girard's christina azalea care

Pollinization is very important to insure that you will get fruit on the Fruit Tree that you select. Regular water needs in well-drained soil once established. In this section, you will learn how easy it is to plant your own orchard and begin harvesting tasty fruit like Gravenstein Apples for years to come! (45-60 cm) Spacing: 24-36 in. ADD TO CART Closed November 26th - 28th for Thanksgiving & reopening Friday the 29th. Garden & Outdoor . Azaleas can be planted in full sun or partial shade; however, it is best not to plant them where temperatures get too hot. They begin blooming from mid-March to early May and are prized for their vibrant colors and fine textured foliage. Cut back overly vigorous and out-of-place branches, remove diseased and damaged parts of the plant, thin out crowded, dense growth to improve air circulation and otherwise shape the azalea as desired using a sharp, sterile pruning shears to make each cut just above a bud or junction with another branch. They need protection from the midday sun and a fertile soil with a low pH. Urban Tree Farm Nursery features a different fruit tree every month. Pruning in late summer, fall or winter affects the next year's blooms. Grows with a broad and spreading habit, up to 4-6 ft. tall and wide (120-180 cm) Winner of the Rhododendron of the Year Award of the American Rhododendron Society for the Mid-Atlantic, Great … Broadleaf evergreen shrub, an azalea, low growing, compact, 24 × 18 inches (60 × 45 cm) in 4 years, to about 3-4 ft (0.9-1.2 m) tall. Sunday 10am-4:00pm. Family: Ericaceae: Type: Evergreen shrubs: Native: NO: Plant Requirements. Is it a shade tree you are looking for? The Girard’s Crimson Azalea is great to use for foundation plantings and makes a great hedge. Height: 18-24 in. Choose a planting site that receives filtered sunlight, is protected from intense, afternoon sunlight, has excellent drainage and has acidic soil. Azalea have a shallow, fibrous root system, requiring constant moisture, but dislike standing water. Just look at the bloom. Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Once the azalea is established, provide the plant with about 1 inch of water every two weeks whenever rainfall is inadequate. The azalea is a member of the rhododendron family and requires basically the same care as the rhododendron. Christina azalea blooms in early spring, when the temperature warms, and may maintain its blooms through the summer. We offer a huge selection of quality seeds from Renee's Garden. : Girard's Christina Marie Azalea - 3 Gallon : Garden & Outdoor. or call (707) 544-4446 to confirm availability. Large pure white flowers, which are lightly scented and trumpet shaped, blanket this beautiful shrub for about a month during the mid to late spring. How do I Make Soil Acidic for Rhododendrons? Girard's Rose Azalea Growing and Maintenance Tips. Bright enough for a perennial beds backdrop, a focal point by your front door and … Fertilize in early spring with a balanced acidic plant fertilizer. Find the answers to your most commonly asked questions about citrus trees like frost resistance and pruning. We are certain to have the Nursery Stock you are looking for! The "Renee Michelle" azalea (Azalea "Renee Michelle") is a spring-flowering evergreen shrub with showy, dark pink blooms. Trim the "Girard's Rose" azalea lightly following flowering and as needed until midsummer. Evergreen shrub. This is a top favorite for our nursery. If the plant is not in a container but planted in the ground, then gently dig around its roots and remove it from its location. Please see Local Delivery for areas & pricing. If needed, it is best to prune immediately after flowering to avoid damage to the following spring's blooms. Selecting and preparing an appropriate planting site and providing this azalea with excellent cultural care encourage rapid establishment and vigorous, healthy growth and flowering. Pull the azalea's root mass gently out of its container, but, if necessary, water the plant thoroughly prior to removing the container to make the task easier. $146.00. Skip to main content. We have thousands of container grown plants and trees, including large specimen trees! However, these plants can handle full sunlight even in the hottest southern summer days. Play around with different colors and include this shrub into a natural woodland garden area. Try Prime Cart. The Girard’s Fashion Azalea prefers acidic to neutral soil for best results. We do NOT Ship out of state. 1 gallon size, for pick up only. Please visit our nursery and enjoy a guided tour of our facility in one of our eco-friendly carts. In fall, the Christina azalea loses its flowers but maintains its leaves for the winter season. Slow growth. This azalea shrub is evergreen in mild climates and semi-evergreen in cooler climates. Urban Tree Farm Nursery can meet those needs as well; for example, we stock 100yr old olive trees, boxed and ready to be transported to your location, in addition to many other trees. Growing your own fruit is healthy and enjoyable! Azalea prefers acidic soil and partial shade conditions. Angela Ryczkowski is a professional writer who has served as a greenhouse manager and certified wildland firefighter. Evergreen shrub. Azalea 'Girard's Christina' Characteristics & Attributes: If you want to plant several azaleas in a small area, consider working a 2- to 3-inch layer of an organic matter soil amendment, such as peat moss or well-rotted compost, into the top 6 to 8 inches of soil to improve its drainage and fertility. Perhaps you require a Large Specimen tree for that newly acquired estate or winery project? These are cold hardy Azaleas that will grow i n USDA Planting Zone 5. where temperatures drop to as low as 20 below 0 F. These floriferous beauties are used extensively in landscape design as colorful accents or specimens, natural hedges and buffers, or in groupings in … ‘Girard's Fushia’ Taxonomy. Ihre frühere Bezeichnung lautete Azalea rustica flore pleno. Different varieties will also have different petal shapes extending from narrow petals through triangular petals, overlapping petals rounded petals. Moderate red, hose-in-hose blooms. Aug 26, 2014 - Azalea Girards Christina - Azalea Girards Christina Common Name: Girard's Azalea Type: Evergreen Shrub Full Sun to Part Sun Zones: 5 to 8 Height: 3-4' Spread: 4-5' Foliage Color: Green Flower Color: Red Bloom Time: Spring Fall Color: Burgundy Attracts: Butterflies, Hummingbirds This chart will indicate if the tree is self-pollinating or requires a pollinator. Azalea flower types also differ from rhododendron ranging from single, (5 petals) hose in hose (10-12 petals), double (variable amount of petals) and double hose in hose (30 or more petals). The Azalea Girard's Christina 1G Rose Red is an amazing color of deep rose red. As a general rule, wet the soil to depth of 8 to 12 inches with each watering. This versatile shrub can be used in many aspects of the … Fertilize the azalea lightly following flowering each year using an acid-forming fertilizer or fertilizer labeled for azaleas use if the shrub exhibits slowed growth or a nutrient deficiency. Half to full sun. If you live in zone 7, avoid late season plantings because the azaleas need time to prepare for winter. Loosen the plant's pot-bound roots. Order today! In that case, apply a pH-lowering supplement or foliar micronutrient spray. Moderate red, hose-in-hose blooms. Height: 4 ft: Width: 5 ft: Bloom: Showy flowers: Bloom Time: April to May: Bloom Color: Lavender: Additional Characteristics.

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