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Mostly for the comments and the discussion. All text herein is property of the web site and may not be copied or reproduced without explicit permission. In no universe. But, for me, no rewatchable value. We are indeed curious to know what he was able to retain as the scenario he co-wrote takes the decision to oversimplify the Eurovision machine. (first comment got filtered) Good point. In 2011, I think just about no average person knew anything about Azerbaijan, could not pick it out on a map, and maybe had never even heard of it. “Jaja! (Who doesn’t love a song title with a parenthetical?) It’s good, not great. There are more than a few parody bops that deserve repeat listening after the credits roll, “Double Trouble” and “Volcano Man,” in particular. Is that Lordi?! This movie did not make fun of Eurovision, complete opposite actually – introduced it as a truly exclusive and extraordinary show. Something to smile and be distracted from the ongoing pandemic and glum news. Read a round-up of some of the early reviews below. Are you curious to watch? Just like the BBC-produced 60th anniversary show in London! 04. To break it down further: none of the Eurovision cameos in the movie have that much in common with the parody acts that appear in it. From Molly Sandén to Thomas G:son, from Alexander Rybak to Andreas Carlsson, and from John Lundvik to Jörgen Elofsson, plenty of our faves have contributed to the best music moments of this film. The whole film seemed a bit slapped together at some points, so I think they probably went in hard to get a handful of bigger names and then just did a call out to agents and got whoever turned up. Don’t take it seriously as it’s very light and timid entertainment wise. But in the end, the big music moment in the Eurovision movie is something that every Eurovision fan has dreamed of at some point in the last decade or so – Molly Sandén belting out a Savan Kotecha-composed schlager ballad that sounds somewhere between ‘Never Enough’ from The Greatest Showman, and a timeless Sonja Aldén classic. They likely didn’t include any of the Russian or Greek/Cypriot contestants because they wouldn’t really allow the parodies to stand on their own (including someone like Sergey Lazarev or Eleni Foureira would almost be… Read more ». I am glad Croatia ( my country) was mentioned, and there were few scenes with Croatian flags in the background. Some of the jokes are funny, some aren’t.… Read more ». Props are given, respect is paid and credit is placed firmly where it is due – as it is revealed that our Eurovision hero’s dreams were inspired by ABBA’s iconic Eurovision win with ‘Waterloo’. BUT ON POINT! But as most euro-fans here i was not a big fan of all the inconsistencies, and some times wished the movie would make more sense and show us… Read more ». I honestly am of the belief that unless they’re actively dismissing it, no publicity is bad publicity if they’re putting Eurovision on the map here in the States. Definitely re-watchable, songs I am in love with. In one scene, Russian contestant Alexander (Dan Stevens) jokes that everyone hates the UK because they get “nil points” each year, which is fair, but as the event is being hosted in Scotland that would mean the UK are the reigning champs. It’s heartening that Ferrell, who co-wrote the script, has a clear affection for the competition. (And honestly, they MIGHT be the Canada of Europe. And do you know what? Glad he’s out the door now.) Loved it. I wonder if Saturday’s Eurovision Again final will actually be a live watch-along of the new movie? The only ones I know are that they love hockey and Tim Hortons, that it’s cold out there and that they say “eh?” a lot. The opening stretch, showing life in Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit’s (Rachel McAdams) small fishing village, provokes a few chuckles, but big laughs are few and far between. Then they failed on that point because they didn’t do it, hence the criticism. It appears in the list of countries in the voting in the SEMI FINAL. I like the fact that Ferrell toned it down. I wrote a whole long answer that’s still not gotten past moderation for whatever reason. Anyone downvoting me is just proving bad taste, so keep on going! People who laugh when a whole ship explodes and only think about their personal advantage out of it is not funny. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. and more classic songs as well as new parody numbers, and more of a sense of event at the final. Even Queen Loreen shows up with a smile on her face! The Eurovision-star song-off! Eurovision podcast (Episode 80): Hooverphonic replaces Luka, Estonia names semi-finalists, Spain at JESC, Eric Saade at Melfest? Well, is anyone actually surprised by the response? Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Germany: Internal selection process enters final stage, as juries assess entries for Eurovision 2021, Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou will sing “El Diablo” at Eurovision 2021, Cyprus: CyBC confirms it will announce new act for Eurovision 2021 this morning, 2021 Grammy Nominations: Netflix’s Eurovision movie nominated for ‘Best Soundtrack Album’…up against Frozen 2 and Jojo Rabbit. With all of us deprived of an actual Eurovision Song Contest this year, the much-anticipated Eurovision film could not have come along at a better point in time than the early summer of 2020. In the real semifinals, the hosts only announce the 10 songs that have advanced, in random order. I actually enjoyed this as i found it refreshingly entertaining and funny at times. Always a sight to behold, in whatever context you can get to see a piece of it. Don’t understand the hate from some Eurofans to be honest. His movies were never that funny. -The relationship between the contestants is totally fake: love story and sabotage between countries. Please seek help. The voting process in the Eurovision final is actually very close to the one that Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga shows in its version of the semifinal, in which countries are called on individually to deliver their points. Follow all of our Netflix ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga’ news.

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