how to wash fleece blanket

To help get rid of the stains, you can use a paper towel or dry cloth and rub the spot but not too hard and do this after you have finished soaking the blanket. Many people may grab their knitted wool sweaters, but some people prefer to use fleece. There is nothing wrong with washing your polar fleece blanket in your washing machine, as long as you follow some simple steps. Fleece blankets are affordable and convenient, in addition to being soft and warm. If you do not use it in any season except winter, then you only need to wash it twice each winter. The fact that it is fleece doesn’t change the washing instructions mentioned above. Pre-washing then to protect the color does not need to be done. Before you begin, set the washer on the gentle cycle. It is the ideal fabric to get clean because it dries fast, does not need a lot of water or soap to get the job done. You do not need a lot of soap and it is best to avoid hot water, harsh chemicals, and fabric softener. It is man-made and with that feature, it is also very easy to get clean. In a way, the lack of harsh chemicals and the use of lukewarm water is the methodology on how to make a blanket soft again. Polar fleece is not a natural fabric. We’ve got you covered. If the fleece has some Polartec ® Power Stretch fabrics woven into its construction then it will shrink up to about 7% in width and 5% in length. Yet, there are some things you need to take into consideration if you want to wash your blankets without destroying them. This set is also known as low-quality fleece. Also, avoid using detergent with bleach when washing the fleece. Want more details about what we can do? Be patient; miracles just don’t happen immediately! Instead, it should include mild dishwashing soap and only be soaked for about 10 minutes prior to washing. » How to Wash Polar Fleece Sheets or Blanket Without Ruin It, What Is a Spool Pin Felt Used For? Like Kryptonite on Superman, harsh chemicals will damage your polar fleece blanket. Fleece weighted blankets should be washed alone or with other fleece items. In case you do, don’t complain when the burn marks and the melted fabric start scratching your skin. If you want to make the fleece soft using fabric softener, tough luck! While we have stated earlier that bleaches and hot dryer temperatures are a big no-no, they’re actually the very least of your “things to avoid like COVID-19.”. Second, you should pre-treat any stains that have gotten on top of the blanket during your or your family’s use. The key to washing these types of blankets is to use the gentle cycle if you do not handwash and use about 90 degrees F water. The reason for this is the same as why you do not iron fleece. All Rights Reserved. After that, try to remove the stain with the help of a paper towel or a dry cloth. Like Kryptonite on Superman, harsh chemicals will damage your polar fleece blanket. As a result, fleece blankets are soft, warm, and lightweight. There shouldn’t be any need to wash polar sheets that frequently. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Meaning, the methodology of washing fleece blankets is basically the same, no matter which type of blanket you have at home. Polar fleece is a lot like Superman it only has one or two flaws that will ruin it. The. Don’t miss: 5 Best weighted blankets for you and your kids. All the important information on how to wash a fleece tie blanket is contained in this tiny piece of cloth. He also travels a lot, takes pictures and loves to ride a bike. Related: 5 essential tips on how to wash an electric blanket. Another important tip on how to wash fleece blankets is to air dry them, if possible. As a rule of thumb, you should soak the stains for up to 10 minutes. Fleece is a durable material as it is usually made from synthetic fibers. In general, fleece blankets are low-maintenance. The high water repellent level means that it will dry very quickly. Your email address will not be published. Fleece is often seen as a vegan-friendly product and has a fuzzy feel to it. The chances are that you already noticed it and that you were annoyed by the presence of this piece. Plus, fleece does not bleed color. Wash Polar Fleece Blanket. On the other hand, if you buy a high-quality fleece blanket, your only concern could be how to keep fleece soft for years to come. Oh and use a mild soap as the exclusion of harsh chemicals and the warm water tend to keep these types of blankets nice and soft. Because of this, you need to turn your fleece sweaters inside out, and your blankets underside up before placing them inside your washing machine. In other words, it is important to understand the nature of these blankets so that the cleaning process can be as effective as possible. 5 essential tips on how to wash an electric blanket, 5 Best weighted blankets for you and your kids, 9 types of blankets you should know about, 5 easy-to-apply tips on how to wash a wool blanket, An in-depth guide on how to wash fleece blanket. The same can be said about bleach as well. The laundry soap should not be harsh but mild or natural. There is some good news here. For example, it is important to know that fleece is made of polyester. That method avoids the abrasive mixing of clothes that comes with tumble drying in the dryer and keep your jacket in top shape longer. You can save yourself a little cleaning work as it is not necessary to pre-wash fleece before you sew it. they have water-repelling qualities. You can pre-soak the Polar fleece blanket prior to handwashing if you want. Required fields are marked *. Pour in cold water and a gentle liquid detergent. Plus, you should check the cleaning instructions on that little label attached by the manufacturer. But since it is made from synthetic construction materials it also has some fatal flaws that can ruin it if you clean it wrong. High dryer heat can possibly melt some of the tips and when those tips dry they can become hard and spoil the soft nature of the blanket. Microwave a Towel Tips. You can tumble dry the cover on a low heat setting, but hanging it to air dry preserves its softness longer. Well, fleece blankets are ideal for long winter nights, but these blankets can also be used in a variety of ways. Your email address will not be published. When purchasing a new throw blanket that has faux fur, fleece or sherpa fabric it can be hard to decide how to proceed on cleaning it. To learn how to care for it all you need to do is continue to read our article. From Indoor To Outdoor. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. High dryer heat can damage the fleece and remove the softness you love. But like any other fabric, fleece must be maintained. Due to constant usage, blankets can pick up unpleasant smells and even dirt. Yes, this is not a problem either as long as you use low or no heat settings. It tends to attract moths and other nasty insects, and so, you may need to stock up on mothballs too. This fabric does not shrink so what size you sew it will be the same size after you wash it. Check the instructions on the care label; Every industrial blanket in the world should have the so-called ‘product care’ label placed somewhere on the sides. When you place your polar fleece blanket into your washing machine, you need to set it to the gentle cycle. Well, experts recommend that users always check the instructions before washing fleece blankets. The bad fleece is the style that pills or shreds quite easily. If your fleece piece isn’t a brilliant shining white or is starting to yellow, sun drying does the trick. So, now that you’ve learned how to wash a fleece blanket, what’s stopping you from washing your favorite blankets? That feature helps the Polar fleece to dry faster than other brands of fleece on the market today. One thing that should be noted is that hang drying for jackets, blankets and sheets is the preferred drying method. How to Wash Fleece Blankets and Sweaters; No Comments on How to Wash Fleece Blankets and Sweaters Posted in How to, Tips By Eazihome Writer Posted on November 10, 2020 November 10, 2020. Your email address will not be published. Stronger washing cycles may cause the fleece to form knots. In fact, they have a cleaning attitude that makes them the ideal piece of cloth to wash. Even though the ‘fleece’ coat of sheep shares the name, modern fleece blankets are made out of synthetic materials. To prevent pilling or matting, wash fleece blankets separately in cold water on a gentle cycle. Like Kryptonite on Superman, harsh chemicals will damage your polar fleece blanket. How to wash a fleece blanket: a step-by-step guide. We dry clean a wide range of clothing & household items at affordable prices! Examples of these include cotton and polyester. When done, simply air-dry the entire thing as using the dryer can also damage its structure. Avoid using bleach, which can damage the fibers or affect the blanket's dye. Required fields are marked *. Your washing time may depend on how often you wear the jacket. Extra soap does not make the blanket any cleaner.

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