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Read more about this in my full disclosure policy. Family means a lot to most people, and this activity gives your students a chance to talk about their family, review family vocabulary, and ask and answer questions about their and their classmates’ families. endobj zV�l:*� P��:؎���FGiqbM�U�M�L��N�1[BJ���1����B;�HP=t�V�oT�QIAȄ#0@��^���4̘�D �2���S�����=^J�5���9���������X�T� ��Q{)G�؏. If the class guesses the object correctly, they win the round. Play continues until someone is close enough to touch the mother. �/���(�&:#������2ԉX;1�P{NOؼ˛���seob@�Jm0P�}�]c0f� ׵Y���@�W��%K����4U�>�K��J�Y����@S��4���]1��Ժ�%��pU.���{�� ��ݏ�@a..>� �+�nAӟ]�����z��R�Ƽ�-�%����SJ���c�dgɠVk\b#�k7L�+v���i���e�Et� Cr��pU�N��>0&�t_�E/�NAxj��03�Y�M��Ia( stream �Oemf4�H=n���9�QoN&;�w�d��&��/�O�%�m��BA�}O|�3W��L>3�uK��Ͳ�, ��_���#2�R�Nl�+�܍5��G������p��M��bK`��Di-HZ����$k��{+�y��OڥɌ�P�����{�{~�q�5!K{K���Q��ƌԄ--�.�@�G���.P�jqA;��G5m�l2�� 7߁�� � This is a comprehension passage with a graphic organizer. Foster listening skills through play; Top 5 games that can be adapted for any age ; 3. �, �����p�4ܹ̯o�C�6��x�G�ö���}���V�~�;��q��֣p������=)��njn��e��[��b2��~����f��w�w More comprehension passages are included in the Christmas pack. FREE Prompt mat to help teach your students how to answer wh questions. Top 22 WH Questions Activities and Games. >> Save hours of lesson preparation time with the Entire BusyTeacher Library. If she formulates her question or answer correctly, she moves on to another space. The moderator gives the pairs two minutes to get to know each other, and then the men shift one seat to the right, facing a new partner. This should help! Either have students answer the questions in writing or have pairs of students ask each other the questions about the characters they are developing. The other students are free to move about the room, keeping a good amount of distance from other students, until you say stop. << A massive bundle packet that includes posters, mini books, teaching instructions, and WH questions scene for speech and language therapy. (E.g. If they guess correctly, the players switch places. Here are one hundred quiz questions, with the answers in italics beside them. 1359 3 0 obj If you teach writing, this activity does double duty as a prewriting activity as well as a question review. One person play the “mother” who gives permission to move to the other players. Play by the standard rules or play using current vocabulary words. See more ideas about speech and language, this or that questions, speech language therapy. Many of our students have a Wh Question goal on their IEP. Have two speakers come to the front of the room and give them a scenario. One of my all-time favourite activities that I like to in my classes is surveys or questionnaires. ����^R_��jUj�ǖ�c�2��c��&�I59��[�7�� |�!S�����_/tYe���t���Yy�E�y�w���n��0FM���m�b�l��J}O���j�Cs]�A��[DC[H��W='K"WsE�Pե���o���c��N�! Currently May Linky Party with Farley from Oh'Boy 4th Grade... Don't forget about the Teacher Appreciation Sale over at TpT... May 7th & 8th... What are you shopping for? stream Have the first two speakers jump right in to the scenario with question after question. Click here to download! to help give you the best experience we can. It is the day to use up all your Halloween materials (if you are work today). <> This game is great for practicing yes/no questions with your ESL students. Have the first two speakers jump right in to the scenario with question after question. Have students all start in one corner of the room. Give each person a list of all the students in class so he or she can make note of which celebrity they think each person is playing after their two minutes together. Learn why WH questions are SO important; Find fun ways to work on WH questions throughout the day; Find games for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-age students; Examples to illustrate games and skills; 2. Getting to know your fellow students is one of the greatest ways ESL class members can practice asking questions. Last year I posted this writing freebie: and I made this ... Read More about Santa Stuck Freebies! If you need some activities and printables to keep kiddos engaged over the last few weeks of school, check out my End of the Year Essentials! Dec 22, 2016 - Explore christina's board ""Wh"-Activities", followed by 260 people on Pinterest. The mother gives permission, or not, according to her whim (but no playing favorites). When that happens, the round is over and that person is the mother for the next round. Someone chooses an object. You might also want to have two or four other people ready to enter the dialogue as needed. This packet is developed to variety a variety of teaching and practice opportunities for all types of questions with differntiated skill levels. If someone gets stuck and cannot think of a question that fits the scenario, he is buzzed out and another speaker takes his place. The basic premise is to have a conversation between two people where every question is answered with another question. No two students can occupy the same picture at the same time. What are your favorites? The person introduces his family to the class, and then the class members ask questions about those people. Truly interesting characters are complex, and the writer knows much more about that character than ever shows up, overtly, in the fictional piece they write. It's a simple, one-page prompt mat with visuals to help your students understand how to answer each type of wh question.

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