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The flowers are generally yellow or white. https://www.giromagicactusandsucculents.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/giromagi-cactus-and-succulents.fw_.png, https://www.giromagicactusandsucculents.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/duddleya_greenei_giromagi_cactus_succulents-e1503049539876.jpg, Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2017 by KW Studio | Giromagi Cactus and Succulents P. IVA 01508140512 - Loc. species Dudleya gnoma S. McCabe - Munchkin Liveforever. Dudleya Short-leaved dudleya ( Dudleya blochmaniae subsp. This is the list of all 45 different species listed today: Dudleya abramsii; D. anthonyi – (according to some classification it should be part of Echeveria genus) D. attenuata – (previously it was classified in the Echeveria genus ) D. arizonica; D. blochmaniae; D. blochmaniae ssp. International trade in wild plants is unlikely. However, most species, including narrow endemics, are abundant where they do grow. Dudleya hassei is a native California succulent with blue green finger-like foliage. Home; About; Browse; Statistics; Feedback; How to use this site; Results. Moran - Fingertips. Although all species of Dudleya readily hybridize, and also species of the Echeveria group, all attempts to cross Dudleya with Echeveria and relatives have failed (C. H. Uhl 1994). As they are fairly small and with little flashy colors, when they are not in bloom they tend to camouflage themselves in rocky terrains where they usually grow. ovatifolia often reproduce within a year after germination) and subsequently have a lower reproductive output (Aigner 2004). It also likes moist ocean air. Dudleya abramsii Abrams' liveforever Dudleya albiflora . With so many beautiful species available, you will be add a finishing touch to your garden. Dudleya: Species: D. edulis. Our unique habitats as well as the populations of introduced deer and bison create a very different environment than on the mainland and even other Channel Islands. The individual flowers are small, with a few petals and star shaped, but the single inflorescence can contain up to a dozen. Moran - Fingertips. - 41 - 1.3COVERED SPECIES LIST Flora and Fauna Covered by the Multiple Species Conservation Program Flora: Acanthomintha ilicifolia San Diego thornmint PE/SE/1B/232 Agave shawii Shaw’s agave --/--/2/333 Ambrosia pumila San Diego ambrosia --/--/1B/322 Aphanisma blitoides Aphanisma --/S2/3/222 Arctostaplylos glandulosa var. Threatened and Endangered Information: This plant is listed by the U.S. federal government or a state. Jepson Manual glossary definitions can be seen by moving your cursor over words underlined with dots. long pale green cylindrical leaves; white flowers grow on 8-20 in. It prefers infrequent deep watering. The Plant List includes 119 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Dudleya. Enjoy the Dudleya “quick list”, a highlight of current Dudleyas at the nursery and think about bringing one, (or a few! We do not intend The Plant List to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. Synonyms; Echeveria edulis (Nutt.) These are primarily included because names of species rank are synonyms of … Species Overview: Dudleya stolonifera (Laguna Beach liveforever) is a succulent member of Crassulaceae (stonecrop family). Dudleya albida (Rose) P. H. Thomson Synonym according to EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1 and EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1 Reference taxon from World Plants in Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life Attractive, robust and long-lived, the Dudleya succulents often have a small, charming rosette. 1. The most important factor in growing Dudleya species is a dryish summer period. Wikipedia References [ edit ] Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Dudleya anomala . San Diego C/S Summer show/sale. Moran - Sticky Liveforever . Type species: Dudleya lanceolata (Nutt.) D. edulis, San Diego dudleya is a clumping species with 6-8 in. Hasseanthus they more often do. Fingertips (Dudleya edulis) (Moran): A unique species and native of the Southern California coast with lots of narrow, upright leaves.This species does not have as thick a coating of farina as other Dudleya and holds a nice light green color with orange to red leaf tips when grown in bright sun. Some varieties branched out a lot and come to form small silver bushes. Dudleya viscida; Mga kasarigan. Native to rocky slopes and ledges below 3900’ in Southern Coastal California, the Peninsular Ranges, and Northern Baja California. The flowers range from pale to bright yellow to orange or red. Flowering in February, Baja California. After all, this group of 45 species was at one time a part of the Echeveria genus. Gard. The Plant List includes a further 25 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus Dudleya. 3: 12. simple . species Dudleya edulis (Nutt.) species Dudleya densiflora (Rose) Moran - San Gabriel Mountains Liveforever. Curiosity: The Dudleya genus takes its name from its main classifier, William Russell Dudley, director of the botanical department at Stanford University. Species: Dudleya stolonifera Moran – Laguna Beach liveforever Subordinate Taxa. A few can only be found on some of the islands off the California coast. In the IUCN Red List this species is placed in the category: Not Evaluated – has not yet been evaluated against the IUCN Red List Criteria. The Plants Database includes the following 29 species of Dudleya . Use a specialist succulent and cacti potting mix, if you are growing them in the ground, ensure good drainage. This kind of succulent does not have many demands, but it is important to be particularly parsimonious with water and observe the vegetative rest period, moving it in winter into an unheated room. The Plant List — A working list for all plant species. & Rose - Canyon Liveforever. Terms and Conditions — It has been updated through December 31, 1999. On this website we use first or third-party tools that store small files (cookie) on your device. Dudleya virens subsp. Dudleya is a large genus of about 40 species, many of which are native to California and northern Mexico. It is somewhat frost tolerant. The general climatic conditions consist of fairly wet winters and extremely dry summers. They grow best in a position where they are protected from the heat of the afternoon sun, and all species require protection from frosts. The following list identifies federally listed or proposed U.S. species by State and County. Of these 46 are accepted species names. Not all of the rare plants on Catalina are rare on the mainland. The genus Dudleya is in the family Crassulaceae in the major group Angiosperms (Flowering plants). Dudleya Species, Chalk Rose (Dudleya candida) by Kell Dec 11, 2015 11:52 AM. This is a squat plant growing in mats on the rocky, exposed ground of the windswept island. In fact, they are typical of arid and poor environments as soil, like cracks in the rocks or even on asphalt. Dudleya species Dudleya greenei Name Synonyms Cotyledon greenei (Rose) Clokey Cotyledon greenei (Rose) Fedde Dudleya echeverioides Johansen Dudleya hoffmannii Johansen Dudleya regalis Johansen Echeveria greenei (Rose) A.Berger Homonyms 1.0 1.1 1.2 Mga sumpay ha gawas. Thus he found the adult leaves of D. brevifolia like the first seedling leaves of these other species. & Rose - Powdery Liveforever. It was at one point included in the genus Cotyledon, and then moved to Echeveria, and at last got their own genus. You should refer instead to the current version of The Plant List. Photograph by John Rusk via Flickr. This species is available as propagated plants in more than sufficient numbers to supply the trade demand. Dudleya gnoma is a rare species of succulent plant in the stonecrop family known by the common names munchkin liveforever and munchkin dudleya. Only a handful are common in cultivation and many are on the endangered species list. Habitat and ecology: This species grows on volcanic rock and other extremely porous soils on rocky cliffs, steep bluffs and canyons in coastal sage shrub and chaparral near the Pacific coast.

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