• Mediation in Action: Resolving a Complex Business Dispute

    35 minutes

    Mediation in Action: Resolving a Complex Business Dispute demonstrates the use of mediation to resolve a contract dispute between two companies. Viewers witness a highly-skilled mediator in action as he draws on a variety of mediation techniques and leads the disputing parties through various stages of the mediation process to successful resolution. The video is appropriate for law and business school classes introducing mediation, as well as for mediators, trainers and lawyers preparing clients for a mediation.

    Please note: What you are purchasing is the study guide to the video, which you will need to access the video. On the first page of the study guide is the link and password to stream or download the video. Additionally, the Study Guide supplements the video by providing additional insights into mediation preparation, techniques, and practices, such as confidentiality and discovery. It also highlights how parties’ and a mediator’s objectives undergo change in various stages of mediation.