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Winter temperatures in Victoria can drop as low as -7 degrees Fahrenheit. These trees have heavy, gray bark that may become gnarled as the tree ages, while foliage is bright green with the texture somewhat like sandpaper. Contact us for current availability or pre-order for next year / season. Mailing Address: 2205 Phipps Road, Duncan, B.C. Order online and enjoy delivery Australia wide. The Cooperative as a whole is responsible for growing, picking, transporting, packing and delivering excellent fruit, so that you can sit back and enjoy juicy apples, mouthwatering cherries and more. We know our wholesalers and end-consumers rely on our products to be of the utmost qualitysince it effects both their businesses and their health. With eight categories of fruits, not only is our produce exquisite but it's locally grown, fresh and top-notch. Sizeable Grand fir, Bigleaf maple, and Garry oak can be found on the island. Available now - Fig trees (many varieties), loquat trees. Gala is among the apple varieties that can thrive in Victoria, but not inland. Many heirloom varieties of fruit trees are being bred out of existence and once extinct they are gone forever. Located: 5km. Plum trees should be planted in full sun and require regular water, including deep soakings to keep roots moist. Today, BC Tree Fruits continues to take steps forward, including adding state-of-the-art packing and storage equipment, replanting orchards with newer varieties and introducing improved growing and packing processes. Are you concerned that it's better travelled than you are? We want our customers to succeed in their planting endeavours. We don’t cut corners to try and sell more product. Fruit storage tips Select unblemished fruit with stalks attached for storage. Please don’t enter any personal information. Located on the southern tip of Canada's Vancouver Island, Victoria, British Columbia, has a temperate climate, but is susceptible to cold snaps. Its growing season is relatively short, making it a good spot for cold-weather fruit trees, including stone fruits. We are committed to bringing heirloom fruits and vegetables to a market currently dominated by a select few choices. 1-6 plants to the rest of BC: approx. BC Tree Fruits Cooperative consists of passionate, local growers and professionals who work together to create an authentic and fresh distribution of fruits. Fruit Trees for Melbourne and Victoria. We specialize in multi-year fruit tree restoration processes that aim to reinvigorate your tree, extend its life and get it to a place where it can be easily maintained with some basic annual maintenance. Our demonstration orchard features several hundred varieties of temperate, citrus and subtropical fruit trees and shows different training systems possible. All rights reserved. Before you make a special trip, check for current availability of fruit Our valued products bring a community together by locally employing people to supply those delicious fruits that we all love. Fruit. Fruit. //--> Small fruits / berries / vines and other edibles also possible - including bay, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, Chilean guava (Ugni molinae), currants (black, red, white), elderberries, goji berries, gooseberries, goumi berries, grapes, haskap (aka honeyberries), jostaberries, loganberries, marionberries, raspberries, rhubarb, saskatoons, sea buckthorn, strawberries, tayberries, tea. Comments will be sent to ''. BC Tree Fruits has been bringing the communities of the Okanagan Valley together with our delicious, top of the line fruits since 1936. You can put your mind at ease knowing that your favourite BC Tree Fruits fresh, local fruit has been grown right here in the Okanagan Valley. We believe in giving you choice.The mass market food industry limits the variety of fruits and vegetables available to the consumer.

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