merriweather font review

To my eyes, Source Sans Pro feels much more modern, a little reminiscent of FF Meta. Jeremiah Beyond that is a matter of personal taste. Designing a typeface requires a lot of time, patience and very hard work, and type designers should be rewarded for their work. Your comment will appear after moderation... is a font repository that offers over 10.000 freeware and shareware TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) fonts with a live custom phrase preview option. Minion Pro is inspired by classical, old style typefaces of the late Renaissance, a period of elegant, beautiful, and highly readable type designs. Designed with on-screen legibility in mind, Clear Sans prides itself on its unambiguous character design. Merriweather is a basic, serif font designed by Eben Sorkin. Designed by Eben Sorkin, Merriweather is a serif font created for on-screen reading. As nice as the fonts above are, designers shouldn’t rely entirely on free fonts. The quality of available free fonts has increased dramatically. “Techno” fonts. is a great collection of free fonts. Both Pluto Sans and Pluto have the same range of weights and styles and can perfectly be used together. Monospaced fonts seem to be popular with designers at the moment, and Anonymous Pro is an excellent option. Per Sandström uses Anonymous Pro at a large size for the body copy on his website, where it works surprisingly well paired with Futura for headings. 100 practical cards for common interface design challenges. Merriweather is an evolving project and will be updated. Feeling dejected, I ended up just using Helvetica because we actually owned that one. My manager promptly dismissed the idea of paying for a font and instead handed me a CD that had “5,000 free fonts” on it, saying “This CD has every font a designer could possibly need. A guide to increasing conversion and driving sales. ✔ Thank you. Alegreya was designed with printed text in mind, but it is excellent to read on screen as well. Fonts with letterforms made up of cats posing in crazy positions. Merriweather font contains 320 defined characters and 222 unique glyphs. Bookerly is a serif typeface designed exclusive for reading on Amazon’s Kindle devices. Beef uses Alegreya for the body copy on their website, giving it a stately appearance, which contrasts nicely with the use of Avenir for headings. A downloaded file contains typeface file, readme file, license aggrement and normal, italic, bold versions of the font if available. This clear Sans Serif family is based on the Pluto architecture and it still has a hint of the friendly feeling the quirky Pluto conveys. Lato is used in WordPress’ latest default theme, Twenty Fourteen, so its popularity on the Web is sure to increase. Subscribe and get the Smart Interface Design Checklists PDF delivered to your inbox. Lato feels very modest and unassuming when set at small sizes in body copy, but the italic variant is distinctive and easily recognizable. Alegreya is an award-winning serif typeface, chosen by ATypI as one of 53 “Fonts of the Decade” in its Letter.2 competition. So is it time for professional designers to take a second look? The font is available in an impressive 6 weights, making it extremely versatile. Philipp Herrmann Don’t Solve The Problem That You’ve Been Asked to Solve! Download free fonts for Mac, Windows and Linux. Merriweather is a medium contrast semi condesed typeface designed to be readable at very small sizes. Although designed primarily for titles and headings, the three weights with matching italics make it suitable for short stretches of body copy as well. The font shares many similarities to FF Meta, which makes sense as Erik Spiekermann is the designer of both. This is one of our favorite serif fonts. Pluto Sans — the straight companion of the Pluto Family — was designed by Hannes von Döhren in 2012. Erik van Blokland, Andy Cruz & Ken Barber. So if you decide to use a free font, please always make sure to support type designers by purchasing the other fonts that they created or donating to support their efforts. The tracking might be set a little wide for body copy, and some of the kerning can be a little wonky, but something about this font makes me overlook those downsides. Merriweather is under active development, and improvements are constantly being made. Novelty and “retro” fonts. The beautiful bold italic style of Alegreya is used for a heading on Beef’s job section. This makes it an excellent choice for UI design work where clarity is key. The five weights with matching italics make this humanist sans-serif useful for a wide variety of situations. Clear Sans is currently not available through Google Fonts, so designers looking to use this font will need to host it themselves. No comments yet. Literata is a typeface created by Type Together for Google Play. The Merriweather font is great–highly readable and beautiful. Playfair is a transitional design. He is the curator of Typewolf and creates flat-file CMS themes for his other side project, Type & … Its intended use is for user interfaces so it renders very well at small sizes. Designed by Eben Sorkin, Merriweather is a serif font created for on-screen reading. … A humanist sans serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson of Ascender Corp. Montserrat is a geometric sans-serif typeface was inspired by signage from her historical Buenos Aires neighborhood of the same name. Merriweather is a medium contrast semi condesed typeface designed to be readable at very small sizes. Truly Reusable Design Systems in Practice. UX checklist: 5 elements of a highly successful portfolio, What Companies Really Want in a Designer, According to a Top Recruiter for Airbnb, Google, and…. Playfair Display is a high-contrast serif designed by Claus Eggers Sørensen. Vtcreative show off the light italic style of Merriweather in their footer. With practical takeaways, interactive exercises, recordings and a friendly Q&A. You can also follow me @typewolf and check out my other side project, Type & Grids, which uses many of the fonts featured in this article. The font is free for both personel and commercial usages, modification and distribution. There is also a sans-serif version of Merriweather available that makes an excellent companion. There is also a sans-serif version of Merriweather available that makes an excellent companion. For longer stretches of body copy, Playfair Display pairs very well with Georgia. To be frank, free fonts don’t have a good reputation, and often they are knock-offs of thoroughly crafted, already established typefaces.

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