presente de indicativo conjugation

The three images below present the endings used in each of the three conjugation groups. Looking at all conjugation charts of any of them, we can notice that changes in this group of verbs happen in the exact same places as in case of the e->i model: That’s because in the Pretérito Perfecto Simple & Gerundio there is also a spelling correction (i->y). The Presente tense is usually the first tense we learn. Am kommenden Sonntag nimmt seine Mannschaft an einem Wettkampf teil. In der folgenden Erläuterung lernst du die Bildung und Verwendung von spanischen Verben im Presente indicativo. Este es Manolo. foreign language. Regardless of the type of change affecting verb forms in Presente, the 1st person singular may also be entirely irregular here. Example verbs: afluir, atribuir, circuir, concluir, confluir, conseguir, constituir, construir, contribuir, delinquir, derruir, desobstruir, destituir, destruir, diluir, disminuir, distinguir, distribuir, erguir, estatuir, excluir, extinguir, fluir, huir, imbuir, incluir, influir, instituir, instruir, intuir, obstruir, ocluir, perseguir, proseguir, prostituir, recluir, reconstituir, reconstruir, rehuir, restituir, retribuir, seguir, sustituir. Just remove two letters from the end of the infinitive form and you have the ending — one of -ar, -er or -ir. Zusatzübungen. All the -oír verbs () have a similar change, but also a differently irregular 1st person singular, so their conjugation is different also in three other, derived tenses. Presente de Indicativo belongs to the simple tenses group, which means that all of its inflected forms are one word long. Because the "vosotros" form is used only in Spain, it is included in parentheses. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. In this group of verbs the last vowel o in the stem is replaced with the letters ue. Person Singular ein, Damit sich die Aussprache nicht ändert, müssen wir im, Presente – unregelmäßige Verben ser, estar, ir (1), Presente – unregelmäßige Verben ser, estar, ir (2), Presente – Verben mit unregelmäßiger 1. After some practice you’ll be able to select the right tense to use much easier. Diese Erläuterung und Übungen zum Presente als PDF-Download kaufen. It describes routine or repeated actions as well as permanent situations. The Present tense should be used instead: Please solve this anti-spam quiz: How much is one plus one? In this video presentation you will learn the general rules for conjugating regular Spanish verbs in the: More information on how to conjugate both regular and irregular verbs in this tense, as well as example sentences, may be found below the video. Person Singular, Presente – Verben mit Stammvokalwechsel e → i, Presente – Verben mit Stammvokalwechsel e → ie, Presente – Verben mit Stammvokalwechsel o → ue, Presente – regelmäßige und unregelmäßige Verben (1), Presente – regelmäßige und unregelmäßige Verben (2), Presente – regelmäßige und unregelmäßige Verben (Luis y Pablo), Presente – regelmäßige und unregelmäßige Verben (Juan y Sara), Presente – regelmäßige und unregelmäßige Verben (Dialog), Presente im Gebrauch – Tatsachen und andauernde Zustände, Presente im Gebrauch – Handlungen/Vorgänge in der Gegenwart, Presente im Gebrauch – wiederkehrende oder gewohnheitsmäßige Handlungen, Presente im Gebrauch – Handlungen in der Zukunft mit Zeitangabe. auf Vokal + -cer enden, setzen wir in der 1. In this article we focus on the Presente tense, but we also explain how a given irregularity influences forms in other tenses. It will help you minimize the amount of material you need to memorize. Find the similarities and differences between the sets. Note that you can easily remind yourself of the rules every time you visit our conjugator. Juega al fútbol desde hace cinco años. Cada martes juega al fútbol. And the good news is that the knowledge we already have is sufficient to correctly conjugate this group of verbs. They are presented in subsections below. The table below provides an overview of present indicative endings for regualr -ar, -er and -ir verbs in Spanish: Spanish reflexive verbs are conjugated with a reflexive pronoun. The *cocer verbs don’t have 1st person irregularity, but are in the o->ue group and require c->z spelling correction. And an example of a verb where the 1st person does not end in -o is saber, in which case the three derived tenses use the sep- stem: Most common irregular endings in the 1st person singular are: List of verbs with an irregular 1st person form: abastecer, aborrecer, acaecer, acontecer, acrecer, adolecer, adormecer, aducir, agradecer, amanecer, amarillecer, amortecer, anochecer, antedecir, aparecer, apetecer, aridecer, atardecer, bendecir, caber, caer, carecer, compadecer, comparecer, complacer, conducir, conocer, contradecir, convalecer, crecer, dar, decir, decrecer, deducir, desaparecer, desconocer, descrecer, desembravecer, desentorpecer, desentumecer, desfallecer, desfavorecer, desguarnecer, deslucir, desmerecer, desobedecer, desvanecer, embebecer, embellecer, embobecer, embravecer, embrutecer, empequeñecer, emplumecer, empobrecer, enaltecer, enardecer, encallecer, encalvecer, encandecer, encanecer, encarecer, encarnecer, endentecer, endurecer, enflaquecer, enfurecer, engrandecer, enlobreguecer, enloquecer, enlucir, enmohecer, enmudecer, enmugrecer, ennegrecer, ennoblecer, enorgullecer, enrarecer, enriquecer, enrojecer, enronquecer, ensoberbecer, ensombrecer, ensordecer, entallecer, entenebrecer, enternecer, entontecer, entorpecer, entrelucir, entristecer, entumecer, envanecer, envejecer, envilecer, escarnecer, esclarecer, establecer, estar, estremecer, fallecer, favorecer, florecer, fortalecer, guarnecer, hacer, humedecer, inducir, introducir, languidecer, lucir, maldecir, mecer, merecer, nacer, obedecer, ofrecer, oír, oscurecer, padecer, palidecer, parecer, perecer, permanecer, pertenecer, poner, predecir, prevalecer, producir, reaparecer, reconducir, reconocer, recrudecer, reducir, reflorecer, rejuvenecer, relucir, reproducir, resplandecer, restablecer, reverdecer, saber, salir, satisfacer, seducir, tener, traducir, traer, valer, venir, verdecer, yacer. El próximo domingo su equipo participa en un campeonato. In this article we focus on the Presente tense, but we also explain how a given irregularity influences forms in other tenses. For example, plural forms of nouns sometimes need a spelling correction. This group follows the exact same rules as e->ie described above. An example verb belonging to this group is mover: Again, take a look at the full set of conjugation charts for mover to get a big picture of the influence of this type of change on all the conjugations. Du möchtest dieses Thema intensiver üben? has 60 million speakers as a second language, and 20 million students as a Choosing which reflexive pronoun depends on the subject; we need to know which person (1st, 2nd or 3rd) and whether it is singular or plural. Beim Konjugieren steht das Reflexivpronomen (me, te, se, nos, os, se) immer vor dem Verb und stimmt in Person (1., 2., 3.) Reflexive Verben erkennen wir im Infinitiv an der Endung se - dem Reflexivpronomen. (As long as the 1st person singular is not entirely irregular). Continuing our example, if we wanted to create the form for the 1st person singular (yo) of the verb tomar, we would add to the stem tom- the ending -o to get tomo. For instance, notice that: Spend some time looking for more patterns, then try writing them all down from memory.

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