which of the following is not true about cuneiform

Who were the members of the Athenian EKKLESIA? Weegy: The set which is an example of like fractions is: 10/10 and 5/5. B: China repeatedly invaded Korea and Japan. B. Ancient Mesopotamians expected the afterlife to be generally miserable for everybody. D: Appointed by lot from all eligible citizens, served one year, D: A syllabic scripts that the Mycenaean civilization used to keep palace records. For the early history of India, the most important region of South Asia is ____. The archaeological site at Mehgarh is most useful for studying ____? Over the course of the Eastern Zhou and then the Warring States Period ______. D: Establishment of a network of Confucian temples and monasteries with their own priesthoods. Which of the following is not a feature of the Shang Dynasty? cuneiform seal d. Sumerian seal. According to the teachings presented by the Buddha at his first sermon, ____. c. Societies of the Fertile Crescent believed in equality and communal living. B: Nomadic pastoralists living on the steppe lands to the north of China. Cuneiform, system of writing used in the ancient Middle East. 1/2 and 3/2 Which one of the following best describes the dominant political pattern during the early medieval age in India's history in its entirety? C: The growing power of Athens, and the fear that the growth inspired in Sparta. what accurately characterizes ancient egyptian civilization. Which one of the following would not be considered one of the major sources for studying the Shang Dynasty? Earn a little too. If we assume that - as most experts do - that Erlitou was indeed the capital of the Xia Dynasty, which one of the following cannot be stated based on the archaeological evidence? Only rulers who had established control over multiple city-states were considered kings. A. Islam and Islamic rule first impacted the Indian subcontinent during _____? C: Athenians gained a mistrust of public water supply in the city since they believed that was how the plague spread. A: Plains located to the south of the Himalya are lacking in rivers. Which one of the following is not something that King Ashoka proclaimed to his subjects? One important theme that comes out of close study of the Kushan Kingdom is ____. The founder of the first empire that unified most of the Indian subcontinent was _____. A: Foregoing final enlightenment for the purpose of working for the deliverance of others. A: In preparation for possible invasions from the northwest, young men should train in mounted warfare. Which of the following is NOT recognized as a legacy of the Israelites? Sumerian city-states generally shared all of the following characteristics EXCEPT: Kings dominated the Sumerian city-states and created large empires by 5,000 BCE. For the period of time under study, which of the following was not an important component of Hinduism? D: The spirits of their deceased ancestors. The most important archaeological evidence for the early origins of the Japanese imperial line are ______? Which hominid became stockier and more powerful in build, in order to deal with the harsher glacial climate of the Pleistocene epoch? The Seleucid Empire had a particularly antagonistic relationship with which of its subjects? C: In part, to deter potential rebellions, the Assyrians purposefully tried to inspire fear in their conquered populations. B: The rulers of both the Western Zhou and the Qin Dynasty referred to themselves with the same title. What is the difference between the terms "Hominids" and "Hominins"? D: The expansion of the Umayyad Caliphate, in the late seventh and early eighth centuries CE. Socrates is famously reported to have described himself as which pest, when making an analogy about how he forced the Athenians to engage with difficult questions? The Song Dynasty in China came to an end when _____? C: A higher power had deemed that the Shang no longer had the right to rule and designated the Zhou rulers as the ones now responsible for that task. True Mesopotamian Scribes One of the highest positions in Mesopotamia society was the scribe, Scribes were the only formally educated members of society.They were trained in the arts, mathematics, accounting and science. While coming to power as emperor of all of China, which of the following completed what his grandfather had begun? True D: Chandragupta Maurya, King Kanishka, Delhi Sultanate. In early 4th century BCE, just slightly after the Buddha's lifetime, the most powerful state in northern India was ____. What role did prophets play in ancient Israel? Throughout dynastic Egypt, pharaohs built huge pyramids as their burial sites. All of the following statements were true regarding ancient Nubia/Nubians EXCEPT: Nubian kingdoms were slave colonies of the ancient Egyptians. Which Hellenistic thinker is considered to have created the discipline of geometry? B: China established four military outposts in Korea that established control over part of the peninsula, even as independent kingdoms and tribal confederations remained to the east and south. Which Greek city-state legally allowed a man to ask permission from another man to father a child with his wife?

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