gujarati tikhi puri recipe

Most liked by my grand children, sons and daughter in lows. Mix them well. Fluffy fluffy pooris ... with potatoes.. my favourite. Loved the potato curry. Either, place all dry ingredients and 1/2 cup of oil in food processor using dough blade, mix for for 2 minutes or mix all dry ingredients and oil in a large bowl with hand. So I rarely make this. ;DHugs, have a great weekend.I am off blog roll tonight as well. Wheat flour worked with spices giving out a mildly spiced and aromatic puri that goes well with potato curry, dahi and mildly flavored curries. Slide the top part of puri inside the hot oil from the side of wok. Ultimate destination for the foodies who prefer eating delicious and exotic flavors of India. I tried your rasavalu bataka nu shaak recipe and it was yummy! Good way to start the day this is going to be our sunday breakfast with lots of garam chai. Slide the top part of puri inside the hot oil from the side of wok. Now I am retired and dedicate most of my time in traveling and working on my blog. Fried puris can be stored in refrigerator for more then a week  in a tight container. Cut and roll the dough into marble size balls. They look great with the side dish. My kinda food!! i love tikhi puri and as you said cha saathey bau maja aave. Trupti,The rasavalu bataka nu shaak is such a favourite, i make one such tameta bataka nu shaak which gets done in the small pressure cooker in under 10 minutes...i sometimes throw in some green peas too and a blissful comfort dish is ready in a jiffy...Have learnt many guju recipes from my friend's mom and enjoy reading about them here...I am going to try some tikhi puri when i have guests, easier than making rotis in bulk and better than serving just rice. Indian Food Forever Menu. Worked and studied in Brasil for more than 40 years. wow!! hot and spicy!!!! Chicken; Vegetarian; Mughlai; Dal Recipes; Snacks; Indo Chinese; Low Calorie; Chutney; Search for your recipe here: Masala Puri Recipe. Roll them all before frying and cover them to avoid drying. Press puri lightly to make it pop  turn it and let it cook for 2 seconds. Thank you trupti. I self invite myself for a lunch :).Coffee, you totally cracked me up with your, "Dando layi ne aavu cho tare tian".....and then misted my eyes with your next paragraph. Those look fabulous. View recipe by Jinoo Jayakrishnan “”. Loved the pics. Step 3: Apply little oil and cover the dough and set aside for 30 minutes. Stumbling on your recipes is like a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air. This one totally matched.. and tasted great.!! Was brought up in Kenya and India. Wonderful combination!!Smita. All Rights Reserved. hugs.-Pooja, oops...! thanks for sharing. gujju series no idea mane ghano j game chhe, aagad vadhta raho. Happy to connect... :)Visit me @ or :). Join Indian Food Recipes Community. i can have it whole day not just for breakfast and masala chai to go with it. Thanks for sharing such a nice combo.Madhavi. Viji, hmm.........guess what, after going through your dishes here, i keep on telling mom to make it for me. I am noting down all the tempting recipes for tasty food from the blogs, and my wife is taking her own sweet time to try it out. Apr 14, 2017 - Gujarati Tikhi Puri Recipe in gujarati language by tasty gujarati food blog, the best snack to take with travelling, journey and good along with tea. Trupti, I have not traveled much to northern India except for the couple of times, so that could be the reason I have never heard of spicy Puri....Though I dont make too many deep fried items at home, I will surely pass this on to a friend of mine. Thanks for sharing. and dunking them in chai -- thats totally new, Dando layi ne aavu cho tare tian...... jaldi thi chupayi jaje....... or the simpler thing is that I stop visiting ur blog!!!!!!!!!! Poori ane batata are a delightful combination. And I used to do the same.... dunk the puris in my coffee the next day!!! Puri's are a sunday breakfast for us but never tried adding chilli powder to it though. Masala Puri / Tikhi Puri – Gujarati recipe step by step, Surti Locho (Steamed Lentil Snack – Gujarati…, Bhakri (Gujarati flat bread) recipe step by step pictures, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Masala Puri / Tikhi Puri - Gujarati recipe step by step, Garlic Potato curry / Lasaniya batata recipe step by step, Indian Food Recipes | All Indian recipes with step by step photos, Click here to Join Indian Food Bloggers Community, * >> Terms and Conditions & Disclaimer to use our service. Hi Tripti,Dish looks nice and I used to add little ajwain when I make this puris. like you about this puris.... :D. Trupti the perfect holiday food. The potato sounds yummy. We in south prepare potato in a slightly different way.. but the combo is great.. would be waiting for the pickle recipe. Puris looks very yummy.Gujarati gril with gujarati dish. Have you tried puris soaked in milk and sugar (paal/milk Puri) yum. Gosh, I'm reluctant to deep-fry in general, but these babies look terrific! those tikhi puris are tempting. Pour oil in to a deep frying pan (like a small wok) approximately 1/2 full heat it on medium high heat. Okay this is probably a really silly question, but I am a student and I miss the food, so I figured I will teach myself some stuff..and I've mastered some recipes, but the rotli and puri's are difficult, but i'll keep one question, is there an easy way to differntiate a "stiff" dough from a "Soft" dough? Take whole wheat flour (atta) in a bowl. Love Puri with potatoes... we have to relax our no-fry-zone policy for this one ;-) --Jai, Hi Trupti,Gujarati ne puri, rasavalu bataka nu shaak nae chhash...alte maja maja.Good weekend lunch. great recipes. They also make a good travel snack, we always carry it for road trips (chundo saathey).great recipes.thanks, Awesome, I have the same habit, like puri and my kadak masala chaai (by the way do you have the recepie for masala?). 3 large potatoes- boiled, cooled and chopped roughly, 1 large- jalapeno or green chilies - chopped, Mustard Seeds, Jeera Seeds, Curry leaves, Dry red chili, Asafoetida - for tempering. Pour oil in to a deep frying pan (like a small wok) approximately 1/2 full heat it on medium high heat. Nice post. Love the way the puri looks. Fried puris can be stored in refrigerator for more then a week in a tight container. those puris are tempting !!! Keep posting more :).. btw.. do post one for dudhi no handvo.. .. Hey... came across your blog while surfing through food pages! Thank you so much for the recipe.. heh heh, do you prefer stabbing them (like I do) or tearing them? remove from the oil and continue frying the rest of puris. ?cheers, trupti, Hey TruptiThanks for the advice..and yes, it helped :) I am getting better lol :) keep up the blog...luv it!Urvish. Your posts always remind me of my moms house..... this used to be our sunday lunch most of the times!!!!!!! I remember puri and chai from india, the leftover puris and hot masala chai... trupti, you're making me nostalgic. They also make a good travel snack, we always carry it for road trips (chundo saathey). Remove the dough from the food processor and knead it till it is homogenized and smooth. do not get jealous... , just kidding. Hi Trupti... Masala puris are yummy! Masala puris remind me of school picnics .. mom used to make these they were a hit with everyone. Yummy one, Trupti. :) Nice Recipe! Be careful not burn oneself while deep frying. Poori and chai go so well together. Trupi, I love the combo of puri with alu better than puri with channa. This recipe is very simple and easy, the video and... © 2017 Jyoti Recipes. Wonderful! Any health advice or home remedies given in this blog are of a personal nature and aren't meant to be taken as professional medical advice. Enjoy this delcious recipe. But I grew up in the family where I get to eat it often. Add water little at a time and … Especially kids will love this. Thanks , dear.Enjoy ur weekend :)Shn. How to Make Tikhi Puri. BTW you really want me to believe that you have stayed away from India for 17 years???? My mom makes basic poori whenever we have guest over for lunch/dinner or on special occasions.. Nice one Trupti! Salt, Turmeric, red chili powder - to taste. Roll each piece into a mini pizza 2 mm in thickness. Step 1: In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients and oil. Method: You guys must have had yummy lunch isn't it? A collection of recipes for my family and friends. I am going to add some green chillis to the dough next time on :).Rasavalu batata nu shaak looks gorgeous to say the least. To check the temperature of oil put a pinch of dough in the hot oil, it should come up immediately. puri and batat nu saak, what a great weekend lunch! Now this is really tikhi.

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