carmine in makeup

One in particular was something I had to have specially compounded and was not even covered by my insurance. Normally I don’t look bad without make-up, but when I’m tired I look terrible. :). It is particularly prevalent in fake maple syrup otherwise known as pancake syrup and anything that says caramel coloring.

I found this blog and was amazed by how many people are affected by their makeup. Generic azithromycin (antibiotic) also contains carmine. make up now.

I just looked up ingredient list for LipZings and read “may contain carmine”. Just look them up & you’ll see its in EVERYTHING! Strange thing is – I did ask about a specific product! That’s great news on the make up of the ELF brand, I’m curious did you end up getting plum or purple because that’s my color of choice as well I don’t seem to have a problem with any other colors, maybe some browns though as they’re most likely made with red too, do both of my fave I can’t wear!! Firstly – THANK-YOU so much for writing this! But like u said, this is not a priority for the FDA, so we have to do the job & warn each other! Best of luck! A big thank you for the elf info.

At least our bugs usually come with a color warning! Luckily I seem to only react to it on my skin, I’m able to eat foods with carmine without a reaction (but I still avoid it as much as possible). Red sprinkles. Starting all over again sounds like hell right now.. Both had Carmine. I feel my reaction was bad enough that this should require a warning on it. Thanks for posting this – I have a severe carmine allergy. How the heck is all of this related? Usually any department store that sells like Clinique and Estée Lauder. Whenever I wore make-up, my eyes would itch and I was paranoid that I was going to accidentally have mascara smeared across my face. Per UD’s website, it’s got that “may contain” bullsh*t line with carmine right in the Naked 3 palette’s ingredient list. Only professional quality brands used by body painters worldwide. We only stock cruelty free brands - the way it should be. For the past month and a half I’ve had the itchy red swollen eyes and I think I’ve pinned it down to my makeup. A lip gloss will make the lips wet . I have also created this Facebook page for sharing info. ☺️. 75470, or E120. A large amount of make-up manufacturers have now switched to synthetic pigments or naturally sourced pigments such as Iron Oxide. All professional quality with vegan options and an outstanding selection. It took me a few years to figure out that Carmine was the culprit. AAAAARRRGG!!! Pink Good n Plenty, Skittles, some imitation crab meat among many others. My first oral allergic reaction was 35 years ago and I did not figure out that carmine was the culprit until ten years after! Please, I encourage others to get checked, as there are also other chemicals methylchloroisotriazolinone, and methyoisotriazolinone that has reached public awareness hyper sensitizing millions who are totally unaware, and these chemicals are in just about all shampoos, detergents, dish soap, hand soap, body wash. My EYES ARE KILLING ME AND WHO KNEW THAT THE AVEENO PURE AND NATURAL SHAMPOO RECOMMENDED BY ANOTHER DERM WITH NO SULFATES, NO PARABENS, NO PHTHALATES, BUT was FULL OF MSI AND MI WAS POURING OVER MY EYES AND DOWN MY BODY FOR 2 YEARS!

It may not always be as simple as looking out for the previous names, as a lot of manufactures chose to display pigments as CI numbers at the end of the ingredients list; so look out for CI75470 or just 75470 without the CI prefix. So no need to check the contents all time. WTH? I’m glad you called Almay. You can apply to carmine in makeup or you can make – a day-time or evening, anti-aging or theatrical makeup. Mineral Blush by E.L.F. And I just want people to know about carmine dye and the small percent of people who suffer with this allergy. I also decided to write this blog so that in the rare event that someone else had gone through the same experience with a carmine allergy, they can see that e.l.f. Great post! I have been going this mor ing and was lucky to find your blog early. I am now on a quest to find carmine-free products to try. Big shout out to the ppl for putting other options out there, saving me the leg work!! Had to change all my house cleaning products, cleansers, window cleaners, disinfecting cleaners etc, to comply with my Doctor’s recommendations. Of course, all celebrities use makeup in their lives.

By my senior year, I only knew a handful of girls who didn’t wear make-up (myself included).

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