how to turn compost in a plastic bin

google_ad_width = 120; Order 200 mixed allium bulbs for only £14. Do not skip this step because aeration is of utmost importance. You can make a better use of your plastic garbage bin. Otherwise, shovel it out of your bin. //--> Have you taken up vermin composting yet? google_ad_height = 90; Once you have got the scraps, move on to the next step. You can turn an old plastic dustbin into a nice compost bin. google_ad_client = "pub-2350785920897427"; Turn a spare garbage can into a compost bin in 30 minutes or less. google_ad_slot = "5322421778"; (You could also turn a plastic compost bag inside out and re-use that.) The wings are folded up. For this reason, many gardeners create their own methods for holding compost out of lumber or by repurposing a container. Cathy Askia is a Master Gardener and member of The Spruce Gardening and Plant Care Review Board with over 30 years of home gardening experience. /* solomonhome_rightbottom_120x90 */ Our Quick Tips video highlights a few things to bear in mind. google_ad_slot = "5322421778"; Return to Compost Frequently Asked Questions. Add more dirt to the base. /* solomonhome_right_120x600 */ By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Home Composting Made Easy offers step-by-step instructions, products and resources for backyard composting. These holes will help circulate air into the plastic dusting. ~You save money google_ad_width = 120; Spray until it’s moist but not moist enough to be dripping water. //--> Good-quality compost is sometimes called "garden gold." The lid should be securely tight so that air can easily flow in the bin. //--> In this post, you’re going to learn how to make a compost bin from a plastic dustbin. /* solomonhome_left_120x90 */ It’s always fun to take an afternoon and dig into one of the DIY projects that you’ve been thinking about. Yes, you will have to get dirty if you really want to learn how to make a compost bin from a plastic dustbin. And it will offend your nose. We will show you the procedure step by step. To compost food scraps, the scraps need to be added to the bin. For the same reason, never add solid waste from pets. In fact, a second bin can be helpful to catch the liquid that leaches out of the first bin. Fill in your email address in the form below and you'll receive all the latest updates directly in your in-box. You’re in the right place. :) Thanks! How long will you have to wait? One option would be to get one of the plastic bins at Lowe’s for around seven dollars. About | Contact us | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Resources | Shop. google_ad_width = 120; To some extent the quality of your compost will depend on how you cover the scraps. The garbage can will make it easy to keep your compost moist and well-mixed. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Once you get started, you will enjoy every part of the process. Simply stick a 4-inch plastic PVC pipe, drilled with numerous holes, vertically deep into the center of the pile with it sticking up out of the pile. If your compost feels warm, this is a good sign that the composting is occurring efficiently. Turning (aerating) your pile may mean all the difference between getting compost within 4-8 weeks or 3-8 months. . by Carolyn Composto Supremo in no time at all (or at least it will seem that way)!