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Next, scroll down and enter the shipping costs for your item. If you have the embed code from Etsy, you're over halfway done! The Build Your Own Etsy Mini page opens. This site is not affiliated with Etsy, Inc. A few spots on this site contain affiliate links. “Variations” are for when you have an item that comes in multiple versions—like different colors, shapes, sizes, and so on. Although it works fine when I checked with my desktop/laptop it works fine however in mobile phone device it takes to Etsy home page, not my Etsy shop page. I have another question maybe you can answer… up earlier in your directions you have a click here that is highlighted and takes your reader elsewhere, wherever you have directed them. If you decide to use the Etsy Payments platform to accept payments for your shop (which I highly recommend), you’ll be charged a small percentage fee for that as well. Since we launched in 2006, our articles have been read more than 1 billion times. (that and the correct term for it!) The next step is adding your bank account so that Etsy can deposit your sales revenue, as well as adding a credit or debit card to pay your selling fees. 1. This basically tells the widget where to look for new things to list. For help, troll the help files that your site host provided. Keep in mind that you’re required to collect and remit sales tax in some states when selling either tangible or digital items. You’ll have to create an Etsy account first, which is about as simple as creating an account on any other online service. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you’re selling a digital item, the last step is to upload the file that you’re selling. Click on this link, then you will see your new link in the main screen. The Build Your Own Etsy Mini page opens. I am not great at technological stuff and have just discovered that on etsy I can create a button to link to my store, how do I put this button on to my blog page? Otherwise, hit “Save and Continue.”. You're most welcome! Approx half way down on left hand column, you’ll see ‘HTML Fangates’ link. it says to copy and paste the embed code but I can't figure it out any help would be very appreciated. I just wanted the simplicity of having them go to my site on Etsy, where it already is. Just let us know if we can help with anything else. Add an Etsy Shop Link on Facebook. There’s also an “About” section that you can fill out if you want. It’s confusing because I don’t actually know what it is I am asking! Randi, can you rephrase your question? Lord knows I need it! So if you post a listing for a keychain and have 10 of them to sell, you’ll be charged $0.20 up front for posting the listing, and then $0.20 each for the rest of the nine keychains—but only if they sell. Maybe leave your question on their facebook page? Can you change your shop link? It will say ‘skip’ or something like ‘allow woobox to manage….” you have to click this, then it will take you to the woobox page with a gray bar across the top a bit like facebook bar with your page etc on it. Here’s how to do it. I have to admit, even though I’m marginally “up” on technology and computer use, in many areas I’m behind the times. After that, scroll down a bit more to enter the cost of the item and how many you have in stock to sell. Ehh. It’s a little overwhelming at first (I, too, am less than tech-savvy! (select all that apply, required question) It might be something to contact the makers of the app about! I think it’s mostly just some visual changes. Recently certain types of shop links have been going to the main Etsy page. With all that said, if you’re ready to open up your Etsy shop, it’s a pretty simple process. As in- nowavailable in my Etsy shop The Crazy Goose. Just in case anyone else was looking for something more simple, I thought I’d make a little walk-through: First, click here and install the app. Next, you’ll create a listing for an item you want to sell. But there might a time where you find yourself at a crossroads, wanting to spread your wings and grow your shop beyond Etsy. Click on this and a series of tab editing links will appear in the left hand column. The defaults are Photos and Likes, but I also wanted some way to have a link to my shop there. Sorry I can’t be more help! I would like to use that to redirect people from my FB page to my shop. You’ll be charged $0.20 for additional quantities that sell. From the Dashboard, click the pencil icon next to your shop’s name down in the bottom left corner. Once you’ve disconnected, you’ll no longer be able to download and process any orders from the store. Do you maintain a blog or some other type of personal website? Then you’ll need to authorize: Next, if you are logged in to your personal account, go to the next step. Note: If you don’t have an Etsy API key, then simply follow the link to get one from your Etsy store. Is that even possible?? Check out these instructions for using our embed code element, and just let us know if you run into any trouble:, Yay, thank you so much for your prompt reply, it worked a treat thanks. You’ll be charged $0.20 for posting a listing. After that, you’ll provide info like your name, mailing address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number. After you install an Etsy Mini on your site, it updates automatically when you list new items. ), but it’s totally doable. So use keywords that shoppers would use to search and find your item. Always wondered how to do this. Amazing.. thanks so much! Step number 1, you need an account. :3. You also have on for the Static HTML app as well. Here’s a quick breakdown: So in total, you’ll be charged 8.5% of the total selling price of your item, plus $0.45. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find yourself at the beginning phase of building your Etsy shop.

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