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Naturally, these are the rarest and most expensive of all down. Fill power > 600. This will typically be goose down and may even be from Hungarian white geese. Don't wait, shop now! !For the expensive price it should of been made in the USA!! We are extremely pleased with our choice. Our fill power options range from 550 to 900, providing you the flexibility to create a product for any season or purpose. Christmas shopping will be easy this year...Puredown comforters! These feathers often come from immature geese, ducks or other waterfowl. Worth every penny! $259.99 $475.99 We had tried two other comforters, but they really could not compare to this one. Had fears it would be too big but it was perfect. The feathers will often be Hungarian white goose down and selected for their large, lofty clusters. The highest rating for natural down is Eider, which has received ratings between 800 and 1200. 3-Piece Sherpa Reversible Down Alternative Winter Comforter Set, Premium White Goose Down Winter Comforter 700 TC, 600 Fill Power, Baffle Box White Goose Down Feather Blend Comforter, 100% Cotton Cover 500 TC, Luxury White Goose Down Winter Comforter 600 Fill Power, 800 TC, Baffled Box, Premium White Goose Down Comforter for Winter 400 TC 600 Fill Power, Luxury 800 Fill Power Comforter White Goose Down Comforter for Winter 100% Cotton Cover. I hated it until I bought this comforter. Love love love how it is made. For the price (we got the SPRING discount), this was definitely better than our other options. The larger the down cluster size, the more air it traps and the more loft it has (thus more heat retention abilities). A very nice comforter at a very nice price!! This one I'm keeping! The blanket is way more wonderful then I expected. There are also new technologies that claim to be able to increase the fill power of down, another reason why 1000+ numbers have been seen in recent years. Give it a few hours or a day so all the chambers fill with air for an amazing puffy , warm, soft comforter! You Save 45% ($216.00). The best selling comforter that will make your bed the most comfortable place in the world! My girlfriend and I bought this comforter for her house and she loves it! FABRIC:100% cotton 700 thread count. Love it!!!! Really like it. This one seems more of a winter weight but we are pleased as I prefer sleeping in a cool room. This Pure Down Comforter is excellent quality and I love it! We absolutely love it. I absolutely LOVE this blanket. Very lightweight, soft cotton outer covering, all around beautiful and comfortable for summer nights. She loves it so much she won't hardly come over and spend the night at my house anymore. HIGH TEMPERATURE DISINFECTION:The filling down and feathers are sterilized through HTD rather than a chemical way to ensure the least chemical substances left during production process, which also reduce the risk of allergy. Its light but warm and if I get hot, I'm still comfortable due to the cotton material. My wife and I sleep so much better with it. Period ! It is very warm and so cozy to snuggle under. It’s warm and cozy. Had looked at similar items that cost more. I bought it for my daughter. Fluffs up nicely once out of the box! So I was skeptical about buying at first because it’s hard to know if a company is legit when it comes to 100% real goose. Fill power > 500. Fill Power The weight must be considered along with the fill power of a down comforter. This comforter is very comfort. However, if you have two products with the same power rating and different weights, the comforter with the lower weight will be nicer because it offers the same insulation but in a more lightweight product. The duvet arrived quickly, was well packaged and the price was great. For more information on the fill weight of a comforter, see our lightweight down and summer usage guide. Very comfortable and warm , I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. It is amazingly soft, fluffy, and the very light weighted. I absolutely love it and so does my husband. I will definitely be purchasing pillows to add to my comfort! To give you an overall picture of what to expect from various fill powers, we have put together a chart below that should help you figure out what will work best for your intended usage and needs. 800 fill power coupled with a 700 thread count for softness to the rescue..... Sooooo amazing!!! It's delightfully warm without being too much. No regrets!! it's better around 6am when it's very cold outside. Notify me when this product is available: DESIGN:This 800 fill power down comforter is the softest comforter on the internet, super warm and soft, baffle box design to avoid filling shifting, 4 corner tabs to anchor duvet, piped edges, breathable, fluffy, double needle stitching. This measurement tells you how many cubic inches are occupied by a single ounce of the down fill.

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