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Average or not at all – 15-20 a’s: You are mostly a fast oxidizer. Expected weight loss is 1.5-2.5 lbs. Take the Quiz Now

That’s why diets that seem to work for your friends might do nothing for you: you have different types of metabolisms. Take up this quiz on your habits and find out. glad i took the quiz. Do you have a problem with dandruff? Natural Health Sherpa LLC makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained on or available through this web site, and such information is subject to change without notice. a. c. Neither, 24. But it can still be difficult. No foods in particular make you gain weight; I gain weight whenever I overeat. So you exercise to burn that fat away. Yes, 28. a. Salty chips, cheese, peanuts, bread, ice cream, cheesecake Usually, 3. You can always take your results and work on your own. Do you ever need to get up to eat at night? Yes, 9. So what happens? I took the quiz myself, and I’ll tell you all about it so you know what to expect. People here usually don’t have too big a problem losing weight. Yes A dry mouth? | © 2020 Oz Media LLC, All Rights Reserved | Terms, 5 Things You Should Never Microwave (& 1 You Always Should), Turbocharge Your Metabolism For Your Body Type. They don't really bother me but I'm not entirely fond of them. Do you often get real stomach hunger pangs? a. All Rights Reserved. I rarely get insomnia, but if I do, I usually need something to eat to help me go back to sleep. Just the stuff you’ll learn about your metabolism in the video you watch after taking the quiz is worth the couple of minutes it takes to actually answer the questions. Larger than the iris a.

If you want to save your quiz results, you must

No 2. People at this level have a slow metabolism. The body craves sugar and simple carbohydrates. It's quick, it's easy, it's free. b. A lot It's important to learn how to eat right for your metabolic type because the same foods that keep your friends slim may be making you puffy and tired.

b. The Metabolic Factor is a popular diet that works with the body’s hormones to help those who have failed on other diets lose weight. When you eat meat for breakfast, you feel: After eating fatty or heavy foods, you feel: What type of insomnia, if any, applies to you? So take this quiz right now and find out your metabolic type and your #1 fat burning blocker instantly, and take the biggest step towards the body you’ve always wanted! b.

Do you have a tendency to be: a. Regain control of your mood, memory and brain health. a. The last 5-10 lbs of stubborn fat. That’s because you almost never have enough fuel in your body. Up to 90 percent of the body’s energy can come from fat. Help me find my metabolic type to loose arm,neck, chest back and belly fats. No, 4. The end result? You don’t need to give your credit card number or anything. i hope this can really help me get back to shape easily. After you take the quiz, you’ll watch a rather long and detailed video that describes which one of the Metabolic Renewal hormone types you have. That’s because if you haven’t addressed your #1 fat burning blocker, your body will actually be fighting your efforts to burn more fat and lose more weight. 2. It’s just some questions about your lifestyle, diet and your weight-loss goals. Yes Fruit pies, cakes, biscuits. A lot It takes about two minutes or so. a. yes Disclaimer: Results vary based on age, gender, and weight. a. And it all starts with a quiz that reveals your body’s fat-burning type. Along with boosting your metabolism, you'll learn how to make healthier food choices. No 4. b. Lighter in color than your face b. Sometimes my sister always laugh at my bigg belly, I really really want to lose my belly fat c. None of the above, 8. How much do you like potatoes? b. a. Even when you’re not sick, do you get a dry cough or sneezing at night or after eating? How much do you like sour foods (vinegar, lemon juice)? Sometimes makes me restless before I go to sleep. But it still needs energy to function. Blood Type O or B

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