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Changecasters are ok, but in general you’ll probably use them to fill up cheap slots in Battalions, since Horror Heroes are needed for many of them. I hope you like batch painting! Like most every current Age of Sigmar book, Disciples of Tzeench has access to 6 subfactions, here they are called Covens and they come with the usual stipulations: No special characters are part of any coven in this book, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll get a benefit from a coven. Pretty great on a melee hero or unit. The Lord of Change is very expensive, clocking in at 380 pts but he will earn every one of them. Granted there are some caveats, as of this writing COVID-19 has put a moratorium on all major events, so the current book only got a very brief window to shine. This is more a way to call in some more cannon fodder to tarpit your opponent, unless the games really big and a lot of magic is going on. Welcome to Librarium Online! 2 … The exalted flamer from the Tzeentch chariot, was also added through WD & FAQ as a new standalone option Also if you want to list "everything", you should include some obvious Forgeworld stuff which might not be in the armybook, but through the various "mercenary" attempts of the 8th edition fit like a glove to DoC. For each spell successfully cast (that is, not unbound) you gain one fate point. In most cases I run shields, since I keep them in the back I’d rather they have some extra cover. May the changer of ways be on your side. Lord of Changes are so good you won’t mind just adding them to your list normally (in fact, once we get to the battalions you kinda have to) but its somewhat offset by a collection of decent goodies attached to it. Kadorak. This guys unique in a few ways. So hold off on selecting these guys to attack until later in the round. Give them lances, charge in and let your softer Tzaangors rush in to clean up the mess. So keep them in the back to pelt enemy armies with bolts. Don’t mind the extra limb growing out of your chest, it’s surprisingly useful. Mortals. Battleline in an Eternal Conflagaration list and as stated above flamers also get bonuses to hit against large targets. This has a few stipulations that will keep you from this this regularly. These guys have had an…interesting history. Individually they’re not very powerful but they get a lot of attacks for such a cheap unit, 3 wounds a piece and can deal mortal wounds for flying over opponent. Any of the other Agendas will pay off better. Top Disciples of Tzeentch Lists; Top Ossiarch Bonereapers Lists; Top Mawtribes Lists; Top Big Waaagh! 3 Battleline units which occupy different rolls on the table, why put them together? Solid faction all around. Kind of a gimmick coven. Over time, I’ll also be adding pages for the other top factions in Age of Sigmar. I’d still say he’s competing against some stiff competition, but he at least comes out ahead of his generic magister peers. 10x pink horrors 220. Meaning if you try and fail, you can attempt again next turn. Disciples of Tzeentch. For more top list coverage, you can also check out more top tournament lists in the tournament list archive and the analysis of other top factions here. The units really dont need any more shooting abilities, but what Telepathy does to defend the unit or to turn the enemies strength against itself is very Tzeentchy and very welcome for a Tzeentch force that wants to KEEP ON shooting, closing the distance and eventually eliminating threats. All the Behemoths are the Lord of Change variants except for one. It’s a difficult army to learn but currently the winds of fate favor Tzeentch’s faithful. He works well in tandem with a LOC, but then you’re dumping nearly 800 pts on 2 models. This one is kind of all over the place. If you’re willing to take the risks then come on and join your local magical cult. Close. The Sword has a decent attack profile and the claws aren’t bad either, but Lords of Change are not nearly as capable in close combat as a Bloodthirster or Keeper of Secrets, they will likely get pushed in against any decent combat character. The last Herald, this one on a Burning Chariot. If you want to play with Mortals I think this is the place to go. Counts as Battleline in a Hosts Arcanum list. So you can utilize Kairos’ better casting odds for those high Casting value spells. A 4+ save is pretty good for Tzeentch, and he has a lot of weapon attacks. Their stat block is impressive on its own but where they shine is their ability Guided by the Past. And their command ability only boosts Slaves to Darkness Wizards. Now you might be looking at that Lord of Change and salivating. by Jon Scrivens Honest Goblin on 15th Jul 2019. Proudly powered by WordPress This got a bit of a bump from the first edition book but ultimately it still has the root problem, it encourages you to not use your Destiny Dice which is the opposite of what you should be doing. If you have any input or disagree with any of my assessments, please drop us a line at or check out our Facebook Page. So you’re better off saving your points for something that can buff many units. At the start of the game roll nine dice and set them aside. The Pyrofane Cult is a natural choice for a list heavy in Kairic acolytes as well. A juiced up version of the Flamers, these guys have gotten a real glow up in the new book. Comes in several mounted variants that have different command abilities but if you take this you’re basically doing it for the same reason: If you take some Chaos Warriors it can help to take a Chaos Lord to aid them. 0; 3; Views: 2,394. Counts as Battleline if your General is a Fateskimmer these guys aren’t too bad on the surface. Disciples of Tzeentch first 1000 point list. Roll up to 3 dice – this is your summoning roll. Seeking ascension with your Tzeentch army or just fancy a change? Magic-touched and his spell are OK but Chaos Spawn are also that, merely OK. There’s not anything wrong with this guy exactly he just doesn’t have anything going for him the Curseling, Tzaangor Shaman or Gaunt Summoner can’t do better. It’s basically just a Lord of Change without the equipment choices and more wounds. hi I am new to Tzeentch in AoS. Screamers are better than they used to be and this faction makes them terrors.

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