parts of the hand

Hands are made up of more bones and moving parts than most other areas of the body. Parts of a Hand. To see the infographic of the parts of the face click here. hand palm back of the hand thumb index finger middle finger ring finger little finger finger nail knuckle. Because fingers are used for many everyday activities, they are at higher risk than other parts of the body for traumatic injury, including sports injuries, workplace injuries, and other accidents. The hand is composed of 38 bones. Parts of the hand. They perform a large number of tasks. There are 28 phalanges (finger bones) and 10 metacarpal bones. ; The median nerve supplies sensation to the radial 3 and a half fingers on the palmar aspect, as well as the nail beds. These 19 bones collectively form 14 separate joints. The palm of the hand contains the larger inner organs. Finger fractures may account for up to 10% of all bone fractures. When they’re healthy, these parts all work together. Bones are hard tissues that give your hand shape and stability. Also known as the broad palm or metacarpus, it consists of the area between the five phalanges (finger bones) and the carpus (wrist joint). The hand is made up of many bones: 5 elongated metacarpal bones, which are next to the wrist and help to make up the palm; 14 phalanges which make up the fingers. The ulnar nerve (C8-T1) supplies all of the intrinsic muscles of the hand, apart from the muscles of the thenar eminence and the radial two lumbricals (these muscles are supplied by the median nerve (C5-T1). The small intestine 3 pressure point is located at the outside part of your hand, right on the edge. Hands are made up of more bones and moving parts than most other areas of the body. Joints help provide the hand with movement and allow humans to grasp objects and perform other daily tasks. When they're healthy, these parts all work together. Hands do everything from very delicate movements to feats of strength. The point lies in the depression of your hand just below your pinkie finger. the hamate, capitate, trapezoid and trapezium on the lower side of the hand. A normal hand has a thumb and 4 fingers. Parts of a Hand. The palm comprises the underside of the human hand. Look at the Western hand reflexology chart. Bones are hard tissues that give your hand shape and stability. The arm and hand. The joints of the fingers include the distal interphalangeal, proximal interphalangeal, and the metacarpophalangeal joint, which joins the proximal phalanges to the metacarpals.Specifically, the joint that hinges the thumb is the carpometacarpal, also referred to as the basilar joint. To see the infographic of the parts of the body click here. Each finger has 3 bone segments and … This quiz will test your knowledge on how to identify these bones (trapezium, … There are synovial joints between the metacarpals and the phalanges, which are covered with articular cartilage. When you are taking anatomy and physiology you will be required to know the location of the hand, wrist, and arm bones. finger, palm, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder. Hands do everything from very delicate movements to feats of strength. They do a large number of tasks. Nerves of the Hand. Hand, wrist, and arm bones quiz for anatomy and physiology! For example: In hand analysis the tip segment of the middle finger is called the 2nd finger's 1st phalanx, whereas in anatomy the same body part is considered the 3rd finger's 3rd phalanx. Each finger has 3 phalanges and the thumb has 2. Other bones of the hand are: the metacarpals – the five bones that comprise the middle part of the hand; the phalanges (singular phalanx) – the 14 narrow bones that make up the fingers of each hand. Each finger is made up of 3 phalanges; the thumb is made up of 2. The hand and fingers. This chart shows a connection between the fingertips and the upper part of the head, such as the sinuses, eyes, brain, ears. Finger Anatomy: Fingers are easily injured, and broken fingers are some of the most common traumatic injuries seen in an emergency room.

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