who owns dupont

The Elusive Saviours: Transnational Corporations and Sustainable Development, CONTRAST Advies, available at: http://www.xs4all.nl/~contrast/elusive/book.html, viewed 22/10/02; A SEED (1999) Corporate Genomics: DuPont, www.groundup.org/fcorp.htm, viewed 2/11/02.

[76] Agulnick, S. (2001) First crop damage charges, then claims of birth defects, http://www.delawareonline.com/newsjournal/business/2001/04/22benlatehealth.html, Viewed 3/5/02, [77] A SEED (1999) DuPont Profile, http://www.groundup.org/dupont/dp1.htm, viewed 31/3/02. Science institutes that have received funding from DuPont include: In addition to buying its way into scientific credibility, DuPont has also resorted to some rather nasty bullying tactics in its attempts to influence research on its products. [47] A SEED (1999) DuPont Profile, http://www.groundup.org/dupont/dp1.htm, viewed 31/3/02; Mohikber, R. (1998) DuPont Pesticides in the Eye, Names in the News, Multinational Monitor, 19 (8), http://www.essential.org/monitor/mm1998/98may/names.html, viewed 2/11/02. The same year, he bought a workshop which made leather briefcases for diplomats and businessmen. [13], EuropaBio (European Association of Bioindustries), BIO (US based Biotechnology Industry Association), Bretton Woods Committee – A grouping of highly influential business and political figures promoting US leadership in international financial institutions.

[16] ETC Group (2002) Sterile Harvest: New Crop of Terminator Patents Threatens Food Sovereignty, News release, 31/1/02. As Nicholas Ashford from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology argues, instead of researching safer and cheaper alternatives, the academic community focuses on saving the market for chemicals in use today, because that is where the money is.

DuPont has owned and operated the 104-year-old hotel for most of its existence, except for a brief period between 1927 and 1933 when it was managed by Bowman-Biltmore Co.

[5] Hayes, P. (1987) Industry and Ideology: JG Farben in the Nazi Era, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. [44] Fagin, D., Lavelle, M. & The Center For Public Integrity (1999) Toxic Deception: How the chemical industry manipulates science, bends the law and endangers your health, Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine. Funds that own Dupont De Nemours also own: Comcast Corporation (CMCSA) Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (VRTX) NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE) Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) QUALCOMM (QCOM) Danaher Corporation (DHR) Lowe's Companies (LOW) Netflix (NFLX) Activision Blizzard (ATVI) salesforce (CRM) Intuit (INTU)

Since then the company has been reprimanded five times by US for abusive litigation tactics and misconduct, including concealing evidence that supported the growers’ claims. Many of these organisations donate huge amounts of money to governments in the hopes of weakening or eliminating existing environmental laws and passing legislation to further their goals of profit at any cost. It has been one of the richest families in the United States since the mid-19th century, when it founded its fortune in the gunpowder business. [22] A SEED (1999) DuPont Profile, http://www.groundup.org/dupont/dp1.htm, viewed 31/3/02. [75] Reuters (2001) DuPont halts sale of fungicide Benlate, April 19th, 2001, cited at www.mindfully.org/Pesticide/DuPont-Withdraws-Benlate.htm, viewed 22/10/02; DuPont (2002) US SEC form 10-K, for the year ending 31/12/01, available at: http://ccbn.tenkwizard.com/filing.php?repo=tenk&ipage=1683309&doc=1&pg=zsnHzMzPxtHOz8zKzcnNx8/P&TK=DD&CK=0000030554&FG=3&BK=FFFFFF&SC=ON&TC=FFFFFF&TC1=FFFFFF&TC2=FFFFFF&LK=003366&AL=003366&VL=003366, viewed 22/10/02. When the ACSH was set up in 1978, it went straight to the Manufacturing Chemists Association for funding (now the American Chemistry Council), promising them that ACSH’s viewpoints are “more similar to those of business than dissimilar.”[96], “When DuPont says what the science means, that is what the science is”

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