sentences with ser and estar

Español: Es un viejo verde. Español: No sé si soy capaz de hacerlo. The apple is only temporarily green in this case, because it’s not ripe. Here we are talking about the current state of the country. English: I don’t like green apples. Español: ¿Ya estás listo? Español: Este chico está verde. I’ve included it in this article because it is really important to remember to always use bien with estar and never with ser. I have found all of your articles over the past few months to be both useful and informative. La manzana es verde. ESTAR English: My arms are open if you need a hug. (PS, make sure to read our beginners guide to Ser vs Estar in the past tense here). You already have a BaseLang account. ESTAR (Yo) soy alérgico a la leche (I am allergic to milk). Lastly, when you combine ser with verde on a person then you will be saying that someone has an unhealthy obsession or unnatural relationship with sex. Talking about the location of an event. Zero to conversational in a month. Nosotros estamos en un viaje por Australia. Possession: when you want to express that something is yours. But, if you decide to use bueno with estar on a person then this means that someone is good looking, healthy or very attractive. I am an astronaut. Español: Hoy he encontrado algo único en una tienda del centro. Español: Puedo estar convencido. English: It is really cold in here, are the windows open? Arguably, irregular verbs are one of the most difficult aspects of learning Spanish, but the good news is—once you “get it”, you’ll feel like a total pro! Español: Los vinos de esta región son muy buenos. English: This is contrary to our understanding. The ice is always cold because if it wasn’t cold, it wouldn’t be ice. Muchas gracias, Andrew! SER SER For the example with manzanas verdes, again you may need a little more context. English: I think he is hiding somewhere. I am in a place (country) at the current moment. I am a new learner and have learned so much! I am giving the subject a permanent characteristic. We always use ESTAR for “-ing” situations. Paula is beautiful today. (Her personality) English: How is everything? English: I’m happy to see you (seeing you makes me happy). What’s the Deal With the Upside-Down Question Mark in Spanish? The last example for malo is with estar on people. I am a sleepy person. Español: Este restaurante es malísimo, creo que la comida no es segura. Shows a mom and son or daughter relationship and this relationship won’t change in time. In this example’ we are talking about what Renata feel because of what she is doing or what she was doing. Your email address will not be published. Let’s take a look at the difference in usage: Yo soy psicóloga (I am a psychologist). We might hear a student say ‘es bien‘, this is a mistake you’ll want to avoid because it sounds quite unnatural in Spanish. (My career is permanent), Estoy muy cansada por el trabajo (I am very exhausted because of work). English: He is a dirty old man. We are talking about a characteristic, where I am from. My grandpa is young, he’s only 45. We can use the Spanish adjective listo with both ser and estar but we can generally only use listo and ser with people. Español: Este autor es muy conocido en nuestro país. In the first scenario, you can use malo to describe the quality of something. Here we are referring to the physical location of the stadium (which sounds permanent, but we use Estar for locations). My grandmother is seated. Your email address will not be published. English: She is capable of anything that she wants to do. Español: ¿Cómo está todo? Lastly, we’ll explore the Spanish verb estar to see how it differs from ser.

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