zelkova tree problems

Poor water From top level menus, use escape to exit the menu. Zelkova serrata-- Japanese Zelkova Page 3 Other Figure 3. Named after a city within Tokyo, Japan, this narrow, upright tree is very symmetrical and a perfect candidate for formal settings. City Sprite® Japanese zelkova (Zelkova serrata 'JFS-KW1'):  Oval to vase-shaped; 25 feet high by 18 feet wide; yellow fall color.Green Vase Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata 'Green Vase'):  This cultivar has a a more narrow vase shape than the species. They do best in areas with full sun. Patent documents claim this cultivar is distinguished from species plants and other cultivars by its narrower upright growth with vase-shape… The Zelkova serrata plant is a beautiful medium-to-large deciduous tree native to Eastern Asia. Frequently, the infected area will expand outward to the leaf margin causing irregular, brown patches and distortion of the leaf. For noncommercial purposes only, any Web site may link directly to this page. Use left and right arrow keys to navigate between menus and submenus. Wireless® Japanese zelkova (Zelkova serrata 'Schmidtlow'): Broadly spreading vase shape (24 feet high by 36 feet wide); red fall color. Nectria canker; Crown gall; Dutch elm disease . Insignificant small green flowers appear in spring as the foliage emerges. Hello Cooperative Extension Expert, Could you please tell me what is the problem with the bark on the trunk of this zelkova tree? Accessibility   Posted by ILPARW (southeast Pennsylvania - Zone 6b) on Aug 7, 2018 3:26 PM. Tree Characteristics. Wireless Zelkova Growth Rate. The mature height of a zelkova tree is 60 to 80 feet tall. The tree has been doing very well up to this point and I hope that whatever problem is causing this condition can be solved. It has a spreading, generally upright branching, vase-shaped habit. Use left and right arrow keys to navigate between menus and submenus. Explore this online platform for Chicago-area residents to share their favorite stories about trees. Tolerant of cold (to -20°F), drought, humidity, wind, compacted soils, and pollution. Custom Search Japanese Zelkova is a large shade tree maturing at about 60' tall by 60' wide . Green leaves turn yellow, copper, orange or deep red to purplish-red in fall, putting on a showy display. It is an ideal shape for street plantings under utility lines. Native to Japan, eastern China, Taiwan, and Korea. Tolerant of both acidic and alkaline soils. The peeling bark on older trees exposes orange patches, which can be quite impressive. With age, the bark becomes more mottled in color and exfoliates (peels) slightly. street tree planting width: 5 feet. Zelkova serrata 'JFS-KW1' Description: This compact tree is a dwarf version of the regular zelkova with brighter green foliage. All contents copyright © The Wireless Zelkova is selected for its low height and broad spreading shape. U.S. Plant Patent PP05,080 was issued August 2, 1983. … Family: Ulmaceae. Discover gardening made easy. Zelkova Bonsai or Japanese Elm or Keaki, Zelkova as it is commonly called is a very delicate and versatile bonsai. Calico scale ; Diseases. They vary in size from shrubs (Z. sicula) to large trees up to 35 m tall (Z. carpinifolia). It produces a uniform and full crown. Treatment Programs are specific to conditions that are causing decline to the trees and shrubs on your property. Genus Zelkova are large deciduous trees or shrubs with neatly serrate, ovate leaves and inconspicuous flowers and fruit; good autumn colour Details Z. serrata is a spreading medium-sized deciduous tree with smooth grey bark and neatly toothed, lance-shaped leaves turning orange and yellow in autumn. Unlike the elms, the branchlets are never corky or winged. There are virtually no diseases to worry about and only occasionally is it bothered with … This plant has some cultivated varieties. Asked March 8, 2016, 10:12 AM EST. The most common symptoms of anthracnose are tan to brown or black blotched areas on leaves which develop along the leaf veins. As mentioned, the Wireless Zelkova Growth Rate is pretty quick. Use up and down arrow keys to explore within a submenu.

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