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80. Services, Worldwide Optimization, and Transport, d. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SPM MCQ - Worth. Comment: Risk management is responsibility of a whole project team. b. Financial Management - MCQs with answers 1. These MCQs will also help for exam preparation like NET, SET, PhD entrance exams, UPSC or MPSC exams. B) a time-phased stock replenishmen... ABC analysis is based upon the principle that: A) all items in inventory must be monitored very closely. External assessment is performed in which of the strategic management phase? Living purpose authentically should feel uncomfortable and new. 57. C. To list all policy riders. The year 1991 is famous for. b. respond quickly to competitive actions. 7. a. it provides an objective view of management problems. The corporate level is where top management directs: b. its efforts to stabilize recruitment needs, c. overall strategy for the entire organization, a. corporate level, business level, functional level, b. corporate level, business unit level, functional level, c. corporate strategy level, business unit level, functional level, d. corporate strategy level, business level, specialist level. Which of the following is an issue considered in developing corporate strategies? 19. Which group would be classified as a stakeholder? ________ is/are the source of a firm’s________, which is/are the source of the firm’s ________. Which of the following is NOT a major element of the strategic management process? It shapes our strategy, inspires our people, engages our customers and community, steers choices at moments of truth, and is fully embedded in our culture. 22. a. Report a Violation 11. The task of strategy choice involves: a. developing plans and activities which will improve the organisation’s performance and competitive position, b. determining how the organisation can be more market and efficiency oriented, c. monitoring whether the organisation is achieving good financial performance. 48. Management provides you all type of quantitative and competitive aptitude mcq questions with easy and logical explanations. Strategy-formulation concepts and tools, a. 38. 15. a) Relations with supervisor. d. capital requirements in the industry are high. 1. c. one-time costs suppliers incur when selling to a different customer. Image Guidelines 4. a. numerous or equally balanced competitors. Which of the following defines what business or businesses the firm is in or should be in? Strategic management process activate in the sequence of_______, a. Strategy formulation and implementation, c. Strategy implementation and evaluation, d. Strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation, 93. The purpose of NAFTA is to: A) substitute cheap labor in Mexico for expensive labor in the United States. Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 11 Business Studies Chapter 1 Nature and Purpose of Business with Answers Pdf free download. It directs at developing new products before competitors do at improving product quality or at improving manufacturing processes to reduce costs. Those are: 77.____________ identifies a firm’s major competitors and their particular strengths and weaknesses in relation to a sample firm’s strategic position. Which of the following focuses on supporting the corporate and business strategies? 46. d. A person who purchases the shares of a business. 5. Share. ANSWER: a) Wealth Maximization . For the purpose of Proof, Material Cost Variance is equal to: a) ... Management by exception is exercising control over Unfavourable items. 44. Strategic Management- MCQ. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Please sign in or register to post comments. A. Q15. Anna University. The primary focus of strategic management is: 13. a. The Practice of Management written by __________. The process of performing an external audit needs to include: a. only top level managers, as it’s a planning function. A) It alone should be used in decision-making. In the airline industry, frequent-flyer programs, ticket kiosks, and e-ticketing are all examples of capabilities that are, 43. 70. 16. Multiple choice questions on Human resource management can be separated under various topics . keeping overall costs. To allow the consumer to compare the costs of different policies. 17. … ST Strategies is an important strategy to, a. The only feasible purpose of financial management is a) Wealth Maximization b) Sales Maximization c) Profit Maximization d) Assets maximization View Answer / Hide Answer. The purpose of job enrichment is to a) expand the number of tasks an individual can do b) increase job efficiency c) increase job effectiveness d) increase job satisfaction of middle management. 31. Hygiene factors related to the work context includes. … Uploader Agreement. The vision and mission statement can often be found. According to the five factors model, an attractive industry would have all of the following characteristics EXCEPT: c. a moderate degree of rivalry among competitors. “To improve economic strength of society and function as a good corporate citizen on a local, state, and national basis in all countries in which we do business”. A price set by the firm higher than its rivals, c. A declining market share, poor product quality and few sales in market, d. Lower revenues and profit margin and narrow product line than the market leader. Disclaimer 8. It is important at the time of: 79. Strategic issues require which level of management decisions? A return-on-equity is below 25% and earnings per share of less than Rs. D. To provide information about the issued policy. 78. It is _____________. This … The fundamental purpose of an organization's mission statement is to: A cost performance index (CPI) of 0.89 means: Costs of dissatisfaction, repair costs, and warranty costs are elements of cost in the: ABC analysis is based upon the principle that: ABC analysis divides on-hand inventory into three classes, generally based upon which of the following? Management MCQ is important for exams like MAT, CAT, CA, CS, CMA, CPA, CFA, UPSC, Banking and other Management department exam. 100. d. is developed by a firm before the firm develops its vision. The immediate external environment includes: 58. 4 Dividend. 89. Management MCQ’s 1. Business firm Produce and supply wide varieties of goods and _____ required by the society. A Dividend decision . Which individuals are most responsible for the success and failure of an organization? According to Greenley, strategic management offers all of these benefits except that. Evaluate effectiveness of control system to measure achievements. a. to not respond to competitive actions. Supply chain management is an important part of management studies. 100+ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Strategic Management (MCQs). b. as many managers and employees as possible. Question. What is the central purpose of strategic evaluation? 15. What are the means by which long-term objectives will be achieved? 67. c. a process directed by top-management with input from other stakeholders that seeks to achieve above-average returns for investors through effective use of the organization’s resources. b. Go To Download Page Close. e. Analyzing social, cultural, demographic and geographic forces. 56. KAPKAL Power’s interested to achieve a 10 percent return on equity (ROE) in their core electric utility, 14 percent ROE on water resource operations, and 15 percent ROE on support businesses. Different Levels of Abstraction : Physical ,Conceptual & View Level. 45. This multiple choice question on HRP an integral part of Human Resource Management is very helpful for post-graduate and graduate students like MBA, BBA, B.COM and other exams like NET, SET etc. It provides organisations with a clearer sense of direction and purpose, b. Forecasting tools can be broadly categorized into two groups. Course. Mcq Added by: Muhammad Bilal Khattak. b. it creates a framework for internal communication among personnel. MS 201 Questions and Answers - This Ms 201 quiz contains set of 218 Ms 201 MCQ questions with answers. 4. Evaluate effectiveness of strategy to achieve organisational objectives. The highest amount a firm can charge for its products is most directly affected by. As per the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants, London, management accounting is defined as

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