features of imperative programming language

There’s a wide range of programming languages available but each of them can be assigned to one of two fundamental programming paradigms: imperative programming or declarative programming. Assignment statements, in imperative paradigm, perform an operation on information located in memory and store the results in memory for later use. In these languages, instructions were very simple, which made hardware implementation easier but hindered the creation of complex programs. 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Execution is not clearly delineated from the programming as it is in the declarative style, therefore, subsequent interventions can produce unwanted errors. This is a preview of subscription content, C. Böhm, G. Jacopini, Flow diagrams, Turing machines and languages with only two formation rules. So, you are looking to learn one or more web programming languages? However, the declarative programming style is becoming increasingly dominant, supplemented by imperative methods. High-level imperative languages, in addition, permit the evaluation of complex expressions, which may consist of a combination of arithmetic operations and function evaluations, and the assignment of the resulting value to memory. The languages are relatively easy to learn, as the code can be read like a step-by-step instruction. Otherwise, the statements are skipped and the execution sequence continues from the statement following them. In much the same way that the imperative mood in natural languages expresses commands, an imperative program consists of commands for the computer to perform. It doesn’t get any more agile than XP! To control the commands, control structures such as loops or branches are integrated into the code. These languages were imperative in style, but added features to support objects. They describe explicitly which steps are to be performed in what order to obtain the desired solution at the end. Early in the development of high-level programming languages, the introduction of the block enabled the construction of programs in which a group of statements and declarations could be treated as if they were one statement. The specification was first published in 1983, with revisions in 1995, 2005, and 2012. Procedural programming is a type of imperative programming in which the program is built from one or more procedures (also termed subroutines or functions). The 1980s saw a rapid growth in interest in object-oriented programming. How does extreme programming work? At the same time, a complete program is still imperative since it fixes the statements to be executed and their order of execution to a large extent. In computer science, imperative programming is a programming paradigm that uses statements that change a program's state. The first programming languages were designed to follow closely the physical design of a computer. The first challenge is to choose one. pp 45-60 | Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. The hardware implementation of almost all computers is imperative. Imperative programming languages differ from declarative languages on one fundamental point: imperative programming focuses on the “how”, declarative programming on the “what”. Agile software development owes much of this success to the extreme programming (XP) methodology. These include the jump (called goto in many languages), switch, and the subprogram, subroutine, or procedure call (which usually returns to the next statement after the call). Unlike declarative programming, which describes "what" a program should accomplish, imperative programming … Values used in variables are changed at program runtime. The earliest imperative languages were the machine languages of the original computers. One disadvantage of procedural programming is that for more complex problems to be solved, the amount of code quickly starts to grow. Wirth went on to design Modula-2 and Oberon. The individual modules are then combined to create the actual software. Imperative programming focuses on describing how a program operates. The first programming languages were designed to follow closely the physical design of a computer. But most still lack even a basic understanding on how the programs affecting their everyday life work. The languages that evolved from them, usually called imperative programming languages, are still influenced by the architecture of the computer: they mirror the features of the Von Neumann machine, abstracting from superfluous details and retaining the essential aspects of this architecture. The last two decades of the 20th century saw the development of many such languages. In the late 1950s and 1960s, ALGOL was developed in order to allow mathematical algorithms to be more easily expressed and even served as the operating system's target language for some computers. Imperative programming is a paradigm of computer programming where the program describes steps that change the state of the computer. From the 1960s onwards, structured programming and modular programming in general have been promoted as techniques to improve the maintainability and overall quality of imperative programs. Therefore, the source code for imperative languages is a series of commands, which specify what the computer has to do – and when – in order to achieve a desired result. Abstract. The procedural approach divides the task a program is supposed to perform into smaller sub-tasks, which are individually described in the code. This approach makes it possible for novices to easily get started in the world of programming. In declarative languages, the source code remains very abstract in terms of the specific procedure. Conditional branching statements allow a sequence of statements to be executed only if some condition is met. A program based on this paradigm is made up of a clearly-defined sequence of instructions to a computer. But what does that mean? Easy legibility is a crucial factor in day-to-day operations. Imperative programming (from Latin imperare = command) is the oldest programming paradigm. In this article, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages alongside a practical example. A programmer can often tell, simply by looking at the names, arguments, and return types of procedures (and related comments), what a particular procedure is supposed to do, without necessarily looking at the details of how it achieves its result. Microsoft's .NET Framework (2002) is imperative at its core, as are its main target languages, VB.NET and C# that run on it; however Microsoft's F#, a functional language, also runs on it. Drawing from concepts in another object-oriented language—Simula (which is considered the world's first object-oriented programming language, developed in the 1960s)—Bjarne Stroustrup designed C++, an object-oriented language based on C. Design of C++ began in 1979 and the first implementation was completed in 1983.

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