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Even today Cartier's strong links with India continue, with stones such as the 124.48ct Star of the South diamond, which formed part of the Maharajah of Baroda's collection of jewels. 2. Although the company has been around for three generations, the jewelry firm now known as Lorraine Schwartz Diamonds & Fine Jewelry only rose to prominence ten years ago, when actress Halle Berry wore pieces by the jewelry designer to the SAG Awards. These incredible gems, and the jewels in which they are set, continue to fascinate, not only because of their impressive size, daring design and intricate craftsmanship but also because of the people who wore them and the stories they tell. We all pray you’ll get a guy like our Prince of Monaco. In 1913, Cartier’s signature panther was inspired by a painting by George Barbier, which Louis Cartier commissioned as the new image for the house’s advertising campaigns. The bold piece has a main stone surrounded by 30 pillar type stones being creative in its own intriguing way. From royal jewels to exotic gems, the elaborate and intricate designs have always impressed the world. Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Citrine & Diamond Flamingo Brooch 1940, By Cartier. 1. Rose Gold, Platinum, Enamel, Diamond and Black Onyx Vanity by Cartier, circa 1920. Adorned with almost 800 diamonds, it was originally bought from Cartier London by the Duke of York for his wife, just weeks before he became king. There have been countless variations made on the classic design, including diamond encrusted bands, but originally, white gold stood for friendship, yellow gold for fidelity, and rose god for true love. As e-commerce becomes a priority in our industry, we believe there is huge potential for engaging editorial content and are seeking a buyer who shares our values and passion so that under their guidance we can give a bright future to the platform and help us grow our business to the next stage. https://www.fairfaxandroberts.com.au/royal-engagement-ring/royal-engagement-ring-grace-kelly/. TrueFacet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It is said to be the finest jewelry in the world produced by Alfred’s three sons. Consisting of three strands of alternating round and baguette-cut diamonds, the necklace perfectly complemented her Cartier diamond and platinum tiara. The Panthere ring remains one of Cartier’s most coveted pieces of jewelry today. Elizabeth Taylor requested that the 69.42ct Taylor-Burton diamond - a birthday gift from her fifth husband, Richard Burton - be removed from its ring setting and set into a diamond necklace by Cartier, which she wore to the 42nd Academy Awards in April 1970. Another extraordinary diamond jewel that deserves a special mention is María Félix's Snake necklace, created by Cartier in 1968. Holiday Shops Sale: Get up to $400 Off with Code SHOPS400. Cartier has been intrinsically linked to India since the early 20th century, when Queen Alexandra, wife of Edward VII and Empress of India, commissioned Pierre Cartier to create a bespoke necklace from existing pieces of her jewellery. Notably, their jewelry was worn by artists, actresses, and writers who were part of the avant-garde scenes of the time. Today, there are countless emblematic pieces manufactured by the house, from their famed Flamingo brooch, to their classic Panthère collection, and their legendary line of classic elegant “Tank” watches. Originally known as the Cartier diamond, the 69.42ct stone was the twelfth largest in the world when Cartier bought it at auction in 1969 and the largest diamond ever to have been privately owned. Founded in 1847, The House of Cartier was first established when 28-year-old Louis-François Cartier took over a jewelry workshop at 29 rue Montorgueil in Paris. Another classic piece which still holds court today is the Cartier Tank Watch. Photo Credit: stylecaster.com / fashionlady.in / redcarpetroxy.com / huffingtonpost.com / forbes.com. The motif was further reinforced by designer Jeanne Toussaint, who had joined Cartier in 1913 and earned the nickname “La Panthere”, mainly because she always wore a full length panther coat. Eschewing her usual jewels, she asked Cartier to design her a necklace made from two diamond bracelets and a sapphire brooch which joined the two bracelets together. The Maison’s obsession with the panther came in full effect with the arrival of  Jeanne Toussaint in 1918. Despite numerous variations and special editions, the Love bracelets are still close to Cipullo’s original design. Notably, their jewelry was worn by artists, actresses, and writers who were part of the avant-garde scenes of the time. She was also a high-fashion devotee—her wardrobe included custom pieces by Givenchy, Balenciaga and Chanel—and a fine jewelry collector. Cartier has designed countless iconic and unbelievable accessories. She even insisted it be worn by her character Tracy Samantha Lord in High Society.

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