japanese woodworking course

Acquire essential competencies of sharpening tools. All rights reserved. It is the work of tightly slotting together pieces of timber or lumber to hold together and produce more complicated items. You will then be guided through the process of making your own shokunin toolbox. 1.Introduction to Japanese Woodworking Tools: We use cookies to ensure a smooth browsing experience. Plane Sharpening 6: How to Sharpen a Plane Blade – 2, Plane Sharpening 5: How to Sharpen a Plane Blade – 1, Plane Sharpening 3,4: How to Flatten the Back of a Plane Blade – 1,2, Plane Sharpening 2: Preparation for Sharpening a Plane Blade – 2, Plane Sharpening 1: Preparation for Sharpening a Plane Blade – 1, Chisel Sharpening 4: How to Sharpen a Chisel Blade – 2, Chisel Sharpening 3: How to Sharpen a Chisel Blade – 1, Chisel Sharpening 2: How to Flatten the Back of a Chisel Blade – 2, Chisel Sharpening 1: How to Flatten the Back of a Chisel Blade -1, Hand Sharpening 2: How to Set Up a Sharpening Place, Japanese Hand Plane 4: How to Identify the Grain Direction of Wood, Japanese Chisel 4: Tips for Cutting a Clean Mortise, Japanese Chisel 3: Chisel’s Most Important Role – Cutting a Mortise. You will then dimension the wood stock with your freshly tuned tools before final assembly. The project is ongoing, as the creator continues to seek new information about this fascinating tradition from books, magazines and other archival sources. You will be directed to a registration page to fill in some basic details. You will receive a Japanese sharpening stone and learn how to use it. By continuing we assume you accept the use of cookies. A lot of tricks that I cannot learn from youtube, and would save me much time going forward in practice. You will also receive your very own Japanese chisel (nomi) and sharpening whetstone. The course is well balanced between principles, techniques, and practice. Get Started with Japanese Joinery. Learn Basic Japanese Woodworking. Your registration is only confirmed with payment. The first day of the course begins with an overview of Mokko Wood Studio’s toolkit, including the core working tools that are used by Japanese carpenters. Introduction to the Japanese wood plane (kanna), How to prepare and tune the kanna for use, Principles of Sharpening woodworking blades, Introduction to the Japanese chisel (nomi), “I took the 3-day beginner course and really like it! Proper techniques of sawing, planing and box assembly will be emphasized - because it is not merely the toolbox that you will take home, more importantly, it is to take home the skills that you will gain to continue building items long after the workshop is over. Although the process…, This is the script from one of our video courses – Plane Sharpening 3: How to Flatten the Back of…, In this video, I’m going to introduce you to another extra process. But we’re confident we have some articles and videos to help you along your journey. Hand sharpening, Initial tuning, Maintenance, Tools Plane Sharpening 6: How to Sharpen a Plane Blade – 2. * Note-If you cancel for your reasons, 24640 yen will be charged as a refund fee regardless of the period. A sharp tool is not only safer to use, it gives the craftsman the ability to make precisely fitted joints that the Japanese are known for. With these attained skills, working with wood becomes an endless possibility. Registration fees are waived for participants who have taken prior courses at Mokko Wood Studio. This involves chisel preparation and sharpening the blade to a super-fine sharp edge. As this is a beginner course, there are no prerequisite skills or knowledge required. Great time spent.”Luyi Zheng. You will then be provided with your very own Japanese wood plane (kanna) and instructed on how to properly prepare it for work. The second and third day of the course will commence with building the shokunin’s toolbox. The path toward competency—let alone mastery—in Japanese joinery is long, and Fine Woodworking doesn’t pretend to have even a handful of the answers. How to set up a Japanese plane (kanna) for use. We’ve assembled a free PDF of Japanese joinery techniques and Japanese woodworking tools for Western woodworkers. If you have any interest in carpentry, timber framing, woodworking, or even Japanese history, I highly recommend this book" --The Year of Mud blog. Learn Japanese woodworking in English. 2021 Intensive course 1 month course in Marseille, France. It’s packed with information about the useful features, construction details and most effective methods of Japanese woodworking. 61 days or more before the start of the course: 60 days to 41 days before the start of the course: 40 days to 21 days before the start of the course: *The course can only be changed to a month where there is still an availability. Please feel free to bring along your personal tools for the workshop, free storage is available for the duration of the workshop. Centuries before the invention of screws and fasteners, Japanese carpentries created their own beautiful and effective woodworking joints (known as joinery), closely related to Japanese architecture. All materials are provided. Secret tips and techniques of real Japanese woodworking artisan. It involves building wooden furniture without the use of nails, screws, glue or electric tools. Gain an in-depth knowledge of Japanese hand tools and appreciate why they are so differently made from Western tools. Course fees are non-refundable. Registration Fee: One-time Mokko Wood Studio registration fee $50. Suikoushya International Craft School in Marseille, France. 1.Introduction to Japanese Woodworking Tools: 2.Using Japanese Woodworking Tools: 3.Making Japanese Joinery: 4.Getting familiar with a Kanna: Each month ,a maximum number of students: 4 pax. If you’re interested in learning about Japanese hand tools and woodworking skills, you’ll definitely want to download this free PDF today. By learning about Japanese traditional woodworking with me, you can discover the charms and depth of the Japanese woodworking culture. Alvan is patient, thorough and dedicated, and my 2 classmates are also interesting and nice.

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