submitted to Springer Note: this draft for the second edition of the book is essentially identical to the first edition, excepted for the section 4.3 (Ideal Elasticity) that has now been generalized to heterogeneous deformations. A tree's atoms do not suddenly turn into a gas and dissipate, they are like the said. Physics is involved in medical diagnostics, such as X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasonic blood flow measurements. Quantum mechanics is basically about how marbles in cups get weird in some circumstances. It is the basic rule. The four fundamental forces of physics are gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong interactions. Get answers by asking now. There is an ongoing search for a unified theory. Facebook; Twitter; Related Content . The periodic table. Physics – branch of science that studies matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. Since the fundamental element is a state of consciousness, then all matter is one state of consciousness or another, and alive. Share This Article: Copy. My saved folders . A 2.80-g lead bullet at 34.0°C is fired at a speed of 210 m/s into a large block of ice at 0°C, in which it becomes embedded. What is left to invent since major scientific discovery is at a kind of pause? Stay Connected to Science. It's just what's left. Based quantities cannot be derived from any other quantities. Physics can also explain sensory phenomena, such … Collisions Definition: A force acting briefly on a body producing a finite change of momentum. deal with systems that seem to obey the laws of physics. Physics is one of the "fundamental sciences" because the other natural sciences (like biology, geology etc.) Seekers of ye knowledge. The requirement for the fundamental element of physics, from which all matter is constructed, is "indivisibility." According to physics, the physical laws of matter, energy and the fundamental forces of nature govern the interactions between particles and physical entities (such as planets, molecules, atoms or the subatomi… On the macroscopic level, it can explain the heat, work, and power associated with the human body. Behold! Modern science does not support the classical elements as the material basis of the physical world. Save to my folders. Go now and use it wisely. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Well, I guess I should tell you something about the periodic table — like how to read it. By W. LE CONTE STEVENS. Anything that is somehow tied to something else can by analogised to this. Still have questions? The Elements of Physics.

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