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As always, it’s a good idea to look up the forecast to get a ballpark temperature estimate for the area you’ll be visiting. You’re going abroad! In other parts, you’ll see longer, somewhat mild storms that can last for days. You are not obligated to take everything with you. As for Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula, you can bring all the summer clothes including lots of bathing suits, dresses, and linen cover-ups. Whether it’s for short trips or year-long study abroad moves, here are (in my view) the packing … View traveleatblog’s profile on Instagram, View traveleatblog’s profile on Pinterest, July Challenge – #EnjoyJuly from Travel Eat Blog, Best Things to Do at the Yellowstone National Park, Easy Recipe for a Traditional Red Sangria, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Europe uses two-pronged outlets, whereas Great Britain uses three. When you move abroad, it’s not like you can whisk back home to take these precious items. Also, if you're a woman of color, you might have some difficulty finding foundation or concealer dark enough for your skin tone. You will probably accumulate a few things in your new destination and will want to bring some of those souvenirs back. Living and traveling around the world in search of the best digital nomad cities - that's every nomad's conquest. The UK and Europe have similarities but they differ lots in style, weather, and land diversity. Going to a doctor abroad could be expensive, depending on the country and I don’t recommend taking over-the-counter medications you are not familiar with. However I would rather go to Spain in May/April for blossoms (flowers) especially since it will still be hot in sept.Where should we go? Have you ever arrived at the counter for check-in and felt stupid because you had to dig out half your stuff just to reach your wallet? Bras: I hate wearing bras but it did come in handy to have a nude strapless bra for some outfits. Jacket (depending on destination and season), Travel-size body wash (there is no need packing enough body wash for several months. It’s my favorite buy that I take everywhere! Whether you're a notorious over-packer, a last-minute packer, or the kind of person that always forgets something important, this list covers all the basics and includes packing tips to keep in mind. Bathroom tools: nail clipper, 1 razor & 2-3 new heads, tweezer. I’ve always bought some local clothing when I studied abroad. Later, after my second trip to France during which I stayed over a year, I greatly reduced what I believed I needed! After a semester abroad and a year of working with study abroad students in Italy, I’ve been able to compile a comprehensive study abroad packing list for all of you future abroad-ers. later. Packing for a weeklong trip can be hard enough, but what about packing for a year living and working abroad in a country that is probably vastly different in culture and, possibly, climate than your home? As a woman who wears a US size 10 (UK 8/EU 41) the only place I could buy shoes was online, and even then I was stuck with a very small selection of usually very ugly styles. Pack light clothes. Bring just your basic makeup from your everyday routine plus ONE fun eyeshadow palette. You can order the currency to your local bank! Electronic hair tools- your converter won’t be able to convert the high wattage so unless you want to buy a more expensive converter, I would just buy a tool at the beginning of your semester that has the right wattage/ prongs, School supplies- this will take up too much space to bring so just buy them there, Shampoo & Conditioner- something you can buy once you are there. Above all, don't worry too much about what to bring. I personally always take an old picture of my grandma and grandpa. Yep! Locals in Colombia dressed more comfortable and casual with businessmen and women dressing like in the US or Europe. Face lotion (I’d just buy generic body lotion there). What Not to Pack When You Go to Study Abroad, All of these tips for packing and traveling came from my personal experience of many travel mistakes and misadventures. | Bucketlist Bri. Thank you! great post for someone who is looking to study abroad for a semester! Study Abroad Packing List Created for Students by Students Standard Items Passport Plane tickets Prescriptions – Bring enough for length of stay. You'll already feel better. Good luck with your studies!!! Can add or take anything you need from this list but it absolutely has the essentials so I don’t have to stress about making a list for myself! Bri’s Ultimate Packing List for Moving Abroad No matter where you go or when there are a handful of must-have items mostly everybody packs for travel. The ultimate study abroad packing list for students going abroad this year. Me at the end of my 14-month study abroad. Thais consider the head to be sacred, and you should avoid touching Thai people’s head, face, and hair.

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