how to make guitar neck

Simply cut out the neck, rout the truss rod slot, shape the contour, glue on the fretboard and you’re ready to … An old luthier trick I like is to use pumice stone powder as an abrasive. Step 3: Rough Cut the Body. I used some 8/4 ash for the body and carved out the neck pocket, pickup and electronics cavities on the X-Carve CNC. To make the bolt on neck requires a board both wide and long enough to cut out the shape. For my guitar, I used White Ash (body), Mahogany (neck) and Rosewood (fretboard). Measure down 5” (127mm) from the top end of the neck. It’s also lower than the fingerboard .This... Map it out. A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Make a Straight Headstock Tools you’ll need. Place the neck on its side. The first step is to find some plans. Measure down 5” (127mm) from the top end of the neck. It is very fine and leaves a silky finish. I’m using Maple for these necks. This maple has some nice figure in it that I believe will look great once some finish is applied. Add the nut and saddle, making sure they're a tight fit then add the tuning machines and screw them in place. One way to use it is to put lemon oil or even 3-in-one oil on a felt pad or cloth, stick some pumice stone to it, then hand rub the neck it until you get the feel you are looking for. Electric Guitar: Body and Neck Step 1: Find Some Plans. Step by step instructions on how to make a solid body guitar on the CNC using parts from a cheap Epiphone Les Paul. Step 2: Get Some Wood. Again, we step in the world of the instrument maker and … Since it only needs to be ¾” to 1” thick, a board will be easy to find. These marks will make the bottom bevelled edge of your headstock. While you’re at it, measure down to 5 ¼” (133mm) and mark the spot there, too. Its time for me to make my own guitar necks, and get Hayley Guitars rolling. More info on how to set up a guitar can be found here for instance. I purchased my Epiphone Les Paul online for only $120 just to gut it for the electronics, hardware and neck. I started out by cutting out the rough outline on the bandsaw. Add the strings and tension them a little, marking their place on both the nut and saddle, then remove them and add grooves to the nut and saddle to accommodate the strings. Place the neck on its side. Mark that spot on the side, just below what will be the front of the neck. My construction methods aren’t too different from many others. A straight headstock forms a single plane with the neck.

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