zte f660 bridge mode

Bonus steps, if you want to make sure no one else can connect via your Indihome router, in addition to setting a password for accessing its settings page, assuming you have access to these settings to begin with: Take note again of the Indihome router's LAN IP address. /BitsPerComponent 1 Though I’ve heard if you can acquire a b890 hub it has a bridge mode

Hey there, I also have a fiber connection from Hathway. Selamat datang di subreddit kami! ISP-provided routers tend to be very limiting in terms of settings, and it's WAY easier to just direct traffic to your own router first before it gets to other devices in your home. endobj By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. endstream What I've done instead is give my own router a static IP in the F660 and then put that IP in the DMZ so all ports get forwarded. %PDF-1.4 Btw Hathway might make you shift to F601 which is a bridge only device with no routing or ap functionality. /Length 123

You'll want to later make sure that your ASUS router's LAN network isn't sitting in the same LAN subnet as the Indihome router's. This limits the indihome router's LAN network to only 2 available IP addresses to use, which is and After that tho, you should be able to connect with no issues. ตอนติดตั้งได้เร้าเตอร์ Edimax แถมมาด้วย แต่ช่างที่มาติดตั้งบอกไม่จำเป็น เลยให้ผมเก็บไว้เฉย ๆ (ซะงั้น -_-) แต่มาอ่านเจอว่าตัว ONU ZTE F660 มันร้อนง่าย Wi-Fi สัญญ I am using Indihome at my home and i planing to replace the provided ZTE F660 with my own ASUS router so that i can have greater control for my traffic.

In Bridge mode, Network Address Translation (NAT) is disabled, the DHCP server is disabled, and IPPT is enabled. endstream They've locked the F660 down so I'm not sure if bridge mode is actually possible. By this stage, you should have a succesful internet connection. /BitsPerComponent 1 Anyone with Hathway using ZTE F660 as bridge mode? Jika kamu sudah memilihi mode bridge namun tidak berubah maka kamu harus mengembalikan software modem ZTE F609 tersebut. /ImageMask true 3 0 obj Most routers will have this on by default. ZXHN F660 Datasheet nOptical port : 1 x GPON interface (SC/APC) Optical Module nWavelength: Receiving:1480~1500 nm Transmitting: 1290~1330 nm n Receiving Sensitivity: -28dBm n Transmitting Optical Power: 0.5~5dBm User Network Interface nTransmission Distance: 0 ~ 20km n4 x 10/100/1000Base-T: Half/full duplex; Auto MDI/MDIX; Auto negotiation /DecodeParms [null <>] Also if you are looking to extend the wifi coverage it's better to get yourself another basic router and hook it up via lan and you'll get good speed and performance will not drop like it does in bridge mode and will have less latency too. Best advice is to use a better router and configure it as per your routers settings. Isn't we should go inside the ONT router with superadmin to configure it? Question.

/Height 41 The first 3 sets of digits indicate which subnet it's sitting in. I have now decent networking knowledge so prompted the guy to tell his backend enginner "the customer wants his router to be put on bridge, he has a seperate firewall too". I have a Hathway connection using F602W. /DecodeParms [null <>] Normally this is something like Call up Indihome and ask them to refresh your internet connection, after which you'll probably be required to physically disconnect the Indihome router from the internet for about 15-20 minutes before reconnecting. The free routers your ISP provides you are generally locked and run a custom firmware.

Please follow rules and respect others. /Filter [/FlateDecode /CCITTFaxDecode]

At this stage, your other devices shouldn't have issues connecting if it was already connecting through it. /Filter [/FlateDecode /CCITTFaxDecode] Thanks a lot. >> My ISP (TIKONA) provided me a basic wifi router which is lying in the storage box. x�S;���{*�y���� /Filter [/FlateDecode /CCITTFaxDecode] /Width 770 Back to the story, so basically I go over a couple of details with the backend guy about Vlan tagging and bogon networks. The following article will show you how to change the operation mode of your 4G LTE modem. /Type /XObject Ok listen up, you need to first get a static IP(about Rs.100 per month). /ImageMask true Wire up a cable from the Indihome router's LAN port to your ASUS router's WAN port. x�S;�颹3K�Hq�����H�;���=]��Dۃ�Vs�����6)�P�+��Tz�:�����v+��L*s1g�� �W�(rg� м���'��.�h�LRt׸�vaC �WB Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Talk to me about our lord & savior Cthulhu. That did the trick!! The customer care will say they have no idea and put a service engineer to come onsite. stream /Length 146 9 0 obj Note that after this, you will need to use this new IP address to access the ASUS router's settings page.

Why not just hook up your Indihome-provided router to your own ASUS one? You then call them and ask them to put it on bridge mode. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 8 0 obj /Width 770 As soon as the backend guy heard it, he was convinced I wasn't a typical customer and that I knew what I was saying so he was ready to listen to me.

In exactly 2 minutes I was up and running my pfsense with the F660 on bridge mode. ขอวิธีเซ็ทค่า bridge mode zte f668 ของ ทรูไฟเบอร์หน่อยครับ . It's worked great for a few years now. >> /Height 41 Try connecting to your ASUS router now. Press J to jump to the feed. The UI varies from router to router, but you should be able to find this under the "Internet" settings page, or something similar. /DecodeParms [null <>] stream Cheers. I’ve had both zte and HUAWEI hubs you’re stuck with the NAT. Ok, could you pls tell me how to do this? if not is there any other solution that allow my router to have direct access of internet? /Producer (PDF-XChange Printer 2012 ABBYY \(5.0 build 272.2 [272]\) [Windows 8 x64 \(Build 9200\)]) /CreationDate (D:20151027154237+01'00') If your Indihome router was, then your ASUS router should, for example, instead be sitting in x���:pr�����L��A�O��-j/s�=m��A�kN���D�lX��c��kO�ܐ��"�\yQ�d:�8�*��d\&"� �RjW�=�sF >] endobj /Width 770 Hathway and many other GPON ISPs have a device on their side that configures your local GPON modem at every restart. Just wanted to know how to set it up as bridge mode (if anyone has done it so). Welcome to r/bangalore. x�S;����CI�H���)�w',{��#��c��kO�ܜfO[$rGPĒ+/�P$�b���Dsg�F��eE�ӑw�A��h{��j���\���Խ�]I��h�Dރ������ �%I� Seems like lots of configuration are locked by Hathway, and I can't use it. Welcome to our subreddit! I never try this, but can’t you just disable ZTE’s wifi and then connect Asus to ZTE via LAN? stream << Cara Mengatasi Zte F609 tidak ada Mode Bridge Connection. No way around it. /Subtype /Image << Feel free to ask moderators about anything! Not getting update from Hathway through self-service portal/app, email and Twitter. >> <<

No PPPoE information of Hathaway is with me, and WAN port configuration of my router doesn't like the IP (LAN IP plus gateway IP of Hathway device). Is that possible or am i missing something?

So tried asking here if anyone using Hathway done something similar. stream >> >> endobj The backend engineer will normally not be willing to talk to you. Different city though but same GPON router. /DecodeParms [null <>] /Height 41 My local team was out of stock on F601 and hence put this on bridge. I am using Indihome at my home and i planing to replace the provided ZTE F660 with my own ASUS router so that i can have greater control for my traffic. Press J to jump to the feed. /Length 178 /Type /XObject

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