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Jellyfish design Savanna Adventure Collection is a gang of animals from a fairytale: a giraffe, a lemur, daddy lion with his son, an elephant, a toucan and even a pink flamingo. ] Pattern repeats at 13.2 cm, Printed on thick, non-woven paper, the Jellyfish Wallpaper recreates the soothing tranquillity of an underwater paradise. "id": "31770003210287", White rabbits will not dominate the room, they will be an addition to it, they will definitely brighten the interior. "option_paper_type": "Heavy" Scandinavian-style wallpaper Paint and marble print }, "option_paper_type": "Peel-and-Stick" { { Each of them has two shelves for placing light objects. "id": "31770001375279", You can apply it yourself or schedule an installer. }, Dimensions of roll: 80 x 210 cm, The design of the 400-by-309-centimetre Parisian Streets Wall Mural is simple and very effective. }, "option_size": "8.5'' x 11''", Abstract and organic, the artwork is created using an experimental technique of manipulating paint on canvas. { { "option_paper_type": "Heavy" Tile wallpaper { A shark, three seahorses, two turtles, an octopus, a whale shark and of course a whale itself! Roll Size: 52 x 1000 cm, Greyscale Metropolitan Wallpaper Mural, Woven Effect, 400x300 cm. "option_paper_type": "Heavy" This is our  tested and most popular size. Start by exploring our library. Design: Floral Wallpaper "option_size": "26'' x 26''", "id": "31786746314799", "option_size": "8.5'' x 11''", "option_size": "26'' x 26''", "id": "31890169364527", "option_paper_type": "Classic" Care Instructions: Clean with Soft Dry Cloth "white-stone-wallpaper-sample":[ "option_paper_type": "Classic" Buildings design, Damaris, a Greek name is said to have qualities such as elegance, sophistication and class. "id": "31786711613487", B1 flame retardant. Artichoke Thistle Wallpaper, Spring Green, Transform the home with the Artichoke Thistle Wallpaper. }, { { Elegant and smooth matte finish wallpaper. "option_size": "8.5'' x 11''", "option_size": "8.5'' x 11''", "option_size": "26'' x 26''", "id": "31783257309231", "option_paper_type": "Peel-and-Stick" }, Made from nonwoven paper, the wall covering is durable and eco-friendly. "option_paper_type": "Classic" } Our most popular wallpaper. And so, after more than half a year of preparations and prototypes, together with Mr. Henry, our carpenter, we managed to create a true miracle! Set L will be perfect a large wall next to the cradle or above the bed. 300 g/m² textured paper-backed vinyl Roll dimensions: 50 by 250 centimetres, Lone Magnolia Wallpaper Mural, 350x270 cm, The Lone Magnolia Wallpaper Mural is inspired by timeless nature as well as modern artistry, with a high-resolution image of a stunning magnolia blossom reflected on a glassy surface. "id": "31770001440815", "id": "31786711941167", Tile wallpaper "option_paper_type": "Classic" "option_size": "26'' x 26''", { Amount included in purchase: 1, The Spanish Tile Wallpaper is great for adding a subtle Mediterranean touch to any space. "option_paper_type": "Peel-and-Stick"

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