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U.S. & Canada: 1-800-743-2671International: +1-828-901-5000. 0000027433 00000 n You can buy UniCam® connectors from the industry’s leading fiber optic distributors. The Corning UniCam Pretium tool kit is designed to achieve optical Pretium level performance for single mode and multimode LC, SC, and ST connectors in local area networks (LANS), data centers or fiber to the desk applications, telecommunications rooms, telecommunications closets, and telecommunications enclosures. We offer a variety of items including cable fiber access tools, tool kits, polishing film, cleaning accessories, and replacement pieces for previously purchased tool kits. To show our appreciation for your purchase and registration, we will be sending you a free gift. 0000034660 00000 n All Rights Reserved. UniCam tools and kits, plus other specialized fiber optic equipment. Did you know that we can give you a quote for most of our products, including shipping? 3 or More: $766.18; Ships in 2-4 weeks Add to Cart. 0000012394 00000 n %%EOF 0000031514 00000 n The registration will be confirmed via an email from Corning (data privacy requirement). 0000030904 00000 n 0000015853 00000 n Thank you for purchasing your UniCam® connector tool kit. Convenient carrying case 0000012748 00000 n Get the best deals on Corning Fusion Splicers & Cleavers when you shop the largest online selection at �;��v�{�[Z�J �&H� X? x�b```"cV�B~���e9400\x��ك�}��{�l��10NXf1����]F"DžT�����9�x����'�e��ˢ٧�7�y��.�4Ȁ��V0���F��@��X�T���30(3�1f�8�>���DfA�c,�k���ͼ"� 0000002449 00000 n 0000027816 00000 n The TKT-UNICAM-PFC includes a lightweight, handheld installation tool with an immediate go/no-go feedback signal to provide unmistakable confirmation of a successful termination. ��������0ǍMm�̼�B̂�����i�"V��k�x�����b��aS�\�}�a64�(���1o�%1ۊa�V���0[�U扭�}eA��d,y;��ñ�m��(l�ی�b���x^���d��ld�d���@h�wz�z�z/I+2�좌����)���;hQ�~�����b���6����'�� �ea&�G�4W.`�ưZ�2k�j/}YA�� ;8��#� ��QAE��Bv�h`jk�� H���kX��g���岃��. Browse our library of documentation on the UniCam® connector, from standard recommended procedures to part number lists. We’ve made easy even easier, with a visual instructional manual that takes you step-by-step through the UniCam® connector installation process. ~�n�Z��h� ,J��CjYcISQÌ� ���kH&ē��}����Gw�m��Q�����������1':��3���Ы`�T@2�κ�"b���������G����B�y���C�V��o{G� �l�����?�܇��:��^���p](���W��C,�= Please click on the appropriate item below to register and receive your gift. R*O����ġuj��U�`'�f�+f��h��8�ؘo�.tzEU�9��i@O`����)G�\���@4�kxN�='�M9bקb'� J�&����@�G�Q��R�Q��sOH�H�2#�Ji9r9���K�%l� ;��ϊ:������TQ�w��7����x�K��d{i��!����n����� ��%1*�D�Ch�������kQ�@�6FSƜ!��� 3��g�Un����B d�Vo���s`��X4 �*�f!9�CA#��@��Y �8�:�En�Y� ,�e�^�p�6ȕgڤ�&�B�Y��!&�q,L^Џ��n�����`)��]y�i� caN2�p����������ӹ��*-NS�< 6��׆a��� XE��������-�R��o�dQHpA0�l� B@�p�.�U,�:�y�_�|�|2��=�����0E`.�Ş>�$�2�a�O��tï�a��Ȥ^�ٸ�04H��C)+.p�-���d�Lv���{�4�ɭ� B�c�x�̥d ���'x��g_ʾqE������b庄�|�2���ݓW8m�./a�|��%7���W�U FBC-015-BLADE Replacement Blade for the Pretium Flat Cleaver TL-UCP UniCam Pretium Installation Tool TKT-FCC Fiber Cleaning Kit VFL-A125 LC 1.25 mm VFL Ferrule Adapter VFL-A250 SC and ST Compatible 2.50 mm VFL Ferrule Adapter VFL-AKIT LC 1.25 mm and SC and ST Compatible 2.50 mm VFL Ferrule Adapters Standard UniCam Connector Installation Tool Kit Part Number Description TKT-UNICAM … Corning TKT-UNICAM-PFC High-Performance … Due to the demanding requirements of single mode fiber, it is necessary to use this tool kit to achieve Pretium level performance for UniCam Pretium Performance single mode connectors. 63 0 obj <>stream 0000029628 00000 n %%EOF 0000001256 00000 n We’ve gathered the most common questions our customers have about the UniCam® connector here. 1 - SC & ST Compatible 2.5mm Ferrule Adapter Technicians had to tote along portable ovens to heat-cure the special epoxy. ��vs�cbڨd�*p$�t�c��A���ឋ���B�s�S�:%.Ѯ��2h��4����uo����%�=8�P��H��/���6��/�5���`FÇ;���?��|y�1+ �0�,V��������7�qq�� BMKD�m�T�~|��x����f 0000104134 00000 n 0000029081 00000 n JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 1 - Crimp Tool <]>> �� 0000012671 00000 n 0000014171 00000 n trailer 0000001316 00000 n startxref 0000015024 00000 n AK_6)rh���SW�R���%�9@|��%�m�l}[�^�B[�Z��g��cE>]���7,ۄ��.����O�E. The kit's high-performance cleaver has an integrated fiber scrap bin and a dual clamp precision hold for the field fiber, with a diamond blade to achieve a superior cleave. By registering your equipment with Corning, you will be kept informed of any product updates or enhancements. © CableOrganizer®, An Igwanna, Inc. Company. An optical fiber with a core (25-200 microns) that supports several modes. To ensure the seamless flow of data-forming light, each hair-thin strand of glass fiber had to be glued into a connector. 1 - UniCam® Pretium™ Tool Bag with integrated waste receptacle and organized foam insert interior. yT�*'4L���ҍ.�[�jZ/_�ҌNՈzݰ}���_ �8T�`�R��� ���r�ª��s To show our appreciation for your purchase and registration, we will be sending you a free gift.

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