easy clarinet songs with finger chart

The interactive fingering charts require Adobe Flash Player which is a free download. Saved by MaryAnna Rowe. The site includes easy to use interactive fingering charts, free sheet music, scales and technical exercises, practice suggestions, clarinet history, and more. Alternate fingerings for all of the notes in the upper register, from B in the middle of the staff to high G, with explanations of each fingering. google_ad_height = 90; If you are confused by traditional fingering charts or have trouble making sense of the circles and dots in most standard charts, see the fingering charts below. These printable clarinet fingering charts are in PDF format and feature large images of the clarinet that can be enlarged. title = "Easy Clarinet Songs 1"; $page->description = "Easy clarinet songs for the beginning clarinet player. MetronomeBot, the free online talking metronome, TheClarinet.net, scale sheets, the best fingering charts, free music and more, Rhythm In Music, learn the fundamentals of rhythm and improve your skills, New, improved clarinet fingering charts - the best, easiest to use charts online,