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It’s a filtered extract of Galactomyces, which are ferments. - the limited editions of the bottle are very fun and tempting.

By the time I had my next on-camera appearance a few days later (this very photoshoot! Of course, you can also justify the price with the brand’s originality and innovation in the choice of its active ingredients (research is very expensive), the fact that their main ingredient is patented while those of its competitors are not, and of course the user experience, because it’s a luxury product, where every detail has been considered and it shows.

SK's online presence, claims this product has a balancing effect and encourages exfoliation. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our. Written on: 18/10/2012 $241.00.


The improvements to my skin were even … I actually started using the Facial Treatment Essence as part of my morning routine and incorporated it in my night routine as well, because I wanted to see visible results from using it in such a short period of time. Read Full Review, Written on: 16/01/2014 Between 75 and 330 ml (I have the 230 ml format). Before using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Pitera, I used two dupe essences: the

It will probably last me a while, because I purchased the 230ml version (I’m sorted for the year!).

Would definitely recommend buying it. Then came the essence.

By buying through these links you help support BTY ALY. It’s more common in people with darker skin tones, and Asian women know the struggle against dark spots is real. Today... A Korean skincare brand known for its high quality sheet masks, and tailor-made for demanding consumers, of course I had to look more into it! Pitera is a fermented ingredient, derived from the fermentation of rice used to make sake alcohol.

e0me (1 review written), Latest Reviews in Face Masks and Treatments, Latest items in Face Masks and Treatments, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence - Ask a question now, “Facial Treatment Essence has brought my Face to life...”, “People around me said my skin look great”, “I started on the Essence after the birth of my first...”, “I was sceptical when I first bought this product, as...”, “I just speechless.

My face looks really soft and radiant, healthy and more youthful since using this. While I don’t have acne-prone skin, I was having pimples particularly on my forehead when I tried the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. 2)Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (Day & Night) – loss of firmness and elasticity, It soothed my skin and made it possible to wear clothes straight away. the best I've had from any similar product.

1K reviews.

They had indeed observed that older workers in Japanese sake breweries had smooth, clear and young looking hands after they spent years brewing fermented yeast. Every month, or even every week, we get inundated with a flurry of products from makeup to skincare. There are not a lot of equivalents among Western brands. This was made in collaboration with SK-II. The storm comes and goes, and I continue to follow my new skincare routine as normal.

The story of the sake brewery workers with clear, young and smooth hands is quite fascinating. Travellers can also find SK-II products at the Duty-Free stores at the airport. I apply it to my face, including my eye contour and neck. I know that some of you are just as obsessed with sunscreens as I am, and that you've been waiting impatiently for this article!

With over 90 percent pitera, SK-II's bio-ingredient helps renew skin, boost moisture and radiance, and combat signs of aging.". I don’t expect my defined dark spots to disappear in two weeks, but I have noticed that the texture of my skin looks more even and more hydrated – and dare I say my frown line has been reduced? Would I love a more even, brighter complexion and to look a little more radiant? There are indeed many “dupes” using similar ingredients on the market, but they cannot use Pitera because it’s exclusive to SK-II.

The Essence hasn't done much to help… This essence worked magic on my skin, I only got to use one bottle of this product but it’s just amazing! Thanks a lot, Hi Luciana and thank you very much!

And finally, how is it compared to its many dupes?

The use of the SK-II essence is of course very pleasant, but honestly, the real criterion that counts for me is obviously the result on my skin. We’ve partnered with.

In short, Pitera is an ingredient that is supposed to have brightening, antioxidant properties, and it also helps to maintain or improve the skin’s barrier protection function. Improves barrier function: Our skin is constantly susceptible to environmental aggressors that can cause dullness, dryness, and the appearance of wrinkles. Bonnie is passionate about all things beauty. - the simple packaging, very sleek and luxurious, I also add the Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans essence in my basket! I find that I look less tired even when I’m not wearing any makeup!

1)Facial Treatment Cleanser (Day & Night) I already using the famous essence why not try the same line cleanser. Read Full Review, Written on: 16/09/2012 …

Isn't a good product

Read Full Review, I just speechless.

It moisturizes and smooths and works really well alone under make-up. As it is a premium skincare product, you may want to know if the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence really works and is worth your money before you get your hands on one. you can only return cosmetics if you had allergy reaction. Why not write a review, and let others know what you thought of this facial treatment. I live in Brazil and I’m going to USA, should I spend my money with this???

Another thing I’ll happily admit to? After a few weeks the acne disappeared and get this: whenever I spot a pimple appearing I would dab extra doses of the Essence on it and it will die the next day! The lightweight and refreshing formula felt soothing and hydrating on my skin and there wasn’t any discomfort at all. I sprinkle it about four times, in order to have enough product in my palm.

But the price is really unjustified, in my opinion. I love yours rewiews. - the simple and concentrated Pitera formula, Thick, creamy, expensive My boyfriend purchased this for me as a gift. i liked how you compared it with the dupes and gave an honest review. adbmosh (1 review written), by When SK-II sent a new bottle over for review though, I knew I had to give this product a second chance. Procter & Gamble acquired the brand with the purchase of Max Factor in 1991 and SK-II became an international brand.

SK-II was launched in the early 1980s and originally belonged to the Japanese division of the American group Max Factor.

After three days of using it conscientiously day and night, I noticed that the usual dry spots on my face are less flaky, the redness around my nose is less obvious, and my overall complexion looked more radiant. Out of 94 customer reviews on the brand’s website, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence has received an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. i bought my first sk2 in honking 2 years ago, and it really works for my skin and people around me notice that . I am able to request for my data to be removed from the site if required. After a total of 6 years of SKII I stopped again over my 2nd child.

No more playing around; I've gotta whip my complexion back into camera-ready shape. I didn’t find that the Pitera was “miraculous” for my skin. On top of that, the essence also visibly restored my skin’s radiance and reduced the size of my pores — I can now go barefaced without having to worry about always reaching out for my foundation or concealer to whenever I’m in front of the camera. And this, despite its astronomical price tag. I mentioned it many times, daily sun protection is definitely the most effective anti-ageing prevention step in your skincare routine! Anyway, I had never heard of it but of course as with all my samples I tried it….

Restaurants, Bars, Fashion, Style and Things to Do in Singapore. Selina is a maximalist who thinks that too much of a good thing is sublime. ), the traces of that tiny skin-mergency were all but gone. According to some, copper peptides are one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients available on the market! The rest of the formula is quite short, if not basic: a few humectants, water, preservatives, and that’s all. The brand told us that it is best used after the SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion.

Infused with Pitera in this super serum, this combination holds great promise. Application method 2: Soak a cotton pad with the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and then gently pat it onto your entire face. We have also reviewed the SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence – check it out if you’re interested in finding out whether the brightening essence works! Read More, " SK-II does not stand by their product and will not refund if used.

– SLS…. But now, even some of the newer ones are already on the mend. buttercup7764 "

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