how to turn a double bed into a sofa

Going along the lines of what onrust said, remove all the bed and useless material until you're left with an empty, sofa-like box. I thought the trundle would simply pull out but guess I could be wrong on that since I don't own an ikea daybed. BUT take the throw off the back of it and drape in over the side away from the window are not old enough for THAT look!!! Daybeds are a cross between a bed and a sofa or chaise longue. mforr, didn't think i suggested it be "hacked up" was just suggesting one minor change to the sides. But you can leave the sofa bed open and lay the mattress on top. sf5413, I would remove the trundle, cut the sides to just above the mattress, reuse the trim piece on the new lower sides, paint it expresso and upholster the mattress. Good luck. It can be done and it can look very stylish. Place the tallest and largest pillows in the back, and put smaller pillows in front of them until the sitting space that's left allows someone to place her feet on the floor. I'm confused as well ... are you in a very small loft? Luckily, converting a bed into a couch is a simple, strategic process. She is completing her master's degree in educational technology at Boise State. I made a rough drawing of what you could do. LOVE that toy box, but I think it is too low for right there. A tall headboard and foot board do not look as much like the arms of a couch. I found that JC Penny has the back bolsters on sale now so I just need to deal with the cover situation. Here are some great techniques to turn your daybed into a beautiful (and supremely comfortable) couch. A double bed with a low headboard and foot board works best because it functions visually as either a bed or a couch. The average couch backrest slopes back by about 15 degrees. Here in the UK you cannot return anything once you have started to assemble it. That's why they are young and casual. Comfortable for kids to pile in / sleep in. I really like the foldout chairs suggested by Dana D. and Darzy. Will keep the feathers from doing that, in most cases. It was a simple/functional way for us to make something that works in our front room which currently serves as an office, playroom […] Please don't cut it up, it isn't made to be hacked up, if you use a mattress cover to keep it tailored -and use a lot of comfortable pillows, or have stronger cushions made for back and round or square bolster for the sides to use as arm rest, I'm sure you will enjoy it more. They will reinforce the bed frame and provide a place to put reading lamps and decorative knick-knacks. That will give the bed an upholstered appearance without an investment in upholstery. Transforming a bed into a sofa gives you a comfy place to lounge that is versatile as well. Really easy and when you add pillows in the front, you don't see the seam. Next step, make a sturdier box to put in it to sit on. :) Just wondering.....the table under the window......can it go to the wall to the left of the built in shelves and set it up like a desk. Tuck the comforter and the dust ruffle ends tightly so the bedding resembles the cushions of a couch. Whether you need a bed or a sofa, you can have both in … Buy only high quality furniture that will last a lifetime. Depends on the style you're looking for, but here are some examples: why did you purchase a child's storage bed for a living room where you want a "stylish" sofa? Or you can disassemble it .I know it is lots of work,we had to do it once when we purchased queen size bed with storage in Ikea. I used to have it in the nursery when the children were little so that I could feed them in the middle of the night.

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