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One which is comfy and cosy, while looking stylish at the same time. The manduca Twist offers great value for money, without any compromises in comfort and quality. My baby is only 8 weeks old and we have been using a manduca carrier for over 4 weeks. I loved them I had full support of her in the carrier. I got one of the limited edition colours after having a blue one and wanting to be just a little bit fancy. I purchased a navy manduca baby carrier about 4 months ago, at first I found it fantastic but lately I just haven’t been able to get it to fit comfortably this is probably because bub is getting heavier, I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. But then I bought this one on a recommendation from another mum. It is great quality and value for money so worth it and will be great to pass on to my sister when she has children! Manduca® ... Germany's #1 Organic Baby Carrier, Share Manduca® ... Germany's #1 Organic Baby Carrier on Facebook, Share Manduca® ... Germany's #1 Organic Baby Carrier on Twitter, Share Manduca® ... Germany's #1 Organic Baby Carrier on Pinterest, Share Manduca® ... Germany's #1 Organic Baby Carrier on Tumblr, Share Manduca® ... Germany's #1 Organic Baby Carrier via email, Share Manduca® ... Germany's #1 Organic Baby Carrier via browser. I started off using a baby Bjorne and moved to a Manduca after attending a pretty awesome Kanga class. We’ve done it! Lets her sit in a natural position and keeps her close to me. thank you for writing all the reviews. Recover password or Join Mouths of Mums. One which focuses on the essentials but does not leave anything out. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The manduca Twist is made of a diagonally elastic, cross-body fabric, like a woven sling but with much less material. Getting the buckles perfect took a couple of goes, but once i got them in the right postition it has been a breeze. I had one of those older style oens when I first needed to use one but was given one fo these for my second baby. I love it, I can carry my 6 wk old, my 1 year old and my 3 year old in and I only have to quickly adjust the straps to accommodate each child. It great to know she is safe. I have purchased this item recently for my baby and I must say it is just so comfortable and easy to carry my baby in! I really need wide straps on my carrier otherwise I am in a lot of pain. Simple, small and light - but pretty awesome. The comfortable waist belt secures the position of the manduca Twist. When folded, the Manduca Twist fits everywhere, without padding and too many straps That’s what makes it so practical, just made of diagonally elastic woven fabric. At the same time, it functions to the highest standards. • Broad sitting base for baby while supporting thighs my daughter would love it too! Love that you can wear her on your front, back or hip and straps are adjustable enough for hubby to use too. It also has a high resell price which is fantastic for those who are worried about spending money on things that can’t be resold later. Reviews on this page have now been disabled. It’s that easy. my only downsides to the product are it is very hard to properly use without someone else to hook you in (there is a buckle between the shoulders you cannot do up or undo yourself) and the fabric it is made of will collect every bit of fluff it comes into contact with. I had tried two other carriers that bub just screamed every time I put her in. We focus on the essentials. Recommend to all mothers that want to keep there arms free to do stuff other then holding your baby. It’s great that it carries babies up to the weight of 20kg however if your child is this heavy it’s not comfortable at all. This is one of my favourite carriers and I own many. • Headrest/sunshade are included with all carriers To register for reviews that are not open yet and for future reviews, enter your email below and we'll send you an email as soon as a review is open for application. Although I still think it’s a great carrier, I’ve decided to sell mine and get one that’s a bit more customisable. This makes it ultra-light in weight and offers maximum support. View the Manduca demonstration on You Tube here. Simply fold down the head support – it remains in place on its own. I really love my Manduca!!! One which fits, without ever being restrictive. Simply comfy – and orthopaedically correct. It is ultra-light and can be easily folded to take along everywhere. Very great design. Love my manduca. I can still carry my 1 year old in a front carry without any discomfort and he is always so comfy and content in it. Although as with anyone when they get sick they get tired so wanted to be cuddled to sleep rather then fall asleep in the Maduca. What should we say?! would really love to know:). Unfortunately, as with all carriers like this, it hurts my shoulders and back. One which is lightweight and robust at the same time. One which easily grows with the baby and keeps your little ones in the optimal M-Position®. Get the latest news, free product trials, prizes, recipes and much more… first. It is ergonomic for both baby and wearer and I just love that it comes with the newborn insert for no extra cost. So it was a perfect opportunity to use the carrier in the side carrier position so we could go from attraction to attraction easily. Easy adjustment in height, without zips or buttons. So easy to use and comfortable for me and bubs whether front or back carrying. It was really comfortable and she enjoyed sitting on my hip and being nice and warm during the cold day. I began to use it when i had another bubba who had colic and flathead and pretty much had to constantly be held. 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I love that I can front, side and back carry my older kids as well especially as on my back it makes it easier for them to look around. All prices incl. Crossable straps are excellent for front carrying to give extra back support. Ideal as an infant carrier as well as a toddler carrier. We live on a mountainous farm and the easiest way to get around while we are lambing is on foot with the carrier. I’m really glad I found it! She loves being close to me, she can sleep in it and i can get stuff done around the house or out shopping. I also love the way it looks. I love my Manduca. I bought one not long after bubby was born and started using it when she turned about four months. ALL Manduca baby carriers are made from 100% organic cotton or organic cotton/hemp mix and when you look at the features, it’s not surprising the Manduca is Germany’s number one baby carrier: • Baby… My Manduca is really comfortable and great for carrying my baby & toddler around. Recommend this product to another mother or father, and have just recently bought my friend when to try out. It is very comfortable and easy to use. Looks like this may be blocked by you browser or content filtering. Shipping and … Regardless of how big your baby is: the head and neck are always optimally supported. I’m not too sure what I would do without it actually, we use it pretty much every day weather it’s a 5k hike up a mountain or chillin on my back while I cook dinner baby loves her Manduca time just as much as I do! The innovative drawstring makes it easy to put on and always ensures the right tension of the fabric. I have tried other leading carriers and none have come close to my Manduca for comfort. Some reviews have commented about it being too fiddly with all the adjustments available, but that is part of what i love about it, getting it to feel just perfect. Ive been trying to find a really good baby carrier for soo long, this would be great!

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