specification of transformer oil as per is 335

2.0 QUANTITY: The PURCHASER intends to purchase of 180000 LITERS OF TRANSFORMER OIL GRADE-II AS PER IS:335… TRANSFORMER OILS. #icon1886:hover{}   IS-335:93 With latest amendment, Bureau of Indian Standard #icon2201{font-size:15px;background:#eeeeee;padding:0px;border-radius:0px;color:#474747;} Immensely acclaimed in the industry owing to their preciseness, these are presented by us in standard and modified forms to our clients. Get contact details and address | ID: 13740938191 1767.1 - 1999 and Doble's TOPS, IS 335 - 1993 and IS 12463 - 1988. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. TRANSFORMER OIL Analysis x����)Ѥ��y�Ӈ�d�2�T`��x*�`~T�vI$!����3�sQ�2�9�4���(�t:��tV�T���w7!��L��N-���R��e�M���\�f,�#�W�Qh�Od-����*+F��������Ni3�|z��� ���o|������~�w�)s�x��b�(`T� M�~m�ue�%�&�T�ۦ�2��a����ꐪ$��. pur. The above data is indicative of recent average values only. All Rights Reserved. Transformer Maintenance Division / TPS II. HP TRANSFORMER OIL is designed for human safety and free from carcinogenic Poly chlorinated Bi-phenyls (PCB) and Poly aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). Transformer oil is also used to preserve the transformer's core and windings – as these are fully immersed inside the oil IEC 529 2147 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures. Get contact details and address | ID: 4064337155 This value is known as the Oil Quality Index(OQIN) or Myers Index Number(MIN). #icon1196:hover{}   IEEE. Technical Specification of Transformer OIl, Clear & Transparent free from sediments Matter, Clear & Transparent and free from suspended matter and sediments, Oxidation Stability:- Total AciditySludge, Aging Characteristic,Resistivity 90°C 27°C,DDF @90°C, Oil shall not contain anti oxidation inhibitor. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. 6.08.09 Bushings/ Insulators: a) The bushings shall conform to the requirements of IS: 2099 and IS: 3347 and shall be of porcelain. Meets specifications: HP TRANSFORMER OIL exceeds IS: 335:1993 (Reaffirmed 2005) performance levels. The tests on transformer oil shall be conducted in accordance with the relevant methods detailed in IS:335/1993 as amended up to date and as per our specification. 3. A new oil , for example has a OQIN of 1500. act as a coolant). With the help of our experts, we are involved in offering a high-quality range of Poweroil Transformer Oil. The finished Power Transformer, oil, bushings, tap changer etc., that are used in manufacturing of transformer shall conform in all respects to the ... accessories for Power Transformer IS 6600 Specification for loading of Power Transformer ... with the fresh filled oil. The oil should also be suitable for oil circuit breakers and other electrical equipments in which oil is used as insulating medium. Transformer oil is used in oil-filled electrical power transformers to insulate, stop arcing and corona discharge, and to dissipate the heat of the transformer (i.e. evaluating oil condition. It is used in oil-filled power transformers, some types of high voltage capacitors, high voltage switches and circuit breakers.Its function is to insulate, suppress corona and arcing, and to serve as a coolant. M.G.Morshad / ACM ( Elect) Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. available at Appendix-I. “TRANSPOWER” Transformer oil manufactured by us meets the requirement or specification of following Standard and manufactured as per requirements of customers #icon1886{font-size:15px;background:#eeeeee;padding:0px;border-radius:0px;color:#474747;} %�쏢 The oil should also be suitable for oil circuit breakers and other electrical equipments in which oil is used as insulating medium. Sub standard & inferior quality of oil can harm the equipment in many ways and ensure to use only genuine and standard oil procured from reliable source only. Basic material of constructions for tanks / vessels used for processing / manufacturing of Transformer Oil by skid mounted facilities is considered MS and the … Powerlink Oil Refinery Ltd. All rights reserved. We takes all possible care for accurate & authentic tender information, however Users are requested to refer Original source of Tender Notice / Tender Document published by Tender Issuing Agency before taking any call regarding this tender. 1. Transformer Oil Acidity test kit Procedure, Precautions and Color Chart. IEC 354 6600 Loading Guide for oil immersed transformers. https://www.indiamart.com/srinageshwarhydraulics. Read about company. Transformer oil or insulating oil is usually a highly refined mineral oil that is stable at high temperature and has excellent electrical insulating properties. #icon3805:hover{}   ANSI/ASTM D3487 Type I & II #icon1196{font-size:15px;background:#eeeeee;padding:0px;border-radius:0px;color:#474747;} It also meets IS:335-2018 TYPE II UNINHIBITED. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Separate standard, IS 12463 : 1988 ‘Specification for inhibited mineral insulating oils’ has since been brought out for inhibited mineral insulating oils. Why dehydration of transformer oil is important? UPT Spares & Services Pvt Ltd - Offering ELECTROL Transformer Oil (IS:335), Packaging Type: Can, Grade: Is 335 at Rs 100/liter in Bengaluru, Karnataka. <> Apar offers Transformer oils tailor made to suite the exact requirements of different types of Transformers and the latest National / International Standards like IEC 60296-2012, ASTM D 3487 - 2009 Type I & II , EN BS 60296 , BS 148 - 1998 Class I/ IA & II / IIA , DIN 57370 / VDE 7370, AS. stream • IS-335/1993 – Specification for uninhibited new insulating oils. #icon2201:hover{}   IEC-60296 of International Standard #icon663{font-size:15px;background:#eeeeee;padding:0px;border-radius:0px;color:#474747;} Condition Monitoring of electrical machine, No public clipboards found for this slide, Power Plant Engineer at Desein Indure Group of Companies. Sri Nageshwar Hydraulics - Offering Power Oil Poweroil Transformer Oil, Packaging Type: Barrel/Drum, Grade: Is 335 at Rs 80/litre in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. 2. Transformer Oils manufactured by Panama Petrochem Ltd are from selected, severely Hydrotreated Naphthemc & Isodewaxed / Hydrocracked Paraffinic Oils and Naphthenic Oils that are free from polar compounds, having high oxidation stability and ageing properties. KEAAECL Transformer Oil As Per Is 335 Latest Version Type 2 , Due Date: 31-01-2020 ,Tender Value: 58800000 ,City : KEL Kochi, Location: Kerala Tender Notice 23110629

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