vaughn j featherstone time capsule atlanta temple

Barnum points out – and this goes for all of the preppers being lured into cultic groups – there’s a sucker born every minute. He was a great asset to Albertson's. We love each of you, his family members. He was always the example of Jesus Christ at all times and all places. They bloomed in the shape of a red heart. The thing is, every generation looks around and feels like “the good old days” are a thing of the past. My favorite story of him will always be about the nurses shoes. I remember how personal and loving the blessing was so many years ago...and how those blessings have been realized as my children have become adults and "leader's of Youth".... We shared many inspirational times together as we traveled to Regional Scout meetings promoting Varsity Scouting. Vaughn inspired my father to be better at everything from sports to priesthood responsibilities, and most importantly, his spiritual influence in my fathers life. As we noted a moment ago, this video argues that the seven seals encompass all of human history and that most have already been opened. Sorry for your loss Marlene, I have wonderful memories of our time as close friends like when we were walking down a ramp (so high)you asked me who I was goin to ask to the girls choice Dance, I said I think I'll ask Vaughn Featherstone and you ran ahead of me and asked him. He had a huge following also. To Merlene and the Featherstone family - God Bless you, and thank you for allowing so many of us to "rub shoulders" with your husband and father. And, again, that’s how churches fragment. I had the great blessing of interacting with them. The video is pretty staunchly in the camp that it’s mostly about the future, but a bit about the past too. We loved rubbing shoulders with you in the Ward in Sandy years ago. And five billion years pass not away but that these things shall all be fulfilled, and the sun be converted into a red giant, if the world hasn’t already ended before then. He not only wrote about Commitment, but understood it well. May God Bless you and your family. The video discusses the woman clothed with the sun in Revelation 12. He will always remain our "Hero"...and I'm so grateful for the many books he published that will continue to inspire the youth of today. As for the problem with doomsday conspirators, one need look no farther than Chad Daybell and Lori Vallows. Imagine that, praying daily for an awkward and gangly neighborhood kid. I loved his messages as a leader and was inspired by them. In many things God leaves us to fix what shall be spent in his service, whether of our time or our substance; yet where God's providence has put much into a man's power, scanty offerings will not be accepted, for they are not proper expressions of a willing mind. He was an emblem and servant of the Lord that exemplified His pure love. Through the fasting and prayers and the priesthood blessing of faith of the missionaries, under his leadership, I was healed. We start to be suspicious, thinking that we’re always being lied to. Patrick and Adele Casaday. President Lyons was told I would not get well in the Philippines. I will be forever grateful for his kindness and grace. Our prayers are with you Merlene and your dear family. And as I watched this video, fundamentalist ideas, jargon, and language kept coming up. According to the video, this woman is a representation of the Church and what it will endure during the seven years of tribulation. - Salt Lake Tribune, Alleged cartel boss arrested over slaughter of Mormon family in Mexico - New York Post, LDS Church President Russell Nelson prescribes 'healing power of gratitude' amid pandemic - Salt Lake Tribune, Keeler: How Wyoming’s Black 14 and the Mormon Church, once adversaries, became partners to fight hunger - The Denver Post. President Featherstone was a great example of Christlike living throughout his life. I do not point out Woodruff and this manual to simply say that the video is wrong and my sources are correct; rather I point them out to show that the video’s presumption that it is merely pointing out self-evidently clear interpretations of scripture and Church leaders is incorrect. I don't think I can express enough appreciation to Bishop Featherstone and your family for sharing him with us through his service to our Heavenly Father. This sort of story begins with an event in Revelation, then leaps to an event in Daniel, then leaps back to Revelation, then to Joel, then to Ezekiel, and so on. Thank you for all you have done in blessing others and building the kingdom. Such a special family. He was as great at Albertson's as he was at his church callings. Unfortunately, I was introduced to this video by…my bishop. And only those who know where to look are blessed with this information. He really helped Albertson's to grow. It chronicles apocalyptic There are a lot of ways that one might read the Book of Revelation. And Church leaders reinforce this by telling us that we are living in the most evil of times and that we were placed here, now, because we are the most righteous. Living is the Southern United States this part caught my eye: We loved (Pres.) May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. Love Bro Russ. Best of wishes to you all. The all-time master of LDS millennium speculation is Duane Crowther and his Prophecy: Key To The Future, an author so brazenly self-assured that he had put all the puzzle pieces together correctly that he laid out a map of the eschatological “future” on both inside covers. President, I will not leave my chair empty and will look forward to seeing you again. He shared some stories with me that helped me with a difficult time that I was experiencing. I was a very young Elder's President when we lived in Meridian, Idaho and part of the Boise North Stake at the time. Such a kind and gentle man. Other prophecies may fail regardless. Second, reading scripture in this way treats it as though it’s a code. Please accept our condolences from the Ted Sperry family. If one were only to watch this video, one might conclude that all leaders of the Church believe and have believed that what’s going to happen leading up to the Second Coming is clear and well-known. I know some conspiracy “enthusiast” myself and I often wonder what fuels them. Such a wonderful man, leader and inspiration to so many. Increasing understanding of scripture one article at a time. You truly live Christ-like lives. It was such a wonderful experience to sit at his feet and be taught by example. He is and was a great example of the Savior for our Family. He taught me, helped me, encouraged me, and inspired me by his example as well as his words. Joe worked for us and what fun experiences that brought with him and Brent. I realize this is very late but i feel i need to do this for a man who i loved and adored - he was our Area President and he called me to be a stake president in Suva Fiji. As a new convert in 1974, Elder Featherstone was very visible to me. He was a wonderful story teller and his ability to memorize and quote long passages of scripture and wise quotations was admirable. My family shared this video and absolutely loved the “warning!” Then you see how quickly it all comes crashing down. I have thought of him and his family (Sister Featherrstone, Jill, Paul and Lawrence) often, and will be praying for Heavenly Father to give them comfort and to sustain them during this time of sorrow. They standout to me as pure and beautiful people...I thank God for Elder Featherstone and look forward to being in his presence again to feel his warmth, love and friendship. The stories my father told me about him growing up with "Vaughn" were amazing and funny. It seems weird to me that Latter-day Saints should be leaning on Protestant fundamentalists for how to read scripture, but it happens far more than one might think. I disagree with the slant behind many of the posts on this site, but this one is spot on. I got to know the Featherstones when we moved into their neighborhood when I was just a boy. I did not know this great man, but I know he raised an incredible family by knowing his son Scott and Lori his wife! Years later I discovered that both Vaughn and Merlene had prayed for me by name almost every day of my mission to a difficult and dangerous place. Im inspired just by reading this. I cherish the guidance he gave to me as a camp staffer to pray. Here are two examples. Im glad our family touched shoulders with him. I was so blessed to have you seal me in the temple and give me the opportunity to be with my children forever.

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