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It's pretty well known that before Christina Aguilera became a globally successful pop star, she got her start in the 1990s version of The Mickey Mouse Club, what may have been forgotten by many, however, is that her musical career actually started with Disney as well. 1 Plot 2 Lyrics 3 Trivia 4 Gallery The song is performed after Mulan returns home following a failed attempt to impress her matchmaker. /

You can imagine the credits rolling over this music video as the movie began if we expected Mulan to open like a James Bond movie. 66 With just days until the release of the live-action adaptation of "Mulan," Disney on Friday dropped the music video for Christina Aguilera's updated rendition of "Reflection." Some of the keys are incorrect. A big part of Disney's live-action remake concept has been opening up the drip on the nostalgia I.V.

Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in "I'm a huge fan and I'm so happy that Christina's back singing the song for us.". This piece is quiet and slow, but the accompaniment, which does not simply duplicate the vocal line, is well written.

© 2020 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. based on 5 customer reviews, "Slow and reflective - be prepared for doe rubato on the part of the vocalist - it is neede...", continued see all reviews. needle and that means not only recreating the movie but the music as well.

Retrieved January 10, 2015.

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Seeing Christina Aguilera return to Mulan isn't exactly much of a surprise. The three virtues are engraved on Mulan’s sword. 98 On August 14, Disney drummed up anticipation by releasing the silhouette of the singer who would be performing the Korean OST cover of “Reflection,” and it was finally revealed on August 19 that it would be none other than Lee Soo Hyun. 10 available keys. "But it was a fun process. 3.5/5 However, it is still a very good arrangement and good for beginners. The Lion King remake brought back Elton John and Lebo M. for a brand new song that played over the end credits of that film. Christina Aguilera, whose power-ballad rendition of "Reflection" has become synonymous with the 1998 animated film, returns to belt out a new version for the live-action "Mulan," which hits screens March 27. As a fan of Disney, I’m so happy to be singing a song that has been loved by people for so many years.

The film will go for $29.99 in addition to the Disney+ subscription price. In the live-action "Mulan," Aguilera also performs "Loyal Brave True," a new song written from the perspective of the heroine as she reflects on her journey from a young girl masking her identity to a true warrior. Aguilera's career-boosting single followed the animated movie's theatrical release, but became so associated with "Mulan" that it was included in the home release.

Mulan: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the 1998 Disney animated feature film, Mulan.Released by Walt Disney Records on June 2, 1998, the album featured songs by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel, conducted by Paul Bogaev, and score composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith.Vocalists included Lea Salonga, Donny Osmond, 98 Degrees, Jaz Coleman, Stevie … Armchair Imagineer. Liu, 32, a screen star in her native China, recalls that she admired the Aguilera version so much that she picked the song for an audition years ago. The singer and the movie have been linked ever since, so it makes sense that Aguilera is back recording new music for the new version of Disney's Mulan. My Mandarin version?" With theaters still largely, but maybe not entirely closed in September, Disney made the decision to release the film on its Disney+ streaming service, though at a premium cost. ", "It's a huge song," director Niki Caro says. 63 ^ Thomas Erlewine, Stephen. Please give lots of love to ‘Mulan’ and my version of ‘Reflection.'”. This includes a brand new song, with a music video just released today, called "Loyal Brave True," but fans of "Reflection" need not worry, as Disney has confirmed a brand new version of the original song will also be on the forthcoming soundtrack. However, unlike other premium rentals, this will be more long term, as those that pay the price will have access to Mulan for as long as their Disney+ subscription is active. While "Loyal Brave True" is a brand new addition to Mulan, the classics won't be forgotten.

| Reflection from Mulan - Digital Sheet Music. so I chose 'Reflection,' " says Liu. | "It's a really hard song to sing, but Yifei has a beautiful voice.". Includes 1 print + interactive copy with lifetime access in our free apps. Kevin Feige Reveals How Marvel's WandaVision Will Be Like The Office, The Mandalorian's Giancarlo Esposito Talking People Always Being Disappointed When They Meet Him, Disney Parks' Layoffs Are Going To Be Even Worse Than We Thought, Why Harry Potter Director Chris Columbus Is Glad He Didn’t Return For The Deathly Hallows, Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’s Desert Planet Could Have Looked Very Different. CinemaBlend’s resident theme park junkie and amateur Disney historian. The Mandalorian Season 2: What Are Moff Gideon's Dark Stormtroopers? When asked about her song last week by USA TODAY, Liu wasn't even aware her version made it into the movie, and was completely daunted by the prospect of sharing the screen with Aguilera's signature tune. people found this review helpful. Available at a discount in the digital sheet music collection: Rated Instead, one would expect this song to play on the other side of the film, during the end credits.

83 See the new warrior princess from Disney's live-action remake, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy.

Original Article: AKMU’s Lee Soo Hyun has been chosen to sing the Korean OST cover of “Reflection” for Disney’s upcoming live-action film “Mulan”! AllMusic. "Was my song on the end credits?

The "Reflection" singer is back. Make sure you get the correct key as well. In addition to Liu Fiyei’s “Reflection,” Mulan also recorded a Mandarin-language version of “Reflection” sung by Coco Lee. Before "Genie in a Bottle," Aguilera recorded a pop version of the song "Reflection" for Disney's 1998 animated movie Mulan. Christina Aguilera, the original singer of the 1998 version, will be returning to sing the 2020 version in English, and Disney has reached out to Lee Soo Hyun to sing the Korean cover. Print and download Reflection sheet music from Mulan. Wait, Did Megan Fox Just File For Divorce? “Mulan” is set to premiere in theaters in Korea on September 10. Some of the notes in the song arent correct, but its very easy to overlook and correct. 48

'Mulan' first look:See the new warrior princess from Disney's live-action remake. Become a Musicnotes Pro - Plus member today and receive PDFs included with every song plus take 15% off all digital sheet music purchases! In addition to Aguilera, Yifei Liu, who stars as the movie's heroine Mulan, sings a Mandarin Chinese "Reflection" with an orchestra that appears during the end credits after Aguilera's version. "Reflection" is a song from the 1998 Disney animated feature film, Mulan and the 2020 live action remake. to comment on this review.

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