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The desired outcome of research – To create a new conceptual Internal Cyber Kill Chain Model that predicts the activities of an attack perpetrated by an internal malicious actor such as a disgruntled or disloyal employee. Attackers have used popular services such as Pastebin, Github, or even Pinterest and Instagram to deliver their payloads. Martins Cyber Kill Chain® (CKC) or ethical hacking assessments by Red Teams. This can take the form of a cloud hosted download server, or a publicly available file-sharing site. Other criticisms of the Cyber Kill Chain include the fact that the first few steps are happening outside of the control of security teams, making it practically impossible to break the chain at these points. The term “kill chain” originates from the armed forces and refers to the structure—or seven stages—of a cyberattack: 1. Delivery 4. From there an attacker can develop a strategy for exploiting any discovered weaknesses. See my Open Source Intelligence Primer for a more in-depth look at the reconnaissance phase. This is where the attack begins in earnest. Most attackers will not simply pack up and go home once they have penetrated a network. During the delivery phase the attacker delivers the malicious payload to the intended victim. - Securing Ninja, By continuing, you accept the privacy policy. An employee has repeatedly visited job search websites and has uploaded an unusually large file at odd working hours — is a good indication that the person is a flight risk and must be closely monitored. Many organizations have taken their own approach to defining the correct Cyber Kill Chain, with varying degrees of success. However, are those same users as wary of clicking links that lead them to a document in Google Drive? Encryption is a very important part of the process because most detection systems do not employ deep scan capabilities. See who has access to what and govern access to sensitive data. It was developed by Lockheed Martin. For example, a downloaded Word document may entice the user to activate macros to view the full document. Personal computer that is allowed to access the network domain; External storage such as One Drive, Dropbox or other CDN type storage location; SSH and SSL Data Exfiltration via a proxy server to a location of the actor’s choosing; FTP & TFTP from an FTP location in the corporate network; Data dump to cloud services or hosting platform. Prosecutors Charge Chinese Military Officers in 2017 Equifax Breach. To do this effectively, you cannot be relying on normal event logs or a SIEM solution alone. So, the updated Cyber Kill Chain might look something like this: In order to fully visualize the Cyber Kill Chain you have to imagine it more as a circle., Its easy to feel safe and comfortable working from home over the last few months. In this post I describe these seven stages of the cyber kill chain and how it applies in the cloud. We have covered a majority of them earlier in the article, however, here is a list that is not all-inclusive: A smart actor is going to exfiltrate target data slowly and/or over time to minimize the likelihood of detection by monitoring systems or human detection. An effective spam filter will help mitigate delivery of phishing emails. Whilst the original Cyber Kill Chain was revolutionary in understanding the nature of cyber-threats, it was created in a time where the belief was that most security threats originated from outside the organization. Armed with this information, attackers can launch very convincing spear phishing attacks during the delivery phase. This may involve extracting valuable information, defacing websites, launching a denial-of-service attack, or moving laterally throughout the organizations network. The goal is to stop a potential attack in progress before damage is done, which is nearly impossible as is witnessed with most attacks. Instead what this article strives to prove is that with slight modifications there are variances to the CKC that could improve its accuracy in non-traditional attack vectors. [1] More information on the Cyber Kill Model go to -, [2] Ryan Stolte -, Neat blog back in 2014 on Cyber Kill Chain added by editor , About the Author: Tony DeGonia, AT&T Cybersecurity. Hello! Understanding the Cyber Kill Chain in the Cloud. I do not subscribe to this thought process. The cyber kill chain defines the lifecycle of a cyber attack and identifies various phases during a system intrusion. Cybercriminals do not simply want to exploit systems for the fun of it, well most of them anyways. Luckily many users are smart enough not to click links directing them to a random domain. The kill chain helps us understand and combat ransomware, security breaches, and advanced persistent attacks (APTs). The modus operandi (MO) of APTs does not necessarily coincide with these models, which can limit their predictive value ... assessments, for example by performing action on objectives (Figure 1). Similarly, if the attack involves phishing emails, then the attacker will need to craft the email bodies. Some form of security can be applied to each phase of the cyber kill chain. Each stage of the Cyber Kill Chain is related to a certain type of threat, both external and internal. Employees are often less conscious of the security implications of posting to social media and other cloud services. The Cyber Kill Chain is a model that describes and explains various stages of a cyber attack. We will go through each step in the chain involves and how you break the chain to better protect your data. Delivery 4. The actor will most likely utilize credentials that belong to someone else or credentials that are shared amongst several users as this will make it more difficult to trace the attack to the actor.

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