concept custom wheels

An adapter is required to make these wheels fit. We have custom wheels, black wheels, off road wheels, staggered fitment wheels and 3 piece wheels… OEM / ODM WHEELS & Looking for Agent / dealer / Distributor. We provide fast shipping on all custom wheels , right to your door! Buy custom wheels at discount prices, we sell custom wheels with fast shipping. Euro Tuners, Luxury Imports, and High End domestics are all improved with the traditional fitments and personalized masterpieces. Demoda Concept custom chrome wheels for luxury car, truck and suv. Demoda Chrome Wheels. Circular Concepts manufactures Quality Injection Molded Wheels Circular Concepts is a family-owned company that manufactures over 125 wheels in various sizes and colors. After more than a decade of supplying many famous Japanese Tuning parts we decided to focus our attention solely on wheels in 2013 particularly the brand Work Wheels (Japan) whom we have the privilege to be their official Australian distributor since 2006. We can do 60mm deep concave wheels and rims from 16" to 22", Warranty: lifetime warranty for forged wheels. We custom made high performance and lightweight concave wheels, aftermarket wheels for suv, off-road, racing car, sport car. Bland wheels or hubcaps are lazy ways to steal the joy from your driving experience. Modification may be required to fit these wheels The selected bolt pattern is different than the stock bolt pattern. We have 25 years combined experience to assistance you in fitment of you custom wheels. Our success has allowed us to purchase materials in bulk at the best possible prices so that … At Concept One Custom Wheels, innovation is at the core of their next level styling and elegance. We are custom wheels manufacturers, specializing in 6061-T6 aluminum concave forged wheels. Performance and function are key the fulfilling their quest for ultimate automotive fashion. In other words, the foundation or concept a good car must start with good quality parts. Available in a wide assortment of sizes, fitments and finishes, there is a set of Curva Concepts wheels … Demoda Concept uses cutting edge technology to craft aluminum wheels for your high-performance or luxury vehicle. Our wheels are manufactured from 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum forgings which yields better material properties than both cast and flow formed wheels. Wheels are custom built and finished to meet both you and your vehicle’s specifications. This guarantees a wheel that’s perfectly tailored fit for you, your lifestyle and your ride. Our highly trained staff has over 25 years combined experience to aid you in your selection of custom rims. We carry rims in the following sizes: 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 28 inch, 30 inch and a whopping 32 inch beast of a wheel. Looking good is an import part of feeling good and Curva Concepts wheels know how to look good. Our name is synonymous with uncompromising standards of engineering, innovation and quality.

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