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There are five total known species of slow loris (if pygmaeous are considered to be a separate species). When it is in danger, the Loris licks the patch and rubs the toxin on its teeth. Many species are vulnerable to habitat loss as their living space is converted into agricultural or grazing land.

Domain: Eukarya They would almost get lost in your pencil case! Most notably, the most unique trait of animals in this remarkable group is that each of the species has a toxic bite. The Nycticebus genus contains slow Lorises, of which there are 8 species. [59][60] Urine-marking and vocalising are also used by the female to solicit mating. [39][49][56] It is also important in reproduction. [27] This hypothesis was corroborated by a 2007 study that compared the variations in mitochondrial DNA sequences between N. bengalensis and N. coucang, and suggested that there has indeed been gene flow between the two species. When you do this, everything is magnified and you can see really far.

Primates are types of mammals, such as monkeys, apes and humans. This fact makes this mammal the only known venomous primate on earth.

The slow lorises inhabit tropical and subtropical climate regions where they inhabit rainforests, bamboo, and mangrove forests.

It sleeps during the day, rolled up in a ball in hidden parts of trees above the ground, often on branches, twigs, palm fronds, or lianas.

Humans have not domesticated Lorises in any way. [32][66] When sold as a pet it often will have its teeth pulled out to prevent injury to the owner. Follow the link below to find out more and to sign up! Chordates exhibit The Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang), is a critically endangered species in the Loris family.It is one of the Strepsirhini primates, and is found in parts of Southeast Asia.Its fur coat is thick and soft.

If the person is allergic to the animal they can go into shock and could even die. Eukarya The facial markings and morphology of the Tioman slow loris are substantially different to mainland individuals, which hints at the potential distinctiveness of the population.

[46] This may suggest a more promiscuous mating system, where females mate with more than one male. Firstly, the term Slow Loris serves as the common name for eight known species of strepsirrhine primates. "CITES Proposal Highlights Rarity of Asian Nocturnal Primates (Lorisidae: "Report on primates collected in western Thailand January–April, 1967", "Suite au Tableau des Quadrummanes. pharyngeal pouches (gill slits), a postanal tail, and endostyle [19] (At the end of 2012, the Bornean slow loris was itself divided into four distinct species.

This is a small and highly specific suborder of primates native to one part of the world. The Sunda slow loris may grin or bare its teeth. Their primary dange… The special thing about primates is that they have something called ‘opposable thumbs’.

[24], The species has 50 chromosomes (2n=50), and it genome size is 3.58 pg. A [48] When threatened with predators, the Sunda slow loris can bite, roll into a ball exposing its toxic saliva-covered fur, or roll up and drop from the trees. The range of these creatures varies from species to species. This makes the air damp and humid, which can be a little unpleasant for humans. Their closest relative is the African bushbabies. [8], It measures between 27 and 38 centimetres (11 and 15 in) and weighs 599 and 685 grams (21.1 and 24.2 oz). The species is generally solitary; one study showed only 8% of its active time was spent near other individuals. (thyroid gland) at some time in their life cycle. They would almost get lost in your pencil case! [54] Because they rely on crypsis to avoid predators, they do not make alarm calls. For example, in Yunnan in China, forest cover has decreased by 42 percent since the time of the mid-1990s, and in Vietnam as a result of the war, 30 percent of original forest cover is all that remains. [9] Due to a very high mortality rate in captivity due to stress, improper nutrition and infection, the pet trade is inflated by replacements. The populations of most species are declining, and humans are the primary cause. When stressed, infants may grin, while adults bear their teeth to show aggression or fear, but also during play. [10] In Malaysia they are sometimes known as kongkang or kera duku; kera is Malay for monkey while duku is the fruit-bearing tree, Lansium parasiticum.

gorilla, although much larger, is another example of a primate. It is found in Indonesia, on the islands of Sumatra, Batam and Galang in the Riau Archipelago, and Pulau Tebingtinggi and Great Natuna (Bunguran) in the Natuna Islands; in Malaysia on the Malay Peninsula and Pulau Tioman; in the southern peninsular of Thailand; and Singapore.

The Sunda slow loris (Nycticebus coucang) or greater slow loris is a strepsirrhine primate and a species of slow loris native to Indonesia, West Malaysia, southern Thailand and Singapore. Zookeepers feed them a variety of fruits and vegetables, insects, pelleted insectivore feed, and more, depending on the species.

quadrupedal climbing, are slow moving, have small ears, and Also, in general, the male Slow Loris is highly territorial and aggressive towards other males.

[36] Like other lorises, it excretes a strong-smelling liquid from glands beneath its arms which is used in communication. [8][10] It is sometimes called Kuskus, because local people do not distinguish between the slow loris and Cuscus, a group of Australasian possums.

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