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Taking place after the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal #3, the Darkest Knight is after Wally West and his Dr. Manhattan powers. Snow, which was released in 2005 is a retelling of the origins of Mr. Wonder Woman roars across the horrifying Dark Multiverse landscape in the world’s most demented monster truck, with Swamp Thing riding shotgun! Retells Bruce’s time before becoming the Batman which he returns to Gotham in the present to finally put an end to Chubala. Death Metal is a spiritual sequel to Snyder and Capullo’s brain child, Dark Nights Metal, 2017’s bombastic, Heavy Metal-themed cosmic summer crossover with Batman at its core. Other key events in this story include the discovery of Nth Metal as a means to hurt Dark Multiverse beings when Damian Wayne, who takes an Nth Metal arrow shot by Green Arrow, plunges it further into himself and pierces a Dark Multiverse Robin holding him from behind. I’ve also added some key notes under some of the entries if anything major has happen such as a death. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Plus, what’s Lobo doing in space? Blades, Legends of the Dark-Mite and Hot House are the title of the stories. When Dark Nights Metal was over, the series had shaken the DC Universe to its foundations, introduced a breakout villain, and set the table for Snyder’s even more bombastic run on Justice League. Should Batman tangle with aliens more often? RELATED: 5 Marvel Heroes The Batman Who Laughs Can Beat (& 5 Who Beat Him). Long Halloween is also notable for the origin story for Two-Face and Harvey Dent’s journey to becoming him/them. Other Realms is also quite the rare/expensive find. To help you keep track of this non-stop joyride through the DC Universe — in a car that will only play the best of AC/DC — here’s the lowdown on Death Metal, and how to mark your calendar along with its issues and tie-ins. But it all goes off the rails when they learn that the Man of Steel is gone for good thanks to the Anti-Life Equation. With the first issue of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Death Metal, it’s officially summer event season at DC Comics. Plus, Doctor Fate appears to close a portal from the Dark Multiverse to delay the summoning of the Dark Knights. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. ... Batman: The Black Mirror. This bombastic comic book event was a lot of fun and introduced many of the concepts that can be found in Dark Nights: Death Metal. No doubt the Batman Who Laughs is here to stay, so here are some of the must-read titles every comic book fan should be reading for the Dark Multiverse's Darkest Knight. What you might find is that the books switch in art all the time as well as the overall tone. What is Batman doing with the Black Lantern Ring? Lorenz is a freelance writer for Comic Book Resources, a lifelong comic-book geek, and avid collector. For more information, see our ethics policy. The only entry in this list that does not actually include the Batman Who Laugh within its pages, it's nonetheless an essential read in order to gain a better grasp on Batman and Joker's relationship dynamic and comic book history. Often neglected in this series, due to being overshadowed by the introduction of the evil Dark Knights, is the first appearance of Baby Darkseid. Plus, the deep secret of the Darkest Knight is revealed — but how much darker could the Batman Who Laughs possibly get? It showcases how cunning Batman Who Laughs can be as he manages to infect a group of superheroes to become like him and form a version of the Secret Six – consisting of Shazam, Blue Beetle, Commissioner James Gordon, Wonder Girl, Supergirl, and Hawkman. It’s also a key book as it’s the modern age introduction of a few heroes and vilains such as Blockbuster, Mad Hatter as well as a major reappearance of Two-Face. This comic book issue marks the official first full appearance of the Batman Who Laughs. The Man Who Laughs mentions and is directly canon with Year One and Mad Monk. Written by Doug Moench who was quite prominent at the time. All this and more in this jam-issue exploring the new world order. Long Halloween is also interconnected with Year One and work well one after the other. Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet is the continuation of Dick Grayson’s time in training to be Robin before Year One. RELATED: 5 DC Villains Immortal Hulk Can Beat (& 5 Who Beat Him). Catwoman also features. A part of Batman: Confidential, Rules of Engagement chronicles Batman’s early days the modern age origins and explanations of some of his most famous technology and gadgetry as he comes up against Lex Luthor for the first time in the timeline. This is yet another rare/expensive find. Aug. 4: Dark Nights: Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights: The DC Universe has become engulfed by the Dark Multiverse, where demons dwell and reality is overrun by monstrous versions of the Dark Knight, all ruled by the Batman Who Laughs. The Long Halloween is the most significant and famous book in the timeline since Year One. 5: Rules of Engagement (Rebirth) (Batman: Dc Universe Rebirth). “In November and December we have some more killer specials AND X-overs planned as we near our giant finale,” the writer tweeted, “BUT how many we do depends on how you’re enjoying the event, what you say you want, all of it.”. This issue concludes the four-part "Gotham Resistance" story arc (part 2: Nightwing #29 and part 3: Suicide Squad #26, 2017) which marks the second full appearance of the Batman Who Laughs and the first appearance of his Batmobile. In August, DC will release two tie-in one-shots as well. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. The Batman Who Laughs Reading Order! 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A short collection with 5 issues and a part of Legends of the Dark Knight again. Humanity struggles to survive in a hellish landscape twisted beyond recognition, while Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have all been separated and fight to survive.

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